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[EM Event] Arrows Fly at Archery Tournament

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. I would like to welcome Sorelia! who is a brave soul willing to give a hand to the Sonoma Stratics news team. She will be bringing you some quality stories and covering events that happen all over our lands. The coverage of the archery event is her first piece of work for Stratics...enjoy!


    The small band of would be archers and the mighty seasoned archers, gathered to showcase their skills the night of March 4th at the Luna fairground buttes.

    All were hopeful that tonight their skills would be at the peak. The terms for success were clearly stated. The contestants had only three shots to win the round of competition. Each contestant sharpened their aim as they stepped up to the buttes to thwack a winning shot for the eager onlookers.


    Soul Annex stepped up, aimed the bow and the competition was underway. Some of the novice competitors showed great talent and one day will be formidable hunters. Winners for the round of novice archers were Allyson, who took first place, followed by Chosen and Masta Blasta.

    The mighty archers looked on with a critical eye would their skill surpass the winners of the first competition? Could today be the day that strength, balance and a sharp eye would lead one to win this lively competition?


    One by one the masters stepped up to produce their best shots. Most were very proficient at the scoring but one slip or perhaps a distraction would determine whose steady skill would take the prize. Our winners, among the skilled archers, were as follows. First place went to Ansatsa, then second to Jallious and finally Clym of Clough followed with third place. The crowd cheered our archers loudly. The winners, grateful for the acknowledgement bowed with pride.

    Our thanks go out to EM Eira and EM Sangria for their efforts to organize this event and make it enjoyable for all.