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[EM Event] Buyer’s Hunt Begin!

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Pacific EM Feed, May 7, 2014.

  1. May 12, 2014
    10:00 pmto11:00 pm

    Several days passed, It was in a dark and very smelly area… we were trying to be as low profile as possible. After some incident with our fertilizer, we realized we did more bad than good and now we had a bounty on us! Our priority went from making gold to trying to save ourselves from being caught by the authorities.

    How would we do that… That was the big problem right now.

    Bod started to be very depressed and couldn’t think properly. He had became crazy in the head.

    He once said:

    We are already good for being jailed and no way out! Money is no more of a desirable thing, we should try to do as much damage as possible before getting jail to avenge ourselves!!!

    In the other hands, Archibald the wise men of the team was kind of stressed, but could control himself.

    What he replied to Bob was:

    Please Bob stop talking non sense! Keep calm!

    What we are going to do is to find a buyer! We will sell our recipe and we will escape far away! That way people will forget about us and the buyer will get all the blame *Evil Smile*. If we want to come back later we can do so as we will be forgotten from everybody *Hope so…*

    After a long discussion, both agreed to do as Archibald suggested, not that Bob didn’t want to avenge himself… They started to scout many cities, they focused on cities where agriculture was common practice and they expand on the others. Many people showed interest in the product to try, but only one showed interest for the recipe itself.

    As they were accounting all their customer and cities with potential buyer, the 2 alchemist found out that there was an unusual increase of traffic in Britain. Getting more and more scared to be found, one day, they heard some movement in the sewer. They had to escape and very quick before getting found.

    At that moment, Bob had an idea!

    “Let’s use my paint and destroy all traces of our passage here before escaping!”

    Archibal reply:

    “For once you have a good idea! Let’s do that!”

    So they took a bottle of paint and spread it on all their belonging they couldn’t bring with them.

    At this moment, Archibald took Bob arm and pulled him toward the other end of the sewer to end out somewhere they never been before… A totally new area they never been to…

    They exited the cavern they were in and ended out in a jungle…

    Archibald said:

    That look like a very nice place to hide to get forgotten about! I don’t even know where we are...

    Bob said:

    Look like it… but what about recipe? We should sell it no? or should we bury it in the ground?

    Archibald said:

    Your right! Let’s wait a while here and go back to complete our business. To bury it would be a waste of money that can be easily made!

    What both of them didn’t know is that Bob spread the paint on the chest containing their book with all the information about their customers… Will they be able to find out their only customer who was interest in the fertilizer recipe?

    Can you get to him before they get there? This is what need to be find out!

    We don’t have much time, but if we can get there before or at the same time they do the transaction, we can still get recipe and stop this once for all!


    Meet with Bernard head of the town guard at Brit EM/Counselor Hall on May 12th (Mon) at 6pm PST to look closely to the recently acquired information.

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