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[EM EVENT] Orcs, Do They Know They Smell?

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by falseprophet, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. falseprophet

    falseprophet Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 29, 2004
    Likes Received:
    As I strolled into the Castle, I could feel the anticipation in the room. Everyone was going through their preparations for battle, mayhem and what was sure to be an all around fun time. While walking around the room handing out cookies, I felt an evil so powerful that it had to be the devil himself. Just then EM Faine Morgan entered the room to give us the details of which chat would be used for the evening.


    Soon after the evil one left, Queen Dawn entered the room, and we gave her our full attention.


    Queen Dawn: Good evening everyone, my thanks for coming this evening. I would like to introduce you all to Dacil Dalgrin

    Dacil Dalgrin: Greetings! Thank you for gathering this evening

    Queen Dawn: Several days ago, Dacil approached me with a disturbing document that he had found. After talking with him extensively, I feel it requires some investigation. I will let him explain further.

    Dacil Dalgrin: Ladies and gentlemen... My name is Dacil Dalgrin. I am, shall we say, an explorer. I have traveled the lands and seas of our World and many mysterious things have my eyes been witness to. *pauses* recently in my travels I happened upon a strange document, badly faded. Not unusual at first glance, I placed it with other curiosities that were found until further study could be conducted.

    What I've found is most curious indeed... *frowns* this document is of Orcish origin, and appears to be an order to gather and lend assistance. Although much is blurred and faded, it looks like they are looking for workers to gather great amounts of resources. We must find out why they are gathering this amount of material. Perhaps it is innocent but, with all that is going on in our lands, I fear the purpose may be more devious.

    Dacil Dalgrin: Directions are given to meet their recruiter, and it is to him we must go. *pauses as though coming to a decision* However, simple stealth and skill will not carry us far! Nor will our swords, just yet. For this effort we require far more than even the most skilled master possesses - we must become our enemy. *looks upon the crowd* for this feat no mere disguise will suffice. Magic is needed, and strong magic it must be. We possess such magic. With approval from Her Majesty I have been able to create an item that may allow us to gain an advantage in our quest.

    Queen Dawn: I would ask of you this evening that you accompany Mr. Dalgrin and determine what you can. I would that I could investigate myself but as I cannot, I need you to be my ears and eyes, and report back to me what you may find are you willing to help in this?

    Queen Dawn: I will await your report then Mr. Dalgrin

    Dacil Dalgrin: Now friends, if you will please follow me!

    We were then gated to a strange room; Where Dacil explained that we would need to touch an Orcish statue emanating strange energies. Reluctantly, I touched this statue, but nothing happened. Such was the case for all who dared try. Dacil poked and prodded the statue until it gave up its magical goodies. After we grabbed a disguise we were gated to our next destination, the isle of Serpents Hold. Upon reaching the entrance to Fire, we were met by an Orc sergeant named Akurz Nug.


    Akurz Nug: Shakrp! Wat lak uu eer? <Stop! What do you want here?> *wrinkles his nose* Shumb shmb snaga ghug uu'a! <State your business or you become my slaves!>

    Dacil Dalgrin: Greebus Pizgaluruk, <Greetings Orc Sergeant,> Thrak-izgu Klerggoth gathul. Srinkhat-bugd gashuk-izgu. <We bring this paper to the Orc leader. We answer the call to gather.> *hands the tattered note to Akurz Nug*

    Akurz Nug: *eyes the group warily as he reads the paper* Skum Uman, Ul'buh-sha Gar-sha mat matnar.. <I smell human, and likely as not some elf and gargoyle...> U kraltch-bag snoshum. *snorts* <You all smell like a group of diseased mongbat dung.> Lak weeak uu'r hab nub pashum. Radgh! <You weaklings have no ability. Be gone!>

    Dacil Dalgrin: Durbrz-izgu sha ushud-izgu skm shmb. Azat-lat ghug l turkrz krauk, yub? <The smell shows we are strong and we are useful. To kill you now would be proof, yes?>

    Akurz Nug: *reaches for his blade* Latu pash latob, snaga! <You watch yourself, peon!> *snorts* Ushud lak gimug-izgu. B?k a darkrz-um shok sha huk latu-atr! <Usefull we will see. Show dishonor or weakness and we make you our dogs!> *puts his mark on the paper* Prap ee shpol radb. <Enter the cave behind me.> Shm bol. Gathul Snotgrod shok. <Follow the path. Show this paper to Snotgrod.>


    Doing as we were told (a wise thing to do around Orcs) we entered the cave in search of Snotgrod. We came upon a Brute, the size of which I was unaware existed, and began questioning him on the whereabouts of Snotgrod.

    Dacil Dalgrin: Snikurty, we have our paper, we are looking for Captain Snotgrod

    Snikurty: I don't have time to waste on you. What do you want with Snotgrod?

    Dacil Dalgrin: We were told to present this paper to him and he would hire us

    Snikurty: Bah! Yes, because he's done such a good job of hiring up until now.

    Dacil Dalgrin: Stop wasting our time. Do you need workers or don't you?

    Snikurty: Workers? Yes, we need workers, but all are only interested in bashing!

    Dacil Dalgrin: We have no interest in bashing, only working! Now tell us where to find him!

    Snikurty: Glob! Go on with you then but you won't receive a warm welcome.


    Further on we traveled in search of Snotgrod through a twisting jungle that got many of us lost, but with the help of Keeliey, and others, true Origin spirit was shown and all were eventually helped along the way. At the end of the jungle path we were confronted with Snotgrod, who appeared to be quite mad (and very smelly).

    Dacil Dalgrin: Snotgrod, we have our paper, we wish to work!

    Snotgrod: *growls* More glob coming to work, let me see paper

    Dacil Dalgrin: *hands over paper*

    Snotgrod: Idiots. This paper is not signed by Margut. Be gone.

    Dacil Dalgrin: We were told to come see you, not Margut. We've proven our worth to join.

    Snotgrod: *growls* So did all the others, and you see what good that has done.

    Dacil Dalgrin: We know nothing about others. We only know we are here to work.

    Dacil Dalgrin: We are strong. Your other workers only want to fight.

    Snotgrod: Yes they fight, only fight, not work. That's why all new workers go to Margut.

    Dacil Dalgrin: Who is Margut? Tell us where to find him now! We have traveled long and proven our strength.

    Snotgrod: *growls* So did all the others, and you see what good that has done.

    Dacil Dalgrin: *growls in frustration*

    Snotgrod: *growls* So did all the others, and you see what good that has done.

    Dacil Dalgrin: Very well, where is this great armorer of yours?

    Snotgrod: I send you to him. But if you be spies, you will die!


    Upon entering the cave that Snotgrod directed us to, the fight was on and we took to it with our usual tenacity.




    With the floor littered with bodies (Orc and ours alike) we looked around and found one lone Orc still standing, and he was quickly taken prisoner. We proceeded to interrogate Margut, even trying to offer him cookies, but he refused everyone’s offer (the cad).



    Margut: bah! your sword does not scare me! The orcs will have glory! You
    stoopid humies may have defeated my guards but you've won nothing!
    *glares* your sword is weak

    Dacil Dalgrin: What evilness have you been kin to here?

    Margut: evil! try glory! We work to restore our glory for one more powerful than you!

    Dacil Dalgrin: Glory? You have none..now or past!

    Margut: Foolish human the one we work for will crush you all and then we WILL have glory!

    Dacil Dalgrin: Surrender now and be spared your life!

    Margut: I surrender nothing! I'll tell you nothing!

    Dacil Dalgrin: *points his sword at Margut's throat* Tell us now who you serve, and to what purpose!

    Margut: I'll tell you nothing, the one we work for will make all clear soon then you will see our might! and you will regret! We fight! we bash! We are strong!

    Dacil Dalgrin: Then you will rot in a jail cell! Maybe that will persuade you to talk! *grabs Margut by the arm*

    Dacil Dalgrin: My friends.. Please return to Queen Dawn and tell her of what we've discovered here this day. I will escort our...guest...to more suitable quarters and meet up with you at the Castle.

    Returning to the Castle, we were greeted by Queen Dawn, who quickly began pressing us about our success.


    Queen Dawn: you have returned, my pages sent me word. Have you found out if we are facing a threat?

    Dacil Dalgrin: Your Majesty... I am pleased to report you now have a new guest in your dungeon

    Queen Dawn: a guest?

    Dacil Dalgrin: Aye

    Queen Dawn: can someone explain? I thought they were gathering resources? What were the resources for? do you know?

    Dacil Dalgrin: We have ideas Majesty,

    Queen Dawn: a siege engine?! No, not good at all I'm afraid, why would the orcs rise now? *considers* Normally the orcs stay rather confined

    Dacil Dalgrin: More investigation...I need to search for more answers

    Queen Dawn: why would they build a catapult?

    Dacil Dalgrin: it appears they are on the move

    Queen Dawn: a higher power? Did the Orc give up any information before he was detained?

    Dacil Dalgrin: Aye, threats... but no useful information

    Queen Dawn: we must find more information on this, perhaps the Orc can be persuaded to talk... *frowns thoughtfully* Very well, Mr. Dalgrin, you say the Orc is secured for now?

    Dacil Dalgrin: Aye

    Queen Dawn: then I shall have a few of my guards speak with him, perhaps they can learn something more. I thank you all for the information you have brought this evening I had hoped it would turn out to be nothing menacing but, it appears that hope was in vain. very well, we will see what we can find out, but whoever is behind this better think twice. I will send word when I hear more. Dalgrin, will you come with me please. Thank you again for your help this evening, until I can obtain further.... "news" good evening.