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Em Event: Chickens and Dragons?!?!

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    EM Event:Hosted By Vladimere
    Chicken Fights, Dragon Tame & Dragons Fight


    Tonight the Citizens set out to fight chickens! A gate was created by Em Vladmiere to the Jhelom fighting pit. Some mechanical problems came up but, the EM and citizens of Chesapeake after a few minutes figured it out. The chicken fights started with six fights all together. The following people brought chickens that fought and some watchers.

    Chicken Contestants
    Obelisk- Asucky Chicken
    Gareth[RBG]- PaxOku Chicken
    Wilrizz [TEB] Gazou
    E-LloomiNator [FoA]- A Greater Chicken
    Ariel Faith [[email protected]] - A Greater Chicken

    Ariel Faith [email protected]
    Lord Merlock [DWxC]
    Hush Baby [RAZE]
    Lady Emily Rose [KFC]
    Niva The Savage [T_T]
    Bozydar [TEB]
    Nanoc [DWxC]
    Phoenix [DWxC]
    Exiledconnections [KFC]
    (I didn't get everyones name I am sorry.)


    Final fight came down to the following two people. E-LloomiNator [FoA] Vs. Gareth [RBG]
    Lord Gareth won the chicken battle and brought home the gold for Guardians Gate and PaxOku City.

    "The chicken is over three years old I hope he can still fight."​

    A good amount of time was left over and EM Vladmiere asked those still in attendance after some people left during the chicken fight what they wanted to do. Some ideas were tossed around and it was finally decided on for a Dragon Tame contest. Whoever can tame the Dragon the fastest wins.

    Em Vladimere asked everyone to go up to the top walkway while each tamer was sent down to tame the dragon. Once the tamer was down in the pit the EM spawned a Dragon and the timer started.

    Gareth [RBG/Oku]
    1min 45seconds


    E-LloomiNaToR [FoA]
    Killed the dragon


    Wilrizz [TEB]
    1min 35seconds


    Wilrizz brought home the gold for the Glorious Guild [TEB] Travelers and Explorers of Britian


    The EM still wanted to keep going and asked anyone else that would like to try again. Lord Gareth said he would and the dragon was tamed in 25seconds. EM Vladimere asked how he did it so quickly? Gareth responded I am a Gamemaster.

    Em Vladimere said he figured so and told Gareth he needed him on his playing shard.
    Gareth responded by saying I am a good designer too.

    It was then decided that the two dragons Tamed would go into combat to see who had the better dragons. Wilrizz and Gareth got the dragons ready and they were fighting hard within seconds. Wilrizz took home the win defeating Lord Gareths Dragon.


    Em Vladimere took some time at the end to ask those still in attendance what they should do nest. Ideas were tossed between polar bears, Mongbats, Hell Kittens but was finally decided on Grizzly bears! The next battle will be a Grizzly battle.(This may be subject to change check the shields in Luna.)


    Thank you Obelisk, Gareth and Wilrizz for helping Em Vladimere pick the next event and help with some ideas on how to do everthing next time.​