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[EM Event] Of Mice and Meetings

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    by EM Barnaby

    The night sky was pitch black, with nary a star shining above the Castle. Lieutenant Jeffrey, returning from a a long day of drilling new Guard recruits was just now returning to the barracks inside the Castle walls. His tired eyes strained to stay open and navigate through the darkness in front of him, yet his mind raced with thoughts of all he had to do in the morning that would be soon in coming. The Commander had rarely left the Castle since evidence linking her to the mercenary attack on Britain had surfaced many weeks prior, leaving even more responsibilities to the Lieutenant. He pondered this and other things as he finally finished crossing the courtyard, arriving at the barracks.

    Perhaps had the Lieutenant not had such a hard day or such a full mind (or perhaps if someone had remembered to light the torches in the courtyard), he may have noticed the hurried movements and hushed tones coming from the direction of the stables as someone ducked into the shadows followed quickly by a certain beloved mouse...

    "He has entered the barracks, it is safe to speak again, Sherry," spoke Sherry's companion this evening - Delilah, one of the Royal stable hands.

    Giving the air a quick sniff, Sherry the Mouse paused before responding, "Perhaps, but he may yet return - the Lieutenant rarely sleeps these days," Sherry said, a little nervously. "Besides, it is far too dark to be speaking in whispers."

    "Sherry! When is it a better time to speak in whispers? If not on such a night as this, then when?" Delilah asked with a giggle before continuing, "You said you would tell us what happened in that big meeting of nobles. It has been weeks and nobody has said anything - if you know something, please tell us," the animal keeper pleaded.

    "I will! I will!," Sherry shouted, taking herself by surprise. She peered into the darkness outside the stables before continuing in a softer voice, "Perhaps not tonight, though. I will return in two nights and I will tell you all I know. Please Delilah, don't tell anyone!"


    Just what did happen in the meeting? Who were these nobles, and what do they have planned? Will Delilah, a notorious blabbermouth, tell anyone about the secret meeting?

    These questions will be answered on Thursday (7/21) evening at 8pm EST at Castle Britannia (Trammel), and many new questions will take their place.

    Be fast, and be quiet as you make your way to the stables. This is strictly an RP event, but will pickup the arc that was begun before we broke for Summerfest.

    A summary of important information will be provided for those who could not attend.