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[EM Event] Meeting with Queen Dawn!

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Meeting with Queen Dawn!

    What seemed to be a normal day in Sosaria, changed when my ears heard the Luna Town cryers yelling some important message around.
    I had to step a bit closer to hear the news.
    "Meet Queen Dawn in her Throne Room at Sunday" they yelled!​


    Something very important must have happened that the Queen herself wanted to talk to her people.
    I could only wonder what must be so important to call for us.I had to be sure i was on time for this meeting.
    Twenty minutes before the Queen would appear i headed to Britains castle. I was not the only one who was early.
    And already there was a big crowd waiting for the Queen.
    All curious what this news would be.
    In the back of the throne room there was a big hole in the wall.
    Maybe the news had something to do with it.
    A familiar face appeared. It was Ealia Tiefwasser.
    She came to tell us that Queen Dawn was a bit late.She was in a meeting with various advisor's.
    Of course we would wait for Queen Dawn a bit longer.
    Some of us did wonder if she needed advice on what shoes to wear on this important meeting.​


    A few minutes after Ealia left another visitor came to speak with us.
    It was Sherry the mouse! She seemed to be very excited on a discovery she made.
    The vault of Lord British!The castle still have some secrets to reveal even after the disappearance of the King years ago.​


    And then, there she was, our Queen!​


    Finally the Queen got away from her advisor's.
    She came to tell us the exciting news about the discovery of the vault. Within this vault seemed to be a powerful crystal.
    Three items are needed to open this fault but when the King disappeared the items disappeared with him.
    But the Queen knew a way.​

    She said:​

    "The Cloak that protect Britannia is the courage of its people.​

    The Crown that ennobles Britannia is the love of its people.​

    The Scepter that guides Britannia is the truth of its people."​

    It could only means that the power to open the vault is within us all.​

    Queen dawn then called in the help of a Royal mining expert.​


    The Queen asked him that he understood what he had to do and what he had to find. ​


    The miner started to dig in the hole in the throne room.
    It did not seem to be a easy task. Not to mention it was very dark under the castle floor.
    After several minutes of digging the miner found the crystal.He gave the crystal to Queen Dawn.
    She was very happy with this finding of the crystal.
    This crystal could have the power to restore Magincia!
    Could it be really be possible? Magincia was totally destroyed.
    The town is nothing more then ruins.Does this crystal really has that kinda power?
    I know that items with great powers often have a nasty side effect.
    I hope the Queen investigates the risk if she planning to use this crystal.
    The Queen told us that this was a day for celebration. And told us we could find a gift for everyone at the west bank of britain.
    She thanked us all for coming.
    When the Queen left and everyone went to the bank for there gifts i kept looking at the crystal. Standing on a pedestal guarded by the elite guards of the Queen.
    Restoring Magincia would be great.... but at what price? Maybe i worry too much!​


    I headed to the bank to see what gifts the Queen wanted to give us for a celebration.
    A big pink statue was at the bank.
    When touched a magical staff appeared in our hands.
    The staff had the power to show some beautiful fireworks.​


    I took a few staffs for my friends and then headed home for some sleep.​


    It was a long day again.I hope i can find some sleep. In my mind i keep seeing that crystal.And i am worried! ​

    New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.​

  2. Nightowl DF

    Nightowl DF Guest

    A GREAT Story...:thumbup1:...I´m so excited...continuation soon ??