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[EM Event] Master Thief

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Master Thief.

    When Elesil wanted to see us again in the throne room in the castle in Britain we knew she found more about the robbery at the royal treasury.
    Like always many adventurers came to her call for help.​


    After the battle in the orc fort Elesil stayed some time in the fort to give it a thural investigation.
    She found some interesting discoveries about a dark elven race.
    These dark elf's are spread around the lands.
    But Elesil found some clues where we could find them.
    And maybe when we found them they could lead us to the Master Thief.
    Elesil told us to the counselors hall where we could find several books with the clues where to find these Dark Elf's.​

    We should read these clues and then find the elf's.
    The best way was to work together.
    Solve the clues and then go to each location and defeat the dark elf's.​


    Book Clues:​

    1) Felucca: Clue: This place is where to challenge the Champion. Uh what a smell of rats here!​

    2) Trammel: Clue: The fort from last was too small,let's find a bigger one near the sea!​

    3) Tokuno: Clue: She really likes the cold!​

    4) Tokuno: Clue: No one will look deep in these mines!​

    5) Ilshenar: Clue: We are always watching you and smite those who are on the wrong path!​

    6) Ilshenar: Clue: What a long and whinny path. Whats this, a ruined house and a mythical creature guarding it?​

    7) Trammel: Clue: Excellent place to store our goods, the double D's guards this temple well!​

    8) Trammel: Clue: The booty should be safe in this passage!​

    9) Trammel: Clue: these savages to the east of the reptiles should guard them well!​

    10) Trammel: Clue: This place is not right! So far down too!​

    We all studied the clues well and we quickly understood where to go. Our first stop was the orc fort near Cove.​


    We found some strange looking elf in the orc fort.
    It was very hostile so we had no choice then to kill him.
    When we search the elf's corpse we found a scroll on his body.
    We should take this scroll to Elesil.​

    We all worked well together and the clues took us all over the world to very different location.
    In each place we found a strange dark elf that was carrying a scroll.​

    Below the Angel Fortress in Ilshenar.​


    The Daemon Temple on Fire Island.​


    The Ice area behind the Fan dancers dojo.​


    The Tokuno Mines.​


    Dungeon Wrong.​


    After Dungeon wrong we got the message that we have discovered all ten places and got all the clues we needed.
    Back at the counselors hall Elesil gathered all the scrolls to study all the clues on it where the master thief.​


    It was not hard to figure it out that the Master Thief was hiding in the Ant dungeon.
    No time to loose Elesil opened a gate to the entrance of the dungeon.
    She took the lead inside the tunnels.
    Deeper and deeper we went trough the tunnels.
    We came in the heart of the ant lair where the matriarch lives.
    And only a short moment when we arrived we spotted the Master Thief.​


    He was a handful and it took all our good team work to take the master thief down.
    Elesil searched his corpse and found some notes.
    She found a letter that was very old.
    It was a delicate piece of paper that would take some time to decipher.​


    When Elesil knows more about this old letter she will call on our help again to find out more on the robbery.​

    It was a long evening and it was time for us all to go home for a well deserved rest.​

    New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.​