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[EM Event] Murder Mystery: A Farriot is caught! ... June 16th Edition

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Tara had been released. Everyone agreed that she could not have been the one to murder Farley. What had surprised me most was how concerned Xarra had been. Why was Xarra visiting Tara to convince her that she had been innocent? Once again things had not added up. We all agreed that we should try to get more information from all the other suspects.

    After speaking to most of them we finally got some new information. Xarra was not her usual shoppy self. When we approached she got all teary.

    “What did you see?” demanded PhYcHo

    “Please do not do this. I cannot say. He will kill me.”


    “Who will kill you?” questioned Ansatsu

    “I do not know. He was a big strong man. I never saw his face. It was covered with a mempo.”

    Harold’s story seemed to concur.” Xarra and I were at the track. I wanted to tell her about Farley going to Tokuno to set up a burger place. Farley made a circle around the track when we heard a commotion. Then he was off his horse. We started toward the two riders when we saw a pitchfork. The big man in the mempo stuck it in Farley. I told Xarra to go to Marrianne and get the guards for help. She ran.

    We were threatened. The man in the mempo threatened to kill her if I talked. He told me to stay away from her. So I hoped that Marrianne and Xarra had already gone to the guards and I hid for a while.

    Marrianne was the next person we spoke with. She seemed relieved that we had let Tara go.


    “Look we do not know who you are looking for. But both Xarra and I were offered money” stated Marrianne.

    “Did you take the money ?” Asked Allister

    *lowers head* “Yes. I needed it to help cover expenses.” She answered regrettably

    “What expenses are those?” inquired Cuttles

    “My husband had just made improvements to the track before he died. And there was the funeral cost.” Marrianne stated


    “You wanted to keep the track? Is that it?” questioned Hatshesput

    She nodded “It was a way for me to stay close to him. It was his dream - Our dream.

    The beautiful horses, Min will never forgive me. I will never forgive me.

    “So we are looking for a man? Colt? Harold? Farriot? Who? Cayne?” Jocelyn interjected eager to get to the bottom of the crime.

    “I do not think Harold, he was with Xarra. And Colt never really leaves the stable. Once in a while but...”

    “Anything else you can tell us?” Moxxi asked in a kindly way

    “He was a big man and he was wearing a Mempo. Oh, and a hood. He disguised his voice.

    We wandered over to the paddock and stable where we usually found Colt. He was in the stall as always. He worked hard. To our delight Min was also at the stable.

    “Thank you for freeing Tara. She is too sweet to hurt a thing.”


    “Have you found his whip yet?” Min added impatiently. Farley always had his whip”.

    “Look at first we suspected each other. Then we were afraid for each other. We were confused. We do not usually see death at the track. We are telling you what we can now’ added Colt.

    Miri, Talia and Skid Mark had thought about all the evidence. “You know when we were at Farriot’s farm last, Farriot was strangely absent. He was to stay there. I think we should talk to him again.” One of them remarked. Taylor agreed and Queen Mum made a gate so that we did not have to walk.

    Sugar smacks and Charly don’t surf ran into the big farm house. As they turned to leave, one bumped into Swifty. “He is not here? What should we do?”

    Swifty looked about and saw Daniel. “Well?”


    Daniel thought for a brief moment. “What does Farriot like to do?”

    A chorus of Hunt, Hunt foxes, Steeple chase ensued from Ressar wej, Masta Blasta and Mystik.

    Lucky charms reminded us that he hunted in Tokuno; A good place to also buy a mempo.

    We all agreed to search for Farriot. Lexmark and Kupoking lead the way having stated that they remembered where Farriot had brought us to hunt the first night we met him.


    Farriot was a robust strong man who was full of energy and had a joy of living, his own living. He loved to hunt foxes and to bet on the horses. He was very likeable and had always seemed eager to tell us about the others relationship to Farley. He had been a good help. Clym wondered aloud if maybe he had been too helpful. Ixtab thought perhaps he was being framed. Cyanide and Jocelyn kept everyone grounded. “Let’s find him, talk to him, and find out.”


    We arrived safely at the place where Farriot hunted. He had made a nice little shelter area for himself where he could camp. He was not there when we arrived so we took the opportunity to look around. A light blue hood was thrown on the floor and his saddle bag sat beside a bedroll. LF was etched into the Flap that covered the bag. Dance peeked in. “Oh Look there is a Whip in here. I wonder if it is Farriots Whip.”

    Queen Mum took a peek. “I would think so. It is definitely one a jockey might use.”

    As we looked around, Farriot arrived. He took one look at us and galloped away as fast as he could.

    “Well that was suspicious” remarked Dipswitch. Dralnu and Drakara agreed and suggested that we pursue him.

    Elf Sandy ran to the east and finally found him hiding beneath a shrubbery. “Why did you run?”

    “I ran because I am innocent. Why are you chasing me?”

    Draconic Mayhem piped in, “We were not chasing you. We were at your home waiting for you. You ran.”

    Daniel looked at Farriot. “You were told to stay near your house. Who else knows where you hunt?”

    No one. Farley used to hunt with me, and a few of you. But I usually hunt alone. Why do you ask?”

    “Because,” began Daniel, “there is enough evidence at your place to place charges.” He held up the saddle bag. “LF??? Is this yours?”

    “Of course, I initial all my good things so no one steals them.”

    Farley’s whip is in it. “I must charge you with the Murder of Farley. We will give you a fair trial.”


    We escorted Farriot to Yew prison and spent the following week writing our concerns and questions down. It did not take long to decide that we wanted to ask several people questions.




    ~Shadow Riter