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[EM Event] Meeting With The Candidates - Special Report (large)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Kayne, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    Being in town this evening I decided to drop by at the meeting being held in the companion hall in Britain. There seemed to be some trepidation and anxiety in the air around the hall.

    As I arrived Colonel Clegg announced there was to be a question & answer session with the 3 candidates present at the meeting. He called Heimlich, Aron Swordmaster and Escaflowne up to the stage area.

    Colonel Clegg: Raise your hands please, if you have a question for the candidates. Yes Tigurius?

    Tigurius: As Lord Protector, if elected, what will you do to combat the GIANT sodding turkeys outside my home? and many others?

    Escaflowne: slaughter them humanely and put a turkey on everyones dinner table. Even the poor people across the lands so everyone gains a good mean from it

    Tigurius: what about the poor orcs?

    Aron Swordmaster: i believe they will be long gone before any are elected; however were i to be lord protector it would fall under the remit for my community events

    at this point alaster arrived late to join the question session

    Escaflowne: why would we give orcs food?

    tigurius: they may be hungry?

    Escaflowne: as it stands we are hostile with orcs. until our terms with them are friendlier, we wouldnt give them any turkey. Im sure they are capable of killing their own and eating it

    It wasn't made clear if the "we" that Escaflowne is referring to was Vesper the military organisation he belongs to, or britannia as a whole.

    In my surveying of the room as I often do I noticed the look of disappointment that briefly crossed Tigurius' face before he schooled his expression back to a blank one.

    Aron: the orks should cep their mouf shut until then?

    Esca: they are a strong race

    aron: no turkee for orcs?

    Nathan: to echo escaflownes comments. I believe we should slaughter them and feed the poor. Turkeys that is.

    (continued in the spoiler)
    Phineas then asked "what if it is discovered it was our actions that caused this mutation?"

    Clegg: Would any of you like to answer that?

    Esca: then prevention measures will be taken to ensure it doesnt happen again

    Aron: I cannot agree with Nathan, not every turkey will be a nuisance, nor ever pauper proud enough to demand turkey. We should be guided by the community itself

    Esca: until mages of the greatest calibre have studying the cause and mutation fully then perhaps if it is safe, it can be used in controlled environments. Bigger turkeys feed more people than normal sized ones so it could become a benefit

    Nathan: agreed esca

    Alaster: what do they eat to feed that much?

    Nathan: pants probably

    Alaster: I could supply them!

    Aron: then why has alaster not become a turkey too?

    At this point Nathan hit his face with his palm

    Alaster: I have no feathers

    Once again surveying the room your intrepid reporter saw something gruesome when he spotted Alaster the Mad picking his nose

    Clegg: Any questions from the audience

    Michael: why do we need a lord protector and why should we vote for any of them to be it?

    Clegg: I think all the candidates will want to answer that, we'll go down the line. Starting with Nathan

    Esca: swear we've answered that question about three times in the past now

    Clegg promptly slapped esca on the head and told him to shush

    Nathan: to answer your question briefly

    We all know that Nathan doesn't know the meaning of the word

    since the death of Lady Dawn the lands have been more disjointed than ever. the lands need a strong military leader who is answerable to the people who elected them.

    Imagine my surprise, he was actually brief

    clegg: Heimlich

    Heimlich: well i would answer the same as nathan...mostly. the land does need a strong military leader but also a diplomat too.

    Phineas piped up again here to demand that heimlich give voters something and not just go with what Nathan had said.

    Heimlich: well there is currently no strong guiding hand, the work is being done by town protectors and guardsmen but the land needs someone to pull it all together to help coordinate defences against any threats the kingdom might face between different peoples and different cities since its no good every city having their own idea about what to do.It will just mean they are pulling in different directions, so someone has to take the reigns as it were.

    Clegg: The question moves to alaster

    Alaster: well, as i said during my speech. Ive lived a lot of invasions on those lands and ive noticed awesome people doing things. May i remember you SRC (sosarian red cross) doing all the rez(ressurection) and heal stuff. Other good willing persons helping for the great good it's not a fact of leading. Its a fact of accumulating "i can do this" to make a big "lets do that"
    all alone, each of us, we can kill mongbats, ok. But who could have mericles on his own, if is dead. No one!
    Thats the gather of willing people to help,

    Clegg cut in: "thats right!"

    Alaster: which will make us strong, no just me.

    WoitaB shouted "together!" at this point.

    Aragorn: unity is strength

    Around the room there were members of the crowd nodding agreement. but whether this was to aragorn or to alaster remains to be seen.

    Alaster: indeed and it always been.

    Clegg: esca your turn now

    Esca: i'll keep it short and sweet then

    A lord protector is needed to unite the nations military forces to deal with threats both external and domestic.
    If vast armies of evil were to plague the realm once more we would stand stronger together than apart and also if internally we have civil wars then we would be left in a vulnerable position.
    So a lord protector would be put in place to keep the peace between all of us too and i believe you should vote for me because i have military and political experience.
    I bring something different to the table such as the teachings of Lord Blackthron and the principle of Chaos. Plus I wear a bear mask.

    ha! he calls that short and sweet? *sighs* damn politicians and their spin

    Clegg: last but not least Aron

    A cheer is heard from Alaster the Mad

    Aron: Thank you Clegg. To answer your question in a somewhat different way
    You ask why you need a lord protector; rather, we as candidates should say, what can we do for you?
    You see, the role begins today, but many more will follow us no doubt. What we should offer is not a role to be filled but a response to the role you need.
    Were i to be elected, it is my intention to work day and night to set up mechanisms and opportunities that will benefit all of us in the future. To forge lines of communication, encourage events that are than just talking *cough* but of benefit to each of us.
    Individually: if you say "Lord Protector, I need this" they listen. Or as a city, a people, whatever "lord protector what shall we do?"
    Others speak of their swords and their arms, i speak of my ears
    You define the role. It is, after all, your kingdom and you shall have my ear for what you need. That I think is all I wish to say.

    a rousing speech indeed, one direct from the mouth of a fine politician - but is it all spin? You the voters need to decide

    At this point Nathan had to attend to his duty somewhere.

    Michael commented: Alaster has the best answer for me. I vote him

    Alaster: Nathan flees, as usual!

    Clegg called for any more questions just as a commoner ran into the companion hall puffing and panting

    Commoner: Mr Barret, Mr Barret!
    Scuse me for interrupting?

    Clegg: Fynn isnt here young lad. Whats the matter?

    Alaster: How can we help you?

    Commoner: Aye Mr Barret Clegg Hawke Sir! Reportin some problems sir. We needs help

    Clegg: Problems, what kind of problems

    Commoner: Where to start. First up theres some sort of attack going on at Reg Valom. and and dragons be sighted, a big flotilla of them

    At this point Alaster called for those gathered to grab their dragon slayers

    commoner: coming in from the sea. and you wont believe this

    Clegg: there is more?

    commoner: Savages! Gathering at their village with talks of an attack, in trammel. Savages moving out from their village in trammel sir!

    Clegg: An attack at Reg Valom, Dragons at Minoc and Savages!!
    Commoner: I need to find Mr Hawke

    Alaster: Where did you say?

    Clegg: Nathan left, but maybe we can still help you

    Commoner: Minoc dragons, Reg valom attack

    alaster: we go there

    Esca: i guess we have to decide, where to go

    commoner: and savages in trammel at their base

    Aron: Is that 3 attacks? by blessed chance we have 3 brave warriors here today

    it seems aron had forgotten that 4 of the candidates were in attendance

    Esca: to show our leadership skills

    commoner: I must run and warn folk

    At this point I received an urgent message from some family members close to the britain border and had to leave. Good luck and safe travels to all those affected in these areas. May the light illumine you all.

    Before I left I did note that while the candidates bickered about which location to check Aron took some charge and suggested they scout all the areas to better decide where the main bulk of the gathered forces would be needed.

    Escaflowne was interested only in Minoc what with it being in his own backyard.The other candidates seeemed not to take much charge.

    However without knowing what happened out on the battlefield, things may have been very different.
  2. MazJ

    MazJ Guest

    Hehe, I actually enjoyed reading that, it's a shame I could not be at the meeting, seems alaster has a good head for leadership

    *shakes head in Heimlichs direction*
  3. Adol

    Adol Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Aug 28, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Quite the opposite, I was trying to be fair; the original plan was for 3 candidates to have their event today, but I wasn't one of them. Emile emailed me before hand and we agreed I'd be on the Thursday tests instead. What actually happened was he didn't get enough players at first, and not every candidate was here today as expected, so we all were taken up for questions again.

    When it seemed he had enough for the event, he triggered 3 spawn points, and assuming it was back to the original plan, I was trying, in roleplay form, to hand it back to those who were due to be tested instead.

    It didn't work out that way though, and chaos did indeed reign, hence I tried to at least organise some sort of control. Here is the text log from the event, deliberately including some Alliance chat in italics as Heimlich, Alaster and I all share that channel on top of the normal ones; Escaflowne isn't in any of the discussion after we leave the Councillors Hall because he moved to General chat, whilst the rest were in Event. I gather he recruited many from that channel to come too.

    [Radrik the Ranger]: First up theres some sort of attack going on at Reg Volom!
    [Marie Yevoupas]: and give us your clothes !
    [Radrik the Ranger]: And and
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [WoitaB]: *listens carefuly*
    [Radrik the Ranger]: Dragons be sighted
    [Radrik the Ranger]: a big flotilla of them
    [Freedom Finder]: :))
    [WoitaB]: mmhhhh hehehe
    [Alaster The Mad]: load your dragon slayers everyone
    [Radrik the Ranger]: comin in from the sea
    [Heimlich]: dragons...on ships?!?!?
    [Alaster The Mad]: we be in hell tonight
    [Alaster The Mad]: !!
    [WoitaB]: Yeah!!
    [Radrik the Ranger]: north of Minoc sir!
    [Radrik the Ranger]: and and
    [Escaflowne]: Not West Vesper!
    [ARAGORN]: cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war
    [Radrik the Ranger]: yer wont believe this
    [Colonel Clegg]: There is more?
    [Alaster The Mad]: it's vesper, after all.
    [Radrik the Ranger]: Savages!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Radrik, your message is disturbing... but potentially provident!
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [Radrik the Ranger]: Savages gatherin at their village with talks of an attack!
    [Carreau]: this sausage ?
    [Radrik the Ranger]: In trammel
    [Alaster The Mad]: saucages gathering ?
    [Radrik the Ranger]: Savages moving out from their village in trammel sir!
    [Marie Yevoupas]: naked savages?
    [WoitaB]: heheh
    [Colonel Clegg]: An attack at Reg Volom, Dragons at Minoc and Savages!!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *rummages under robes for a sausage*
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [Colonel Clegg]: All at once??
    [ARAGORN]: maybe naked sausages
    [Alaster The Mad]: LETS CHAAAATRGE
    [luke]: WALLS
    [Radrik the Ranger]: I need find Mr hawke!
    [Carreau]: Damn! A sausage attack!
    [Radrik the Ranger]: *blinks*
    [Trent Edwards]: Woo!
    [Alaster The Mad]: where did you say ?
    [Colonel Clegg]: Nathan Hawke left
    [Colonel Clegg]: But maybe we can still help you
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I count 3 attacks? Looks like Alaster, heim and esca defending?
    [Radrik the Ranger]: Minoc dragons
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [Radrik the Ranger]: reg Volom attack
    [Alaster The Mad]: we go there !
    [ARAGORN]: lets take it to th
    [Escaflowne]: I guess we have to decide
    [ARAGORN]: enemy
    [Escaflowne]: Where to go
    [luke]: and what about u?
    [Radrik the Ranger]: And savages in trammel at their base!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Is that 3 attacks? By blessed chance we have 3 brave warriors here today
    [Escaflowne]: To show our leadership skills
    [Alaster The Mad]: oh well, from everywhere
    [Radrik the Ranger]: I must run and warn folk!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I was scheduled for Thursday
    [Alaster The Mad]: mmmh
    [Alaster The Mad]: lets resume
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [Colonel Clegg]: It sounds to me like an excellent opportunity to show your leadship skills
    [Marie Yevoupas]: we must go in arms!
    [Escaflowne]: I propose we defend Minoc
    [Escaflowne]: We must protect our own first
    [Colonel Clegg]: So... I will leave this one up to you
    [Escaflowne]: And Minoc is a vital resource point for our whole lands
    [Carreau]: AHAHA what a luck, 3 attacks :D
    [thor]: really ?
    [Alaster The Mad]: omfg
    [Colonel Clegg]: There aer Dragon in Minoc
    [Escaflowne]: If we loose Minoc we lose Mount Kendall
    [Colonel Clegg]: An attack at Reg Volom
    [Escaflowne]: The lands main source of metal
    [Colonel Clegg]: And Savages are ammasning at their camp!
    [Devante Stirling]: *rolls eyes*
    [Escaflowne]: The gargoyals are our allies, we must protect our own first
    [Heimlich]: i'm thursday too
    [Alaster The Mad]: well
    [Escaflowne]: The savages have not left yet
    [Forbrak]: Quite right
    [WoitaB]: we must split
    [Escaflowne]: So there is still time for them
    [Escaflowne]: The Dragons are already on their way
    [ARAGORN]: quite right woitab
    [Carreau]: yeah, we should
    [Escaflowne]: Thus they are the most urgent to be dealt with
    [Alaster The Mad]: ok ok okok
    [Escaflowne]: Vote Escaflowne!
    [Colonel Clegg]: Everybody listen up! I want you to follow the candidates in this one
    [Escaflowne]: *Smirks*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Look at their actions closely
    [WoitaB]: i'm up with you alaster
    [Moira]: *listens*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: May I make a suggestion?
    [Colonel Clegg]: I will take my leave now. I will meet back with you later
    [Alaster The Mad]: ok 1 min
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Wait gentleman!
    [Alaster The Mad]: someone repeat me where there's mess
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And brave ladies too of course
    [Escaflowne]: You know my suggestion
    [Alaster The Mad]: i went to a tavern before and well
    [Aron Swordmaster]: We should not decide yet; let us scout. Who can get to Reg Volom?
    [Kayne]: lol all talk at the same time that will help
    [Alaster The Mad]: i take the minoc team !
    [Escaflowne]: Reg Volom is not the most urgent!
    [Alaster The Mad]: lets split as saifd
    [Escaflowne]: We must protect our own before we go to the aid of allies
    [Escaflowne]: We should defend Minoc
    [Aron Swordmaster]: We do not know this Esca dear comrade. We should not rush in blind
    [Heimlich]: aye minoc
    [Escaflowne]: The dragons are already on their way
    [Aron Swordmaster]: By all means take your forces there; but we need eyes in all places
    [Alaster The Mad]: i say.
    [Monster]: *cry*
    [Freedom Finder]: SAVE MINOC
    [Devante Stirling]: Lets spend all night debating it !
    [Escaflowne]: Say your words then
    [Escaflowne]: But be quick
    [luke]: we off fighting or u two gunna arm wrestle?
    [Anira Cuilwen]: *in sweet words* Every moment you hesitate another citizen will die
    [Escaflowne]: Time is of the essence
    [Alaster The Mad]: Minoc
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I suggest those who wish to follow Esca go now, but can anyone get to the other spots?
    [Escaflowne]: TO MINOC
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Use Event chat to communicate
    [Freedom Finder]: :)
    [Alaster The Mad]: my rune is blocked
    [Escaflowne]: OUTSIDE FOR MINOC
    [Phineas]: Dragons are moving as the crow flys and with speed they should be our first concern
    [luke]: so whos taking other spots?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: All communicate here please (Said in event chat)
    [Tetsuo]: *waves*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Luke would you like too?
    [thor]: which places need to be scouted ?
    [luke]: im not a candidate!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Those who remain, we have the savage camp and reg volom
    [luke]: its up to u guys to lead!
    [Monster]: Ill get reg Vollom
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Thank ye Monster
    [Largo]: crimson dragons
    [Heimlich]: i'll go and scout reg volom
    [Largo]: north minoc
    [Heimlich]: whos with me
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I'll go to the Savage camp and report then. Those who remain, consider Minoc
    [Leodegan]: Reg volom is central ilsh?
    [Heimlich]: aye
    [Largo]: more than one
    [Aron Swordmaster]: If we apply overwhelming force in one spot, it will clear quicker at least
    [Leodegan]: *nods*
    [Leodegan]: Im up for a run
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I'll check savages
    [luke]: no way can wew split this up?
    [thor]: il go with you
    [Moira]: ill follow you
    [Heimlich]: if anyone would like to help at reg volom please meet at britain moongate
    [luke]: can split this many into two groups?
    [Heimlich]: any who wish to scout ilshenar with me
    [11/11/22][20:48:20] [luke]: cant
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Escaflowne, the majority is choosing to come to you. Please feed information into this channel
    [Heimlich]: please meet at britain moongate
    [Leodegan]: *nods*
    [Merlin]: whats happening?
    [Blueberry]: ik´ll go get my doggie, coming to brit moongate then
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Remember, Event Chat and feed information back at least
    [Aron Swordmaster]: We may be split, but we will not be blind!
    [luke]: heimi log vent
    [thor]: savage camp is where ?
    [Heimlich]: i'm going to ilsh
    [Heimlich]: duno
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I assume he means the ones in Ilshenar, but there are also ones south of Destard
    [Heimlich]: my meeting place is britain moongate
    [Heimlich]: get on event chat channel
    [Heimlich]: britain moongate if you want to help scout ilshenar
    [thor]: running around destard then
    [Largo]: twon south
    [Heimlich]: gate at hall
    [Heimlich]: for brit
    [Aron Swordmaster]: North camp by Castle Blackthorn seems as naked and savage as normal... nothing unusual
    [Alaster The Mad]: get dragon slayer for minoc !
    [Monster]: couldnt see anything at Reg
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Monster reports nothing unusual at Reg
    [thor]: savages at south destard normal too
    [Alaster The Mad]: update on other places ?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: South camp Ilsh/Castle Black normal too
    [Aron Swordmaster]: All seems quiet at Ilsh and Reg Volom alaster
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I suggest all aid Minoc for now?
    [thor]: south destard too
    [Alaster The Mad]: come minoc and loose your pants for kingdom
    [thor]: ai to minoc
    [Moira]: argh, big dragon at minoc
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Remember it's Crimson Dragons, so hold onto your pants in the EC, crashes ahoy!
    [luke]: theres nothing here?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Is anyone in touch with Escaflowne? We should co-ordinate with him
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Nothing at camps or reg volom it seems no
    [Aron Swordmaster]: at least not outside ordinary spawn
    [Krorg]: tarkiz agh bogzuz

    (The Orks were talking with people at Minoc bank as I arrived)

    [Hex]: =0
    [Harbag]: *jumpos back*
    [Hex]: =)
    [Harbag]: Hoo deh wun!
    [Krorg]: Hooowah
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Greetings all, where is the trouble?
    [Hex]: north i heard
    [Aron Swordmaster]: thank ye
    [Anira Cuilwen]: I wonder as well
    [Krorg]: uz kan eed id?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Trouble is said to be north minoc
    [Hex]: near stable
    [Heimlich]: gargoyle city isn't reg volom
    [Monster]: are you sure?
    [luke]: so where the hell is it and where are u?!
    [Heimlich]: yea i just looked it up
    [Aron Swordmaster]: reg volom is island with eternals
    [Alaster The Mad]: Awesome ! lets go !!!
    [Heimlich]: reg volom scouts: come to the spirituality gate in ilshenar
    [Crowley]: through spider cave?
    [Heimlich]: yes
    [thor]: anything happening heimlich ?
    [Heimlich]: we haven't arrived yet
    [Alaster The Mad]: someone took care of outside minoc .??
    [Alaster The Mad]: it wasnt a joke
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: lost my pants!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: still crimson at stables minoc
    [thor]: only know the one in the city >_>
    [Trent Edwards]: thanks! (I'd just rezzed Trent)
    [thor]: stupid city protection >_>
    [Blueberry]: i´m at spirituality. Only tetsuo here.
    [Heimlich]: go east to mountain then go north
    [Alaster The Mad]: charge on those dragons, use energy it seems to kick their asses
    [Heimlich]: johnny come east round water
    [Monster]: omw
    [Crowley]: oh joy, forgot eternals are blue mobs

    [11/11/22][21:03:31] Reconnecting.
    [11/11/22][21:03:32] You have joined the 'General' channel.
    [11/11/22][21:03:33] This account is 48 months old

    Yes! Memory leak in the Enhanced client at this point, and I had to do a hard reset just to even get back into the game, grrrr....

    [Escaflowne]: West Folks!
    [Escaflowne]: To the fight
    You have left the 'General' channel.
    You have joined the 'Event' channel.

    [Alaster The Mad]: necros in here ?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Fight location now?
    [Heimlich]: breing the paragon out
    [Alaster The Mad]: minoc !!!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: (they really need to fix that explosion bug)
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Ressurecting here!

    (at this point I hang back to stay out of visual range of many of the explosions to avoid crashing, and start advertising a healing station)

    [Alaster The Mad]: someone tested corpse skin on them ?
    [ARAGORN]: Take that ******* down!
    [Heimlich]: go back to counselors hall
    [Aron Swordmaster]: It's not, dragons still out
    [Alaster The Mad]: well, i need a pee goddamnit
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Just north of miner guild minoc
    [Heimlich]: talking about ours
    [Crowley]: note to self: from now on a different toons for such missions
    [Aron Swordmaster]: What is happening at yours?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Heimlich is reporting he has beaten his event, but I didn't hear what it was
    [Escaflowne]: BRING THE BEAST DOWN!!!
    [Alaster The Mad]: CHAµAAAAAAAAAARGE
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Correction, he's not done... waiting for further info
    [thor]: im gonna check savages again >_< south destard :p
    [thor]: useless in a town >_>
    [Sabrianne]: merci ;)
    [Alaster The Mad]: whats the update on the 2 points named before when the farmer came to say "omfg there's mess"
    You have lost some Compassion.
    [Hex]: thank =)
    [Alaster The Mad]: vor rolpants and so, how are they
    [Aron Swordmaster]: crimsons down by miners guild
    [Alaster The Mad]: we won a battle but not a war !! it seems
    [Alaster The Mad]: awesome presence of all the GDs
    [thor]: still nothing in destard
    [Heimlich]: demons at reg volom seem to have been beaten back
    [Largo]: crimson beaten?
    [Alaster The Mad]: we did real well omg we check town
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Has anyone located the savages yet?
    [Largo]: minoc under control it seems
    [thor]: south destard is a camp :p just wandering about in there swamp
    [ARAGORN]: any more in minoc?
    [Heimlich]: just recall back to britain everyone
    [Alaster The Mad]: minoc seems good, but not sure
    [Heimlich]: its done
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Heimlich is suggesting returning to Britain, Reg Volom seems clear
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Nothing in south minoc, has anyone checked the mining camp?
    [Largo]: does anyone know which savage camp is effected?
    [thor]: well dont know about the savages then :S there are savages in south destard dont know if its the normal amount yes / no >_>
    [Freedom Finder]: that whos fun
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Escaflowne... (I have found Escaflowne standing still in Minoc)
    [Aron Swordmaster]: We need ye and your men in Event chat.
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Heimlich reports Reg Volom clear
    [Largo]: reminded me of the past (the "6" and also moonglow invasion)
    [ARAGORN]: brothers in arms :)
    [Sabrianne]: *steals undie*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Attention please!
    [Alaster The Mad]: yeah it seems so !
    [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [11/11/22][21:15:00] [Aron Swordmaster]: Does anyone have any information on the Savages?
    [luke]: if u get voted heimi u gotta make me ur adviser cos u suck!
    [Alaster The Mad]: yeah savages
    [thor]: riders and stuff are normal at south destard ?
    [Colonel Clegg]: Alaster and Heimlich
    [Colonel Clegg]: You made it back
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Minoc appears to be clear, Heimlich tells me Reg Volom is defended
    [Tetsuo]: yes they are
    [Largo]: you mean inside???
    [Alaster The Mad]: yeah as usual
    [Escaflowne]: Minoc is secured
    [thor]: no south destard near a camp
    [Colonel Clegg]: Good good!
    [Blueberry]: you defo need to work on geograohy skill, so you know which city is which
    [Escaflowne]: Told the remaining folks to gather back here
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Thor, return to councillors
    [luke]: lol
    [Colonel Clegg]: I'd hate to loose a candidate now....
    [Heimlich]: me :eek:
    [Heimlich]: i didn't say it was garg city
    [Heimlich]: was someone else

    [Alaster The Mad]: well, i lost a sock in battle
    [11/11/22][21:16:09] [Alaster The Mad]: and i suspect aron
    [Aron Swordmaster]: It wasnt Heim no
    [Alaster The Mad]: but i'll tell no more
    [Escaflowne]: *Smirks*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Alright, everybody made it back
    [Escaflowne]: What news of the Gargoyal city then?
    [Escaflowne]: And the savages?
    [Heimlich]: gargoyle city
    [Heimlich]: *pff*

    [Alaster The Mad]: yeah savages omg
    [Escaflowne]: Did yer get any reports back from yer scouts Aron?
    [Colonel Clegg]: Candidates, your reports please
    [Heimlich]: that was bad information
    [Aron Swordmaster]: It's not the Gargoyle city, Reg Volom is the island of the eternal
    [Colonel Clegg]: Heimlich first
    [Largo]: yes, it is eternal island
    [Escaflowne]: Oh
    [Escaflowne]: I was thinking of Ter na nog
    [Escaflowne]: Or whatever that place is
    [Heimlich]: well first we mistakenly went to the gargoyle city in ilshenar
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I am afraid Esca thou have missed much of the communication, we have been trying to get ye on global Event for some time
    [Heimlich]: and didn't find anything, naturally
    [Alaster The Mad]: no no wait
    [Escaflowne]: Im on global general
    [Escaflowne]: my mistake
    [Escaflowne]: I was busy communicating on the battlefield at Minoc anyway
    [Heimlich]: so we checked our charts and discovered we were at the wrong location
    [Alaster The Mad]: it was awesome
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Ye defended Minoc exceptionally well, your men did you proud
    [luke]: trent?
    [Alaster The Mad]: omg
    [Heimlich]: and headed to the proper location
    [luke]: they changed rules for rp??
    [Colonel Clegg]: Quite please guys, one at a time
    [Alaster The Mad]: we need to improvise
    [Alaster The Mad]: each time !
    [Alaster The Mad]: we never know what will strike us
    [Heimlich]: there we found a group of daemons inside the building
    [luke]: aye
    [Trent Edwards]: Not really
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *waits for Clegg and his Stick of Order to point*
    [Alaster The Mad]: and god's spirit is torn enough to send us crimson dragons
    [Theocrat]: Those dragons had no pants
    [Alaster The Mad]: i noticed too !
    [Heimlich]: but fortunately we had the ethereal warriors to help us defend
    [ARAGORN]: had no skin either once we were done
    [Colonel Clegg]: Alaster, wait for Heimlich to finish please
    [luke]: lol
    [Alaster The Mad]: * silences himself*
    [Moira]: x
    [Heimlich]: we beat back two waves of daemons
    [Heimlich]: they seemed to be led by a paragon balron
    [Padme Amidala]: tought it was about leadership not fighting?
    [Heimlich]: but i can report the isle is now secure
    [Alaster The Mad]: the two can be mixed easily
    [Colonel Clegg]: Excellent work Heimlich
    [Colonel Clegg]: Ok, Escaflowne. Your report please
    [Escaflowne]: West Ves....i mean Minoc
    [Escaflowne]: Is now secured
    [Largo]: :grins
    [Escaflowne]: The initial report was correct
    [Escaflowne]: The dragons came from the north over the sea
    [Escaflowne]: So we gathered at the stables north of Minoc
    [Escaflowne]: In which we encountered the first wave
    [Escaflowne]: Twas crimson dragons along with powerful drakes
    [Escaflowne]: Mages were ordered to give mage support to the warriors and pets
    [Harbag]: *S******z*
    [Krorg]: *presses ear to wall*
    [Escaflowne]: Which went down well
    [Escaflowne]: The dragons tried to outflank us to the north west
    [Escaflowne]: But we sent another group of our men to counter attack
    [Escaflowne]: Eventually the other leaders turnt up
    [Escaflowne]: With their troops
    [Escaflowne]: To finish the battle
    [Escaflowne]: Myself and a select few others stayed behind the scout around when everyone came back here
    [Escaflowne]: All the dragons are now gone
    [Krorg]: Wad dem blahin abowd?
    [Escaflowne]: There was no stragglers that slipped out net
    [Escaflowne]: our*
    [Harbag]: Lat juzd lilwun, nub fur lat tu gruk
    [Colonel Clegg]: Very good *Nods*
    [Escaflowne]: A bit of damage to surrounding buildings
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *whispers* The Severed Heads appear to be outside, listening in
    [Escaflowne]: From the firebreath
    [Escaflowne]: But nothing a bit of patching up wont fix
    [ARAGORN]: duct tape
    [Escaflowne]: Thats all i have to report
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Nods* Excellent work
    [Harbag]: *Holds ear to wall even closer*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Alaster, whta do you have to report?
    [Heimlich]: so nobody checked out savages then
    [Alaster The Mad]: well, first, i'd say, it was awesome
    [luke]: alistar
    [Heimlich]: or just the wrong savages
    [Alaster The Mad]: so much undies for stealing, i was in heaven
    [Sabrianne]: yeah
    [Alaster The Mad]: then battle occured
    [Sabrianne]: *nods*
    [Krorg]: *picks nose*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: We couldn't find them. I checked Ilshenar near Blackthorne, Thor did the ones near destard... it looked just like normal spawn
    [Alaster The Mad]: my dear pwals went here to help, and well, most of all , everyone fight with their guts and so
    [Aron Swordmaster]: No one reported in anything else
    [Alaster The Mad]: but
    [luke]: Des Sanct
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'd say
    [luke]: oh thought hed checked em
    [Alaster The Mad]: we still need more synchronisation
    [Alaster The Mad]: if something bad attack our kingdom several points at once
    [Alaster The Mad]: we still screwed
    [Carmen Parlakeuh]: and more undies
    [Phineas]: So your saying you went to a panty raid and dragons broke out?
    [Alaster The Mad]: and yeah also omg
    [ARAGORN]: lol
    [Alaster The Mad]: yeah !
    [Heimlich]: heh
    [Alaster The Mad]: dragons stole my pants ! but well
    [Sabrianne]: 'was fun!
    [Alaster The Mad]: at the end
    [Alaster The Mad]: we won
    [Ember]: lol
    [Carmen Parlakeuh]: the smell disrupts them
    [Alaster The Mad]: but !
    [Alaster The Mad]: but !
    [Alaster The Mad]: we still need more synchro, i asked for necros, and no answer
    [Alaster The Mad]: but well
    [Alaster The Mad]: people of sosaria came over that threat so
    [Alaster The Mad]: i'll all happy and going to steal more undies.
    [Carmen Parlakeuh]: we now craft dragon slyer undies
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Nods somewhat doubtfull*
    [Sabrianne]: roxx!
    [Harbag]: *Whispers* Stub muubin lilwun
    [Alaster The Mad]: *steals hat*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Alright, Aron what do you ahve to report?
    [Alaster The Mad]: and you too !
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Thank you Clegg.
    [Krorg]: dabou bozz
    [Alaster The Mad]: * hears some orc talking*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: My report will be a little critical, but made with the greatest of respect for all and in the hopes of improvement
    [Harbag]: *Nudges lilwun in ribs*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I can confirm Escaflowne and the troops from Vesper fought hard
    [Krorg]: dem tarkiz hab meni blahins bozz
    [luke]: WHAT ABOUT US?!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Bear with me Luke!
    [Heimlich]: what about you? you were with me
    [Paps Chuck]: touchy guy that
    [Alaster The Mad]: you mean bear hat ?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: But communication was not their strong point; I believe the Savages may have escaped us today
    [luke]: YES WE FOUGHT HARD!
    [Alaster The Mad]: * claps for this*
    [11/11/22][21:28:41] [Colonel Clegg]: I think they might have. I didn't hear any of you mention the savages
    [Aron Swordmaster]: As they raced off, we sent out scouts to locate the other troublesome spots; Heimlich did stirling work locating the daemons in Reg Volom
    [luke]: there are lots of camps to cover tbh
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I commend him for leading us to victory there
    [Alaster The Mad]: heimi is awesome i must tell
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Myself and Thor scouted the savage camps but were unable to locate anything unusual
    [Heimlich]: *vote heimi*
    [Krorg]: *picks toes*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * steals heimi's hat*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: As a result attention focused on Minoc
    [Paps Chuck]: nice you were scouting while we were fighting
    [Alaster The Mad]: we needed to make fast
    [Escaflowne]: Aye those bloody dragons
    [Escaflowne]: Tough ones
    [11/11/22][21:30:18] [Alaster The Mad]: *steals socks*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I returned there to aid the healing, and saw a parlay with the orcs outside
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: Please excuse me, well fought everyone
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I do not know what was discussed, but they listen in peacefully, so for now I welcome their ears against our walls!
    [Rimeny De Blaze]: Vote Esca!
    [Harbag]: Ledz gu lilwun
    [Krorg]: bozz wad dem blahin abowd?
    [Aron Swordmaster]: During the fight in Minoc, I returned to healing the wounded, and talking in our global network to try and locate more information
    [Krorg]: mi hungri
    [Moira]: x
    [Harbag]: Yub me hab sum gruk...bnubhosh!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Here I heard of Heimlich's victory, but of Vesper we heard naught
    [Alaster The Mad]: and vesper people fought like no one
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I hope in the future we will be able to integrate their brave contingent more fully
    [Escaflowne]: Thats because
    [Escaflowne]: We were communicating in different channels
    [Escaflowne]: To you
    [Escaflowne]: In which there was a fair number of people in
    [Escaflowne]: I couldnt leave them in a channel
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Indeed. An error we should correct later, and the savages next time may not escape us
    [Escaflowne]: To not hear any communication at all
    [Escaflowne]: So i stayed within the general channels of communication
    [Escaflowne]: And lead the folks in there
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Nods at Aron*
    [Alaster The Mad]: * approves*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: Or Guild, if ye have that channel
    [Padme Amidala]: or party?
    [Colonel Clegg]: Alright, so the summarize
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I believe if we could have directed your fine cohort towards the savages after, our realm would sleep quieter still tonight
    [Heimlich]: did somebody say party? *shakes buns*
    [Colonel Clegg]: The Dragons in Minoc and Deamons in Reg Volom have been defeated
    [Escaflowne]: Yer just not understanding me Aron
    [Escaflowne]: I cant use both General and Event
    [Escaflowne]: At the same time
    [Colonel Clegg]: But the Savages haven't been found yet
    [Alaster The Mad]: *steals undies*
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *eats your buns*
    [Heimlich]: :O
    [Escaflowne]: So i stayed in General, to lead the good number of folks left in there
    [Aron Swordmaster]: oops :p
    [Colonel Clegg]: From your reports I gather most of your are content with the way the battle was fought
    [Alaster The Mad]: it depends
    [Heimlich]: first my pants are stolen now their contents aren't safe either
    [Aron Swordmaster]: *whispers* Ahh now I understand. Then perhaps next time we need a unified Party for further communication
    [Colonel Clegg]: But there is some room for imporvement, especially regarding comminucations
    [Escaflowne]: *Nods*
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Nods* Very well
    [Alaster The Mad]: it depends, sometimes, we can count on sosarian unification
    [Alaster The Mad]: well, i thought so, and today didnt disapointed me
    [Escaflowne]: Well obviously
    [Escaflowne]: There was going to be problems
    [Escaflowne]: You've asked four people at once to lead
    [Escaflowne]: All four trying to shine and talk over each other
    [Colonel Clegg]: Before we go, maybe you'd like to say a word of thanks to the brave warriors who fought with
    [Colonel Clegg]: you today
    [Largo]: People need to know whom to follow, that is why we cannot have four leaders, just one.
    [Alaster The Mad]: yeah esca is right
    [Escaflowne]: There was going to be minor problems from the start
    [Escaflowne]: In the future when there is just one Lord Protector
    [ARAGORN]: aye
    [Heimlich]: thankyou brave warriors!
    [Aron Swordmaster]: They do not need our thanks, their own achievements speak more than we ever could for them
    [Escaflowne]: It will be easier to organise
    [Alaster The Mad]: i think
    [Alaster The Mad]: today will not show anything
    [Alaster The Mad]: more than
    [Blueberry]: *smiles*
    [Alaster The Mad]: we all are ok to love sosaria and fight for it
    [Sabrianne]: i think we should keep 4 generals...
    [Colonel Clegg]: *Nods*
    [Alaster The Mad]: it seems we all gathered, us, the four here, a force which struck some stuff
    [Alaster The Mad]: 'ill need more undies to be sure.
    [Colonel Clegg]: Alright, and with that we shall conclude the evening
    [Aron Swordmaster]: And remember, the realm will be threatened again on Thursday
    [Heimlich]: *gulp*
    [Colonel Clegg]: Yes, thank you Aron
    [Colonel Clegg]: Thursday we'll have another meeting with the candidates
    [Alaster The Mad]: seems a mongbat attack is coming
    [Largo]: great to always know in advance when the realm will be threatened :)
    [ARAGORN]: lol
    [Colonel Clegg]: Where they get to show their leadership skills
    [Escaflowne]: Many thanks to everyone who fought
    [Aron Swordmaster]: I saw an opportunity to bulk-buy threats
    [Colonel Clegg]: That is all for tonight
    [Sabrianne]: was a pleasure to risk our naked lives
    [Aron Swordmaster]: They were going cheap, and they promised to deliver by then
    [Colonel Clegg]: Thank you for coming
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    And I must confess to a rather obscure joke too in that debate; it might have sounded like I was being dumb about turkees, but I was being really politically nerdish, sorry :p And the original joke meme was complicated to begin with!

    Miniver Cheevy: Turkee

    Basically, in 2003 a school disciplined and made a child fill out a form apologising for saying his mother was gay; at the same time, Bush got caught at a staged photo op with a plastic turkey, pretending he was giving it to the troops to eat in Iraq. On the political blogs at the time a joke rose that the press wouldn't be allowed to go back to Iraq, and had to fill out a similar form themselves;


    The childish language matched the orkish style, and the commentary was about Turkee, so I ended up making meta-meta political jokes too! Sorreeee :p