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[EM Event] An Evening with Daniel and the Sleuths

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. I usually never have to step away from an event but this past Thursday the winds of real life called me away. The thought of not having coverage of this great event Daniel invited us too really weighed heavy on me.

    The next morning to my surprise I found a scroll in my mailbox outside of my keep and it was a full report on the event!!! I was astounded by how much detail there was and it was signed by someone name "Shadow Riter". Who was this anonymous writer? why would this person do this for me? I guess this is a mystery I would have to investigate....thanks Shadow Riter!


    Having the opportunity to arrive before the sleuths I was able to chat a bit with Daniel Ravens who spoke of how he felt about the adventure this evening….

    Daniel looked forward to the arrival of his students. He was thinking that only a few months ago he would not have even considered training others. This week the group was going to learn riding skills. Some of them were already very adept with their mounts but for some it would be a challenge. He stood at the gate to the track waiting for his pupils.


    Soon they started to arrive and walked their horses onto the track. It was going to be a good night.

    Suddenly a raucous babble erupted behind him in the track. He hurried in to see what the commotion was about. As he approached, Nora, Amadeo, and Aurora were asking Queen Mum if she could administer healing to a man who was lying still by the winner circle.


    “No” Said Mum. “He is beyond my skills. I wonder who he is or was.”


    Twig Silvers and Sundina took a good look. They took things from the pocket of the man, carefully like Daniel had told them. They did not want to ruin any evidence.

    Jocelyn took a look. “Hmm I think that is Farley! He looks dead!”

    Rayce looked. “This can’t be. I was not hunting here today! He smirked. “I am not guilty….this time”

    Rei was confused. “Who the heck is Farley? He looks like he might have been drunk.”

    “He has a riding crop” said Mum. “I wonder where his horse is. He must have had a horse.”

    “We need to get notebooks and keep track of evidence.”

    The name Farley seemed very familiar. The group tried to remember where they had heard of him.

    “This is very sad. He needs to be buried” remarked Rei. “He is bloating in this heat.”

    “It is only a matter of time until he smells bad.”

    “Hmm Sugar Cubes, Riding Crop, must be a Jockey. No wonder he is so short.” Iago noticed.

    “He is bald too.”

    Iago piped up. “You know there are sugar cubes in his pocket and some loose change. The sugar cubes are maybe for a horse? But there is still no horse.”

    “I think his horse was stolen!” stated Twigg Silvers.

    “Let’s see if anyone witnessed this crime. There is a man standing at the watch tower.”

    Harold Chancero stood at the top of the tower. He was looking out over the track as we approached.


    “Hello Fans! What can I do for you? Do you want my Autograph?”

    "Who are you Harold?" the group asked.

    “Oh I am Harold Chancero. I announce all the races here. Keep people up on all the action. Maybe you do not know my face but you must recognize my voice.”

    “Did you know Farley?”

    “FARLEY! Yea he is a great jockey and quite the ladies man. Oh Yea He is Da Man!” Harold seemed to be Farley’s biggest fan. “Farley was the best Jockey. He was unbeatable much to L’il Mins chagrin.”

    “Well if he is a ladies man who did he date?”

    “Oh he dates that little vixen Xarra. I am not sure how long he has been with her. You might bump into her shopping in Trinsic. She likes to shop.”

    “Did you kill him?”

    “What! Farley is dead? I thought he was just sleeping off a bender. I know nothing about it. Oh, you know that bookie over there might know.”

    Before turning to leave Twigg Silvers looked at Harold and asked for an autograph. Harold was aghast “Pfft, Farley lies dead over there and you ask for an autograph.”

    The group turned in the direction Harold was pointing. Sure enough a man stood by the track with a book in his hands. They walked toward him hoping to get more information.

    Charly Dont Surf looked about “How about this guy Cayne Padopocit?”

    Cayne looked like a sleazy guy. As they approached him he grinned.


    “Care to make a bet? Now that Farley is dead Min Rydeout has a good chance of winning. I can definitely give you good odds for her. She was the long shot until Farley bit the dust. Sad though. He would have won his 100th race straight in a row. Imagine the odds of that.”

    “Who is Lil Min Rydeout?” asked Gixx


    Cayne seemed to know all the gossip and liked to hear himself talk. “She is the daughter of famous jockey Jaqui Rydeout. Before Farley came into his winning streak she was everyone’s first pick. I think Lil Min used her father's fame to get into the circuit. You need to be good to get into the inner circle. Still L’il Min did show she can ride. She is getting her horse shoed up at the Blacksmith guild. She is a cute little thing in her pink silks. She dated Farley before Xarra came into the picture. Xarra is such a socialite. She loves to shop.”

    “Thank you” said the group. “Let’s go to Trinsic and talk to Xarra.”

    Xarra was in the tailor shop looking for a new hat. When she saw the new people enter the shop she looked down her nose at group. “Did Harold send you?”


    "Yes", the group announced.

    “Pfft, he is jealous because I have been dating Farley since he started to win races. He wins a lot which makes him famous.” Her eyes twinkled when she said famous.


    “Do you know he is dead?” asked Charley Don’t Surf.

    “Farley? Ya, I heard he died. You should talk to Colt Walker. He would have been the last to see him.” She was nonchalant.

    “Did you see him at the races?” asked Iago.

    “Oh I find the racing part perfectly boring. But I like the fancy hats I get to wear. I love to dress up to go to the races.” She said laconically.

    “You do not seem upset” remarked Daniel.

    “My Daddy provides for me. When he stops, I can make money selling my portrait. Do these shoes go with my dress?” She stared at the group then spouted. “I really like shopping!!!”

    Twigg Silvers had enough of the stuck up socialite. “Well your shoes do not match. How do ya feel now??” he taunted.

    “Let’s talk to Colt” recommended Daniel. “Although Xarra is a bit self absorbed, she is right about the groom. Farley would have brought his horse to the groom to be curried down.”

    There was a nice open paddock just east of the race track where Colt Walker stood near a fence. When he saw the group of people approach he leaned over to chat with them. He seemed very congenial.

    “Are you Colt Walker?” demanded Twigg.

    In a drawl he responded, “Real name’s Cauthrim, but I like Colt. What can I do for you?”


    “Xarra said you were the last to see Farley alive after his race.”

    “What did Xarra tell you? That snoot. She knows I saw him because she was with him. Whelp, I walk his horse, curry it, feed it. I’m a stable hand. Oh but wait. They fought. Then Farley took off with Tara Vegan.”

    Rei in frustration asked “What is all this gibberish, who is Tara Vega?”

    “Tara! Oh she helps a smidgen here. She whispers in the horses ears” Colt replied. “I don’t be knowing what she says. Should ask her... I think she’d gone went to Skara last night. She left in a hurry too.”

    “Enough! Did you kill him? And where is your shirt?” pondered Twig.

    "I muck stalls. It gets hot. I done not kill nobody. I best be getting back to washin’ the horses now.”

    “Do you feed them sugar?” Jocelyn inquired.

    “Sugar! Oh, I would not give sugar to these horses. It is not good for them.” Colt responded looking insulted.

    In Skara the sleuths found Tara Vegan talking softly in the ear of a horse.


    She looked up at them and put her finger to her lips saying “Shhh. I just got this horse calmed down. He is a jumpy one.”

    “I am good at getting fidgety horses to calm. Gentle talk calms the high spirited. I have a special bond you see.”

    “Did you date Farley?” inquired Iago

    Tara frowned. “Once or twice. He was a great jockey. I thought we both had something special with the horses. Farley was going to do something terrible to horses. Do not know what.”

    “Did you kill him before you hurried here?” UnPlugged had to ask.

    “Kill? Farley is dead? She then shrugged and mumbled … he mistreated horses.”

    “Why did you leave in a hurry?”


    “I was needed here. Ask Marianne how beneficial I am to her. She is the widow of Owen Barnsfield. She owns the track and lives in Britannia. Just outside the west gate. I would not hurt anyone.”

    The group was confused. They had never met Marrianne. She must live somewhere near the race track. They resolved to go and look at the farms in the West Brit outskirts.

    Once they got back to the track they head north. A warm inviting log house had the door wide open. The aroma of fresh bread wafted out.

    They knocked and entered.

    Marrianne extended her hand and smiled “Hello, How do you do? I am Owens widow.”


    The sleuths asked her about Farley.

    “Word has arrived that he was murdered. Farley’s reputation helped me save the Track. I am at a loss now without Owen or Farley. Lord Fariot never approved of Owen and my union. But I loved Owen. I was much younger of course. My husband was 87 when he died.”

    “I wish I knew more so that I could shed some light on this mysterious death. I know nothing of it but recently a bookie has been hanging around the track. It is rumored that he made odds that Farley would not be able to win 100 races in a row. Tomorrow would have been a night in racing history. I would wager Cayne would have lost a lot of money if Farley won.”

    She continued her saga … “Colt and Tara care for my horses. Colt is a wonderful groom and Tara keeps the horses calm. They are usually at my corral but Tara went to Skara to help the stable master there with a spirited steed. Other than that, I think Farley was going to go into some business with Lord Fariot who has a ranch just outside of Moonglow. Though I have never seen a horse there other than his hunting horse, he says it is for retired race horses. Lord Fariot and I never saw eye to eye. He likes to hunt little foxes.”

    Marrianne seemed genuinely upset about Farley. A tear ran down her cheek.

    Slowly the sleuths left her home and set off for Moonglow to find this mysterious Lord Fariot.

    They decided to pay a quick visit to L’il Min at the blacksmith guild, since it was nearby, before they took the trek to Moonglow.


    L'il Min Rydeout was eager to help “Oh I dated Farley once or twice, He was not my type.”

    “He is Xarra's type. She is in Trinsic shopping. She frowned and stated … she is always in Trinsic shopping.”

    “Tell us about Jaqui.”


    “He is my father. He is retired now. Best Jockey Evah! Better Than Farley! He was quite famous until Farley took the spotlight. Some people think I used his fame to get in the inner circuit. Nodding she said “Sure I got into the circuit because of my father's fame. BUT I can ride!”

    “It is all I have ever wanted. I was winning a lot before Farley came along! Ask Cayne or Colt. Just because I wear pink riding silks does not mean I am a poor jockey. I was born to ride.”

    Rei accused her…“you murdered him!”

    “Humph! I am a better jockey and a better person. I do not like him. Sheesh!! He feeds his horses’ sugar and junk!”

    The sleuths decided to set out for Moonglow. It was not hard to find Lord Fariot. He was dressed in an argyle sweater and white leather riding pants. He carried a riding crop and seemed excited. Very excited and quite eager, the sleuths started to bombard him with questions.


    “Where are the horses? Do you sell them for glue? Why are you mean to Marriane?

    Lord Fariot glared at the group. “I am on my way to a fox hunt - a Steeple chase. A sport fit for my position. Would you like to join me?”

    “Why are you unkind to Marrianne?”

    “Marrianne is the owner of the race track she married Owen for the money.”

    “OMG” Katrina was stunned. “A gold digger!”

    “I am on my way to a fox hut are you all coming?”

    Rei stated in disbelief “to doom you are!”

    Iago knew that you did not ride retired horses to a fox hunt. “Don't you have retired horses? I don’t see any.”

    Queen Mum was confused stating that there were no foxes in Moonglow. “Fox hunt where?”

    “Where there are foxes” patronized Fariot, “in Tokuno.I will answer your questions after my game.”

    In Tokuno the players found the little foxes. Some were rabid.


    Fariot did not care. He attacked them and laughed.


    He was having a wonderful time. Finally he had sated his desire to hunt. The group battled their way through the beast keeping their eyes closely on Fariot.


    Rei was the first to demand what Fariot knew. “You got questions to answer.”

    Iago was very concerned about the retired horses “Where are they? Did you sell them for glue?”

    Lord Fariot resigned himself to talk. He was not able to shake them off. “Alright, you had a good time with me hunting and steeple chase, this is the life. It’s a manly game indeed.”

    Twig Slivers agreed “and a good one at that!”

    “Life is good” Fariot said avoiding the questions.

    Iago was not deterred “so where are these retired horses?”

    Lord Fariot had all the answers. "Well. I let them have free range. Where do you keep your horses?”


    Iago frowned “In the stable like a civilized person.”

    Fariot liked that. “Yes the very old ones are in the stables. Why are you all so concerned?”

    Iago needed more information. “So what about Farley, was he working for you?”

    “Farley, he smiled, great jockey! I bet on him many times.”

    Twig Slivers got right to the point. “Farley is dead.”

    Sundina asked, “Who killed Farley?”

    Fariot replied “I don't know him very well. What do you know?”

    Twig Slivers sighed “that is what we are asking you about.”

    Iago added “any clue why he would turn up dead?”

    “Dead? Farley is dead??? Oh that is bad news. I bet my ranch on his race tomorrow. You should see if there is evidence. Look around the track see what you can find. You know I bet that pink floozy did it.”

    Twig Slivers was not sure who Fariot meant. “Lil Min??”

    Lord Fariot laughed. “She thinks SHE can ride with the good jockeys.”

    He shook his head. “She is only in the circuit out of respect for her dad. She is such a silly girl.”

    Iago replied with a raised brow, “ahhh but what would motivate her to kill?”

    Lord Fariot answered with annoyance, “perhaps you should all sleep on this and go over your evidence.”


    “Farley was not well liked. There are so many people who would see him dead.”

    Katrina suspected that there was a lack of respect to the women. “Bet the ladies ganked him :(

    Lord Fariot nodded at the possibility. “He dated Tara, Xarra, and Min.”

    Iago wanted to know. Can’t you tell us anything specific?

    “Yes” grinned Fariot. “He played them off each other. Then Min was upset that he beat her dad.” He seemed to think for a minute. “Farley would never curry his horse which made Colt real mad!”

    Iago was curious and asked, “Why would she date a rival jockey in the first place?”

    Lord Fariot was amused “Who knows? Women they are a strange lot.”

    The men all laughed. All except Iago who stated “but they are typically not homicidal.”

    Lord Fariot added, “I wonder… Marrianne was losing the track until Farley came along. Still, I wonder how it is that he won so many times.”

    Twig Slivers was intrigued with the mention of another woman “you mean that Tara girl?”

    “Tara, silly girl, talks in the horses ears. They do not speak English. Horses understand a good riding crop and spurs. You should go back to find clues. Maybe you can figure out who might have done this. If I can be of help let me know.”

    Fariot waved to the group and rode off.

    The group headed back to Moonglow where they had first met Fariot in hopes of catching him again but he was no where in sight.


    After Daniel took head count he suggested the sleuths get rest and review all the clues in order to meet again next Thursday evening April 15th in the Trammel Serps Hold Guard Hall at 5pm PT, 8pm ET and figure out the mystery of what happened to Farley and why.


    The Shadow Riter