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[EM Event] – PvP – Rope Wars

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Drachenfels EM Feed, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Dear Drachenfelser,
    it is time again… for a felucca event!
    The event will take place in Hedge Maze and of course on the Felucca facet!
    Two corners of the Hedge Maze will be a team base, therefore there can be a maximum of two teams!
    The teams will be formed shortly before the event starts, which has the advantage that all attendees can join a team and therefore there should be no outsiders who disturb the event.
    Should it come to massive disturbances, I will cancel the event and everyone goes away empty!
    The aim of the game is to capture the robes of the other team!
    The first team which is able to manage this has won and will receive a small gift from me!
    We will meet on Sunday the 28th of July at 20:30 H CET in the counselor’s hall on Felucca!
    (There will be a gate from the counselors Hall Trammel, the Brit West Bank in Trammel and in Felucca)
    If I arrive there and chaos dominates, I will cancel the event!
    I will ask all participants to join a specific chat channel, which will be created by me.
    Then I will ask all participants to form two teams, we will do this outside of the counselor’s hall.
    Each team will be given a book, in which each team member enters his character name.
    Please make sure that everyone is registered!
    I will ask for the books after a while and seal them.
    At this point no one can join any of the teams anymore!
    I will take the time to see if all the names are entered correctly and that there are no names of players that are not present!
    At this point I will hand over specially made robes for the event. (Of course with different colors)
    I will check during the whole period of the event, if there are players which are in a team and do not really participate in the event (afk).
    Should that be the case, I will exclude that player from his team!
    If we have come so far without major incidents, I will give each team a base.
    Then I will open them a gate to their base.
    Now the teams go through the gates to their base.
    They remain there until I give the start signal via the chat-channel!
    If I arrive there and chaos dominates, I will cancel the event!
    Now to the game …
    Each player have to wear at all times during the event his robe!
    The robes were designed specifically for the event and cannot be insured!
    The aim of the game is, as I said, capture the robes of your opponent’s team and then bring them to “me”.
    Therefore there will be in the middle of Hedge Maze a gate that you must enter.
    The gate leads you to a house plot. On the steps of the plot are mailboxes, where you have to drop off the captured robes.
    If you have submitted your conquered robes, you have to go back via the gate!
    The plot is declared as a neutral zone, it is not allowed to fight or steal there!
    Should you have died and have been looted (robe) you are maximum allowed to let yourself resurrect and loot your corpse, then you have to return to your team base!
    You are not allowed to fight, steal or support without wearing the team robe!
    Infringement will lead to exclusion from your team!
    There you will remain until the end of the event!
    But there is a way to get back into the action, in fact when a team member has reclaimed its own team robe, he can bring it back into his base and passes it to a player of his choice!
    Then the player can put on this robe and is allowed to go back into the fight!
    You may only move within and up to 3 tiles outside of Hedge Maze whereby you have to maintain a minimum distance to the opposing team base of at least 10 tiles”
    The team base is also valid as a neutral zone and may not be entered by the opposing team!
    The 10 tiles area is specially marked by me!
    If a player is hiding in his base (wearing a robe or have it in his backpack), it is declared by me as “afk” and will be excluded from his team!
    Once a team has taken all of the opposing team robes, the game is over and the winner has been chosen!
    There is a time limit of approximately 60 minutes, the team which gets the most robes until that time, has won!
    In this case I count the submitted robes!
    I will open gates to the Counselors Hall in Trammel, where we find ourselves.
    There we will hold a small celebration.
    (Should there be Red player from the winner team, I will meet them separately in Felucca)
    I hope for good success …
    Kind regards
    EM Borbarad

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