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[EM Event] Anybody knows what is happening in Skara Brae?

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Pacific EM Feed, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. April 13, 2014
    7:00 pmto8:00 pm

    Hi citizen of Skara Brae,

    I felt it would be good to write a report of my last few days…they were...hum… what we can call strange ones…

    Day 1: The boy and the Rabbit...

    It is a cloudy day, walking on the dirt path toward the ferry…nobody bothering me...very quiet... I was going to town to take an order of meat for my family. The ferry brought me very smoothly to the other side and I started walking again between the Inn and the Hospital. While passing by the Sundry Supplies shop I came by a little boys, I don’t remember his name, he was playing around and when he saw me he happily started conversation. He was perhaps bored on his own.

    “Hi Mr! How are you today?” Said the little boy.

    “I’m good and you? During a day like that shopping is the best!” I answered with a smile.

    And the boys start pulling my hand and said: “I don’t like shopping, but come here I can show you something!”.

    As I was pulled, I had no choice, but to follow him.

    He brought me behind the Sundry Supplies Shop, but next to the City Hall where I saw it.

    It was of an odd color…a little rabbit with a slow walking pattern and which doesn’t seemed scared of anybody. Which was strange from a wild rabbit.

    I asked the boy: “When did you met your friend the little rabbit?”

    “I did this morning sir! *With a big smile on his face*” Said the boy.

    I followed by: “Is it the only one that you saw around here?”

    “Yes sir, it is the only one, but I like it, I can pet it.” answered the boy.

    “I think this rabbit may be sick and I would rather bring it to a veterinarian.” I said.

    Sadly the boy said: “Is the rabbit sick...it is my only friend…I don’t want to lose him. *Crying*”

    “Perhaps, yes I think it is unusual and need to be look at. I think if you are his friend, you will help him and bring him to a veterinarian.” I answered gently.

    Then the sad boy gave me the rabbit and look at me saying “Please take a good care of him. Can you bring it to the veterinarian for me?”

    Then I take it to the close by Hospital as I wasn’t sure where was the nearest veterinarian was. In fact this kind of disease seemed unknown by all the people I brought it too...

    On that day, I couldn’t go get my meat order so I decided to go back home and on the next day hopefully get the meat.

    Day 2: The Dog and the meat…

    Nice morning, the sun was out, I got ready and start my journey by a walk to town. The ferry was good, I could feel a very smooth breeze while on the boat. Nothing better than that could happen to start my day.

    Once on the other side, I got off the ferry and yes… it started again…

    A big surprise...I could see in front of me people grouped in a strange way as if something happened, in front of them was lying a dead dog corpse and a man injured.

    As I was approaching the scene, people turned at me as if I was the person in charge. I was obviously only a citizen, so nothing like a person in charge…

    “Something terrible happen few hours ago!” said a citizen to me.

    I replicate “Calm down, what happened?”

    “See the injured man? He was attacked by his own dog…”

    After I heard that, I thought maybe it was the owner’s fault. Nowadays some people are very strict and could maybe cause such a reaction...Thinking to myself probably not much chance of happening...So I decided to go talk with the dog owner to know more as the day before I could see another strange thing that was the rabbit.

    I approach the dog owner and said ”Scuse me sir, would you mind if I ask you some questions?”

    “Not if it is to help me...I don’t know what happen…Recently my dog was behaving strangely…” answer the poor dog owner.

    Then I started my interrogation.

    “Did you do anything your dog may have not liked?”

    “Did anything changed in the lifestyle of your dog recently?”

    “Did your dog went to somewhere unusual?”

    “Since when did you notice your dog acting strange?”

    The man answered me with a voice in which I could feel pain in….

    “I loved this dog! I would never do anything bad to him.”

    “I am only a poor citizen, so my lifestyle can’t really change…”

    “My dog is well disciplined, so I usually leave him on his own outside every now and then. I don’t know every places he goes…”

    “I notice change in his behaviour since about 2 … maybe 3 days…but this morning he was angry...”

    I then ask another questions “So why was he angry today?”

    The man answered me “I don’t have any clue…He just start getting temper and I tried to calm him down and he started attacking me...Then I had to protect myself and.. it happened”

    I said sadly…”You had to kill him…”

    “Yes…” answer the man while crying.

    I took a deep breath and said: “I am very sorry sir about that situation, but I think right now the best thing to do is to let know our Governor of this event. I as well saw a rabbit yesterday that was acting very strangely… perhaps he got a disease… nobody did know about it in town…I think something strange is happening in here.”

    The man stop crying, but very sad said: “I will try to meet with the Governor and tell him my story. in the meantime I will bury my dog and try to stay home as much as I can.” Then the man left and the crowd dissipate.

    All this situation over, I continue my journey to the butcher.

    I enter the small shop and as usual went to the counter and ask the clerk about my order.

    “Hi, I am here to get my meat order from few days ago.” I said

    “Sure I have it ready!” the butcher said.

    I took my order and head back to my home. Hopefully nothing will happen no my way back.

    Surprising as it is, I could get home without any problems.

    Following this report, I think it would be very useful to get in touch with the governor and maybe to get people to patrol the city. So I would like to invite anybody that feel this need as I feel to come and meet with me. I will be in Britain EM/Counselor Hall on April 13th (Sun.) from 7pm pst then when everybody are there we can go and patrol the city of Skara Brae and hopefully nothing new or bad will happen.

    Thank you very much.

    Signed: Ruben the Skara Brae Citizen


    Meet with Ruben on April 13th (Sun.) 7pm pst to go on a City patrol.

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