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eloom told me to pst so here it is

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by OnlyDaFacts, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. OnlyDaFacts

    OnlyDaFacts Guest

    Ok a factual history lesson. 1st probably the 2 best pvpers on this shard solstice and mayhem now play on gl, I guess they wanted more of a challenge. Wish they would come back. Now everyone knows why WoWz is here cause chessie as a whole sucks at pvp. Any cross shard char in WoWz can tell you there isn't but 4 or 5 pvpers on chessie that are any good. WoWz took over this shard with 6 people, they have since grown, from the mass numbers of rot. Ok 2nd, why did foa go faction, foa went faction and allied rot when fpd(then II who everyone says doesn't matter) allied WoWz, their alliance as i hear it ended due to a bunch of stupid reasons. If they don"t matter why did Foa ally rot. 3rd by the time you read this FPD will be in sl makes you think their alliance could be making a comeback, I personally hope not cause then I will have no one to fight along side. In which case since as solus put it crb is inactive(run off by WoWz) who will foa ally this time, they already allied Dmg for what reason I have no idea since they are origin rejects). Maybe solus can talk to the syndicate on atl and get them to help him this time or some other leet guild from another shard.
    Ok history lesson over. Now eloom as you called me jrede last night after your victory over me(i'm not sure you did it alone since 5 of your guildies came running from nowhere and attacked my pet and maybe me too not sure on that fact) if you did props to you, you did what your guild leader and gluttony couldnt do 2v1 but i didnt do it totally alone I had help looting their corpses. Well solus next time you gonna try to kill someone afk make sure they are really afk, but ty for the pink scrolls they will help pay for Lord Gareth to PVH my keep if he is willing to take on that task. And eloom as for approaching me in luna asking why im so bad for dying to 2 tamers a dexer and a mage while im on foot and telling me you could survive it, I would like to see you prove it, but I unlike you am kind I will make you 4v1 non pvpers from guilds like raze and cat instead of true pvpers but then again we know you lack testicular fortitude so im just wasting my breath. It's like last night when foa had 10 people at the gate casting e fields talking smack to NC-17 about raiding them on the island I seen an oppurtunity to kill one that was on the same side of the e fields as me I took it but failed miserably, my first thought I was gonna go in stat, but then I remembered Azria telling me sometimes you just got to run so I acted like forest gump and just ran with 10-12 foa chasing me. Now eloom we know the only way you would appear infront of 10 enemy faction is if you were already dead or running to the foa house but no way in hell would you flag.
    Last night I was invis'd at yew gate waiting for a fight when 2 wowz showed up and controlled the gate for the better part of three hours, now i checked on another account to see where foa or fpd was I saw no fpd but 8 foa moving around luna bank, I heard of foa bring some peoplle to raid Nc-17 at the island and this whole time only 1 foa came through the gate and that was zak, who by the way seems like a really nice person, finally Azria and Mob Status left and then rolls in 7 at first then 10 or more foa all smack talking Nc-17(again basically a non pvp guild), when 4 WoWz I repeat just 4 WoWz rolled through the gate and killed a couple and the rest scattered logged on their blues and hung around luna prolly afk this time. Then WoWz leaves and zak pops throughthe gate probably checking to see if the coast was clear, then 10-12 foa roll through the gate and start smack talking nc-17 again, my question is where were these 10-12 foa when Azria(he scares me) and mob status were at the gate all that time? Well anyway on one last note Lord Gareth can you ask your crafter to make some leet armor and some ecru rings, since my suit isn't finished and I can't find the right pieces to finish it and well my resist are 61 64 66 58 70 which suck.