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[EM Event] Aydenn and his Hair – Bottle 1

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Pacific EM Feed, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. August 10, 2013
    7:00 pmto8:00 pm
    Aydenn Glenn had been having a rather poor run of luck lately. It all started when that thieving cat woman showed up. Things got worse when some miner dug up a crystal that was actually a heart of some cursed knight. The Knight was then found and resurrected. Once resurrected he promptly declared himself King of Nujel’m and filled it’s streets with undead. During the last battle the cat woman and the Knight somehow ended up going through a portal together. Good riddance.

    Aydenn shook his head. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to resurrect a cursed knight needed to be removed from the decision making process permanently. Instead of adding to his own death robe collection, Aydenn got out of town and started looking for ways to increase his gold collection. Today he was following up on a lead.

    ‘HOW MUCH?!?’ Aydenn was truly shocked at the amount this farmer and his daughter wanted for four dirty bottles of... something. Yes they were old, okay, really really really old. (The bottles, not the farmer or the daughter - definitely not the daughter.) But with the price they were asking, he’d never make a profit.

    Aydenn smoothed his hair and was about to turn away with a polite no way in h... when the farmer started extolling his wares once again. ‘My great-great-great-grandfather was a very famous alchemist. This is the last of his wares.’ Aydenn adjusted his ponytail and said, ‘I’m sorry I can’t afford that,’ and he turned to walk away.

    The farmer’s daughter got a devious look in her eyes, ‘We understand, thank you for stopping by.’ She then reached out to touch his hair, ‘Too bad about your hair, these potions would have helped. Again, thank you for stopping by.’ She then turned and started to walk away.

    ‘Wait!’ Aydenn looked rather dumbfounded, ‘what’s... what’s wrong with my hair?’

    The farmer and his daughter shot each other a quick look and a grin. The farmer shook his head and made a tsk tsk sound, ‘Daughter you know it’s not polite to point out someone's shortcomings.’

    ‘I know father, but these would have done his hair a world of good,’ she said.

    ‘Yes I know daughter but the price is too high for him and well, who would want every.... ummm, every man...?’ the farmer looked Ayden up and down a bit panicked. Aydenn glared. ‘Errr I mean woman! Yes silly me, who would want every woman in the land fondling your hair.’ The farmer began to gather things up to return them to storage. He didn't get far before Ayden stopped him.

    ‘What do they do?’ Aydenn asked.

    The daughter was ready for this and grabbed one of the four bottles, ‘this one will bring out the natural brown in your hair and make it fuller and stronger.’ The liquid in the bottle began to swirl and look less like the ancient muck it had first appeared to be.

    She pulled out a second bottle, ‘this one will enhance the natural red highlights in your hair.’ Again the liquid inside swirled this time it seemed to become more red.

    ‘Now this one is one of my favorites,’ she began pulling out the third bottle, ‘right now your hair is limp, lifeless. This one will add new life to your hair! Your hair move with the slightest breeze as if it had a life of it’s own.’ Aydenn noticed the liquid inside seemed to have a life of it’s own, at least for the moment.

    The farmer pulled out the last bottle, ‘This last one is the most important. It will make your hair smell nice.’

    Aydenn looked sharply at the farmer, ‘Nice? Define, nice.’ Aydenn was watching the contents of this bottle swirl as the farmer shot his daughter a look that clearly said, ‘help!’

    His daughter simply giggled and told Aydenn, ‘Nice as in, manly. Women will want to get close to you just to breath in the scent of your wonderful hair.’

    The farmer gave his daughter a ‘you’ve gotta be kidding me’ look. His daughter merely smirked when Aydenn declared, ‘I’ll take them!’ and handed over the gold.
    Aydenn Glenn has invested a substantial amount of gold into some hair care products which were made by some famous alchemist a few generations ago then stuck in storage and forgotten about until Aydenn came along.

    Aug 10 (Saturday) 7 pst - Bottle 1, Brings out the hair’s natural brown while making it fuller and stronger. - At least that’s what Aydenn was told... Meet at the Councilors/EM Hall in Brit at 7 pst.

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  2. Matty O No

    Matty O No Journeyman

    Jan 4, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Are there anymore events scheduled for this month? Or will we only get 1 day notice?