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Elementary question about cloth

Discussion in 'UO Players Corner' started by Seismic, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    In order to do BODs and any "tailor - thing" in this game, I've always purchased thread the cheapest I can find it and then use it on a loom.

    Is this the standard and advised way to get cloth cheaply? Or are there other methods that require little time investment (ie -> buying thread!) and are cheap?
  2. Ummmm is free cloth a good deal for you? Read on ...

    You need:
    Scissors, dagger, access to spinning wheel and loom

    You do the following:
    1. Go to Old Haven area and shear the sheep for wool. These can be found on the E of the old town in the fields by the old archery area and S to near the brigand spawn portion. NOT IN WAR-MODE ... double-click the dagger target a sheep that looks "fat". You have 4-stone wool in your pack. Rinse/repeat for 16-20 sheep that may wander the area.

    1a. ALTERNATE SITE: Yew sheep pens (2) in the area of the town. Non-war-mode do the shearing, THEN kill them! Respawn is fast. The N-most pen respawns 1-2 sheep as the last is killed; easy 30-40 wool in minutes.

    1b. ALTERNATE SITE: Delucia near the healers hut or out the Western-most gate on the N side of town and around the cliffs. Slow respawn, so shear then hit Yew.

    2. Got all that wool? Go to the spinning wheel and start creating yarn. Three (3) yarn per wool.

    3. Got yarn? Head for a loom. Start weaving cloth ... 5 yarn per bolt of cloth.

    4. Got Scissors? Cut bolt to cloth.

    5. Got Sewing Kit? Use it! :thumbup:

    In certain spawn areas, you can pick cotton. There is a field outside of Skara on the mainland, and the fenced-in area N of the peasant hut in S Moonglow island - used to be called Hind Alley.

    Double-click a cotton plant and the bale drops. Pick it up and repeat. Skara field is spawn of 2-5 plants, Moonglow is typically 5. Both are moderate respawn rates - Yew sheep pens are faster tho.
  3. Silverbird

    Silverbird Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Nov 3, 2001
    Likes Received:
    Why not simply buying cloth directly from the NPC's? A bold's starting price is 100 gp. If price wents too high move on to the next NPC. There are so many tailors and weavers out there and filling the bods itself costs that much time. *g*
    Basic idea is to only fill bods from tailors with 0.1 tailoring. With 0.1 you can get one bod every hour. With 6 non-tailor-chars on a 7-slot-acc you could get 6 such bods per hour. If that isnt enough, you even could try and open trial accounts for that. (Depending on how many bods you need/would like to fill). Now some maths:
    Fisrt your getting only 4 types of bods that way: bandana (2 cloth ea), skullcap (2 cloth ea), doublet (8 cloth ea), tunic (12 cloth ea)in numbers of 10, 15 or 20 (all normal but that doesnt matters). Assuming every bods has the same chance on picking up:
    - average cloth need per item: 6 (2+2+8+12 divided by 4)
    - average items needed per bod: 15 (10 + 15 + 20 diveded by 3)
    - average cloth needed per bod: 90 (15 times 6 cloth)
    Now comes the sad part of this calculation .... Do you remeber the reward for this bods? A very small amount of gold + 100 reward cloth. In the long term you dont have to buy cloth to fill those 0.1 tailor bods. You can use your reward cloth once you've got an initial amount of cloth to start with. Its not a wonder, why someppl started to script tailor bods like hell. The maths are only correct for a really long term bod filler. In the short term you might run out of cloth at some point but the money earned from those sbods should be neough to let you buy enough cloth from the npc to continue filling them. Only shortnecks are hte amount of 0.1 bods that you can get and your passion to fill them.
    Siege probably is an exception to this calculations. I am not shure, if you can buy cloth from NPCs there and I dont know the prices there. Besides that you would need some more effort to collect 'enough' small bods there. (Only one char per account so you would need a lot of trial accounts there.)
  4. Seismic

    Seismic Guest

    ah ok, forgot that I read to use the reward cloth. Makes sense - I asked this question since I've never fully completed the BOD process before. I should have mentioned that! I find it very boring lol
  5. Granted ... and using the reward cloth is also an option. However, part of training up a Tailor with least usage of cloth is making oilcloth. I can tell you I went through over 30K cloth to do that - AFTER using all my BOD reward cloth.

    Getting FREE cloth without draining the cashbox is a good thing. 30K cloth / 50 = 600 bolts * 100 = 60000gp. And that is minimum for about 80-GM. Free is good and all of the collection areas I mention are not in dangerous spawn areas, except in Fel. <shrug>

    Also, post-GM, Elder, Legendary my free method allows retaining the reward cloth for sale items of various colors. <shrug>
  6. Strawberry

    Strawberry Guest

    I do a hybrid of the two approaches. I gather wool and cotton, sell it to the tailor/weaver, then buy cloth (no more than 101 per bolt). Don't use the reward cloth if you can avoid it. You can sell it or outfits from it or just hold on to it to use for yourself later; it doesn't take up much space.
  7. Warsong of LS

    Warsong of LS Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    May 24, 2008
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    also remember if you go to yew sheep pens on the felucca side you get double resources from every sheep sheared. I rarely ever see anyone there gathering wool.
  8. Basara

    Basara UO Forum Moderator
    Moderator Professional Governor Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter

    Jul 16, 2003
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    reward cloth doesn't take up much space????


    I turned in 214 BODs last night - 212 were smalls. I came back home with 2 pair of sandals, a runic (horned), a CBD, and 21k of cloth!

    That's from 5 tailors (none of them under 70 skill), doing 1-3 runs per day (about 60-80 BODs a week half being cloth) and the replacement BODs that ALSO ended up as cloth (or normal leather that doesn't go to a Good reward large) from previous trips.

    Once you get your tailor skill going, if you get a normal cloth BOD, it is cheaper to buy the items to fill it, than to buy the cloth. Only Bonnets, Full Aprons, Body Sash, and Surcoats can't be bought, though only about 1 in 3 tailors sell regular shirts. On top of that, most of the hats can be bought from the provisoners as well, and all the non-bone armor can be bought from an armorer.

    I've accumulated 10k+ of every cloth of levels 1-3, about 6k of level 4 types each, from constantly filling cloth BODs for new BODs. That's not counting the approximately 500k reward cloth of those levels I've sold at auctions over the last 4 years (when I get up to 20k of levels 1-3, and 10k of level 4, I sell lots of 160k cloth - 10k each of all 16 types). Along the way, I try to keep numbers constant per type - so if I have 12k of the dark green level 1, and between 12.5-14k each of the other level 1s, I reduce the other 3 to 12k, dye the extra, and use the dyed cloth to fill exceptional and non-buyable bod items.

    Half the BODs you get back (if not more than half - see the thread on Tailor BOD testing) are cloth, so if you keep doing these until you run out of BODs, then refilling the cloth ones, you end up getting back almost as much cloth as you put in - more if you actually fill some of the normal leather, spined and horned smalls for training, to turn in small. If you actually buy the normal cloth items, you'll always get back much more cloth than you use.

    Currently, my cloth stash sits at (not done the color balancing yet from last night)
    about 15k each Level 1
    about 13k each level 2
    about 12k each level 3
    about 6k each level 4
    level 5 types are about 1-2k each, as they don't come from cloth BODs.

    about 15k dyed cloth that started out as reward cloth (the numbers above will go down, and this will go up into the 25-30k range after I balance out the totals - it sometimes gets as high as 50k)

    about 10k bandages that was reward cloth at some time in the past, in my fountains of life.

    I've yet to resort to oil cloths with any of the 3 tailors in my 5, that I'm currently trying to train up to at least GM, if not 120 (all have used 120 PS)

    My BOD filling method is as follows.

    1. Fill all the exceptional cloth small BODs, and the normals of the types one can't buy already made, with reward cloth.
    2. Fill the cloak BODs with my trainee that's still in the low 70s; fill the robes with the trainee that's in the 80s skill range. Both can get gains that way. This is for both normal & exceptional.
    3. If I have a crafter that hasn't hit GM arms lore yet, I fill the hat BODs with that character (which is probably my highest consumption of cloth at the moment - one of my accounts doesn't have a GM lore person yet)
    4. Make a round to my favorite tailor shops. Buy everything else I need to fill the cloth BODs.
    (those wanting to buy the leather armor from armorers, for speed, can skip step 5)
    5. Switch to my leather BODs. Fill the Studded BODs with my 104-skill tailor trainer; fill the leathers with the 80s guy. One can keep in leather using just a human (with no weapon skill other than jack of all trades), a bovine slayer, a physical resist suit, and going out to kill cows, bulls, hinds, great harts and llamas, so often they harvest their own and fill BODs as they kill the creatures.
    6. After making sure that all of my full sets (large with all smalls) of Spined, Horned and Barbed leather are filled (and fill each small with the character most likely to gain), then fill as many of the colored leather smalls that don't have good large rewards as I can.

    7. At this point I have a book of about 100-200 filled BODs. I go turn them in, and bring back about that manyx100 reward cloth. the new BODs are about 20% keepers, 50% cloth BODs for the next trip, and 30% junk leathers (half of which are smalls to fill for the next trip, the rest are larges and bone armor to throw away)

    Even if I wait a week to do this all over again, I end up with a net gain in reward cloth. And an ever-increasing supply of BODs (I just GAVE AWAY 100 cloth BODs, because I was getting too many to fill per weekly trip - a beetle can only hold 160 BOD's worth of reward cloth).

    IF you fill normal BODs with bought stuff, exceptionals with reward cloth, and keep at it, eventually you'll end up with a massive pile of reward cloth for oil cloth/cloth ninja hood training or crafting. As it is, I got a character to 104 skill without even using oil cloth, just by filling the junk armor bods and the smalls to complete larges. And, I probably won't go the "cloth ninja hood" route unless I run out of the junk leathers (not likely, with about 1 in 6 BODs being regular leather, another 1 in 6 being spined, and the normals being about 2/3 of those and the studded suits (and half the 6-parters) not being worth filling a large).

    BTW, for those buying cloth - I suggest shopping nujelm. With the vanguard there, few are shopping, and when the berserker demons kill the tailors and weavers, their replacements respawn at the base 100 per bolt cost.