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EM Site Feed [EM Event] “The Surveillance State Takes Wing” – November 2nd @ 8pm GMT

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by UO News, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. UO News

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    Jan 30, 2009
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    The Raven sees, the Raven saw… and in the Raven King’s Tower upon the outskirts of Britain, Skaros carefully shut the door, lest anyone overhear this part of his cloak and dagger operations.

    “Ahh, Skaros”, croaked the bird. “I see ye hath returned to us. To what do we owe the pleasure?”

    “If it pleases your Majesty, I bring a request from our own King, for which thee and thy people are exceptionally well suited. Although I will understand if ye reject it; for some still harbour resentment against thee for thy carrion ways, and this deed could be seen by many to be equally as dark and noisome as thy choice of food.”

    The Raven King chuckled at this, accompanied by the odd tippetty-tap of claw upon perch as he shifted his weight in amusement at the thought. “No doubt thy people prefer to see good protein go to waste, because they are worried about who once lived in it. Well, we prefer to harvest it so those who still live may continue doing so!”

    Skaros grimaced, but remembering his own King’s chaotic council, pressed on; “Ye hath much in common with our much misunderstood Blackthorn in that; his ideas too are not widely embraced either. But here is what I would like ye to do for us. My people have become increasingly rebellious, indeed violent. They cannot conceive of Justice without vengeance. I know ye hath eyes everywhere, in every tree, and ye may have seen or heard of the trial of Bladderstick…?”

    Nodding, the Raven King said “Many of my people dined well that day. Although thine did not leave much of that rogue to peck upon, once they had finished assailing him. But he took down enough of his attackers to provide us a hearty meal. And an intestinal and livery meal too.”

    “Quite.” said Skaros, “but it is thy eyes, not tongue I wish to take advantage of. Thy people fly where they will, and I would like their eyes to watch more of what our people do, report it to me, tell me all the violence or lack of virtue thou witness. I wish to hire ye as… Royal Investigators shall we say?”

    There was the hollow sound of beak upon perch, as if the Raven King were pecking at his worries directly; “But Skaros, our stay in this city is perilous indeed as it is. The Governor, Aurelius I believe ye call him, already suspects us, and the sign offering thy King’s protection has long since been stolen. Would we not risk bringing on ourselves the violence ye ask us to seek out?”

    Skaros paused a while, before stating slowly; “This affair is none of the Governor of Britain’s concern. It is a matter of state security. And who could object to the honest reports of an agent of the law, except for those already committed to breaking it? And such people, if ye see them, are already abroad; all I ask is to know who they are, so I can protect my people… and thine too. Together we are strong. Stronger at least, than apart. So, will ye do it, oh King of Ravens?”

    The Raven King paused too, before finally spreading his wings wide, and looking Skaros directly in the eye, said “For the sake of the kindness shown by thy King, whom though called Black I know hath a good heart, we shall do it! Our dark wings in the night shall carry the truth back to ye, Skaros! All I ask in return is that ye honour thy protection of my people!”

    The Spymaster nodded. He was, despite the slanders thrown his way too, a man of honour himself. “Aye. You will have the King’s arms, if ever ye need them, in return for thy wings.”

    “Then let us seal the deal in the traditional way. Here Skaros, take this worm, the Worm of Accord into thy mouth. Let us bite it equally in two to symbolise a fair agreement.”

    Later on, somewhat green of face, Skaros put the finishing touches to his poster; Let us see if the public can understand at least the value of information, even if they could never have the strength to do what must be done to get it! It read…


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