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[EM Event] Murder Mystery: A Nightmare of the Headless Kind ... May 26th Edition

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, May 31, 2011.

  1. Brig Din Em the Mage, Buck, Angelina and Ixtab sat in the front row waiting to hear what Daniel had to tell us today. We had all been working hard to solve the mysterious death of the Jockey Farley but we were no further ahead. Ivester and Draconic were wondering if we should hold Tara’s tribunal tonight. It was a possibility as no one really thought she could have done it.

    Daniel entered from the west side of the hall. He asked if we had been practicing our sleuthing. Oh that was right, we were all in training. Seemed like a lifetime ago that I signed up to learn the skills needed to scout, spy or investigate. My mind had been very focused on finding Farley’s murderer.


    “Has anyone brought any food to Tara? Fresh fruit or vegetables?” ask Daniel “We know she is not guilty and many of you were worried about her. Jocelyn, Dipswitch and Curiner all shook their heads.

    Then Jocelyn piped up, “I suppose I was thinking there might be a jailor there doing that. But Mum brought her cookies!”

    “She is Vegan so as long as there was no egg or butter in them. Who knows what is in jail food? We will see about getting her in better quarters later today.

    Now, Min brought up some points last time that I would like elucidated. I want to be clear about these issues she brought up. I understand she has been pensive and sitting about the race track. Shall we talk to her?”


    I said absolutely at the same time as Dipswitch said yes indeed so we set off to find L’il Min.

    Daniel must have a wonderful "Eyes and Ears" network. It took no time for us to find L’il Min on the North side of the track. She sat staring into space.


    Cinderella walked up to her and sat down on the adjacent stool.

    “Hello Min.” she said in a quiet voice.

    Min looked around as though noticing our presence for the first time. Then she crossed her arms “Have you released Tara yet or are you still going to have the Tribunal.”

    Dalila Pointed out that a tribunal would help Tara see that she was innocent as well.

    Min looked very distraught. “Tara did not do this. I tell you. You should be looking for Farley’s whip.”

    “Why are you so sure about the whip?” Inquired Lucky Charms

    “Because If Farley had been riding, like colt said, He would have had his whip.” stated Min emphatically.

    Dalila then asked, “Do you think Colt was telling the truth?”

    “I do. I told you I saw Farley’s Body when you first discovered him. He had marks on his neck.” She confirmed her story from the week before.

    Lucky charms wanted to know more about this. “You said his neck looked like it had rope burn. Did anyone else see this?”

    “Rope burns really hurt.” Observed Jocelyn

    Min sighed, “I believe Harold saw that too. He was also at the track when the body was found.”

    We glanced around but Harold was not in immediate sight.

    It was Lucky Charms who finally found him and asked him to come speak with us. As the two approached we could see that Harold rolled his eyes. “Did you release Tara? I can not believe anyone would blame her.”


    Daniel Ravens frowned. “We did not blame her. She confessed. Now do you remember marks on Farley’s neck?”

    “Yes but I did not think much of it. Could have been love bites you know?” He seemed to be dismissing the evidence.

    Tiny looked right at him. “L’il Min said rope burns not Love bites.”

    “Could have been, if I had been looking I might have thought that.” He responded.

    Cyanide wondered aloud, “Why weren’t you looking?”

    “I was talking to Cayne. I wanted my money back. Go ask him. He is at home right now.”

    Neptune concurred. He had seen Cayne when he was searching for Harold.

    Cayne stayed in the plaster house just south of the tracks. When we arrived he was eating a roasted bird and hot potatoes. The aroma filled my nostrils and my stomach grumbled. Daniel quickly told me I needed to learn to control that as a noise when one is spying could have fatal consequences. I nodded in agreement.

    Lavis looked at Daniel and said, “This story does not add up. Last time we spoke to Harold he said he was with Xarra and Cayne was in Trinsic.”

    Miri said, “Indeed we need to talk to Cayne!”


    As we entered Cayne’s home he jumped up to greet us. “I am so glad you are here! My other book has gone missing. The one I had just finished with my odds written in it. I keep very careful record of these books. I think it was stolen.”

    “Who would steal it,” questioned Lexmark, “and why?”

    “Any number of people who I have odds on or against would. Not Tara, she is in jail still, Xarra, Farriot, Marrianne, Everyone.”

    Draconic Mayhem was puzzled. “You kept odds on Xarra? I thought you were dating her! I am shocked!”

    “It was from before. It is an old book. I think it was Farriot.”

    “Why Farriot?” Demon Spawn asked.

    “He had the most to lose. Go search his place.”


    We agreed to go to Moonglow. It seemed strange that Farriot was a target now. Were they trying to push suspicion on him? Perhaps Frame him. Or was it truth. We needed to find out. Miri kept hoping one of them would speak out and be honest. I agreed.

    Farriot had been told to stay near his home but he was no where to be found. Rasesar Wej took out a lock pick and soon we were searching through all of Farriot’s things. Daniel had asked that we do a careful but thorough job. He did not want Farriot to know we had been there. I remembered our lesson “cover our tracks!”


    Rasesar Wej was in the bedroom when we heard him say “very interesting.”

    “Did you find something?” several others muttered.

    Chocolate Moose responded “a journal in the corner there.”


    Neptune nodded “book beside the bed” he raise one brow, “Interesting!”

    Ansatsu’s eyes sparkled “Yes THE Journal.

    We wonder if Cayne put it here while Farriot was off hunting.



    Neptune pointed out to everyone “last entry say keep people away from Xarra!”


    Draconic Mayhem knew we were getting close. “Let’s go to Xarra!”

    “Sounds like Xarra is the key.” Agreed Ansatsu eagerly.

    Daniel Ravens looked at us and said, “I think we need to talk to Tara and get her some food. Could be that Xarra is the key but it is getting late and I want to be sure Tara is alright. Besides we know where Xarra is. She is in Trinsic, Shopping.”

    Tara was still in the Yew prison. We traveled there magically and quietly climbed the stairs. At the top in an area for visitation we spied both Xarra and Tara. This was a great opportunity for us to practice our sleuthing skills as well as gain perhaps valuable intel. I could not help but wonder why these two very different women were together.


    Cyanide was surprised too “ah HA~!” he put his finger to his lips. “Shhhh!”

    “This looks promising,” whispered Neptune.

    “We should sneak up and kill them both” said Lucky.

    Katrina shook her head “uh oh. Listen.”

    So we did. And it sounded much like this:

    Tara: *puts face in hands*

    Xarra: I am going to break you out. You did not do this! You are too gentle.

    Tara: I could have done it. You heard me I pushed him.

    Xarra: Tara where did he bump his head?

    Tara: at the paddock!

    Xarra: I mean did you push him from the front or back? where did he hit his head

    Tara: I pushed his chest he hit the back of his head.

    Xarra: See there. The dent in the Helmet is in the front. and he was stabbed too!


    Tara: Stabbed? Is that why they kept asking about my pitch fork? Well if it was not me then who?

    Xarra: I saw Tara! I saw! I am so very afraid! He knows I did! He threatened me.

    Tara: Who saw! What did you see? I am confused here. Who is threatening you?


    Xarra let out a small sob and spoke very quickly He said he would kill me then gave me money to say nothing. So I shop and I say nothing. I have nightmares all the time now.
    Tara: Me too. What do you dream?

    Xarra: That all my purchases animate and slap me around. Imagine very hard!


    I could not help but close my eyes and imagine. I opened my eyes when I heard

    Katrina screamed “Snakes! I dream of snakes.”

    Miri started bustling Tara and Xarra into the back saying “The Guard will protect you!” the room was in chaos.


    Tara screamed “Oh my!” as a frantic Tailor rushed in and took a stab at her with his sewing needle.

    Beautiful designer dresses swooped around us, the sleeves flailing at our faces.

    Death Hunter, Masta Blasta, Dance and Cinderella were skirted with fancy clothes. They prepared spells to unravel the danger.


    Nora, P s Y c H o, Rameka Rhana and Snowflake felt hemmed in the corner but Trix and Victor danced about like laundry blowing on the line.

    Weeeeeeeeeee, Angelina, and Wolfman were doing their part to change the pattern of the assailing outfits. It truly was a designer dress nightmare.


    Brig Din Em shouted, “Vas An Ort” and “In Mani Ylem.”

    Cinderella kept battling even though she looked ill.


    When it was over I looked out the window. More fabric billowed around the jail. We bounded for the stairs summoning our best pets and preparing weapons and spells.


    Our swords ripped through them. They seemed to be losing sustenance.



    Cyanide tried to shank the mob with his dagger like a true spy might, but alas no luck.


    And then it was all over.

    Xarra met up with us once the demon dresses were all ironed out.


    “I think you should tell Daniel that Tara is Innocent and tell him about tonight.”

    We agreed and head back to the Training Hall.


    Daniel met us and told us, based on the conversation we overheard, that he did not think Tara was guilty and that we needed to convince her too that she did not do it.


    We have no king, no queen, we need some of you to sit in on the tribunal, have a meeting and release Tara.

    ~Shadow Riter