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[EM Event] Pacific Gladiator Game (September 2014)

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Pacific EM Feed, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. September 24, 2014
    6:30 pmto8:00 pm

    Hi Pacifician,

    I am Alfred The Referee who is in charge of the Luna Fairground.

    This month I have to propose you a Gladiator Game. As the space in Luna is somehow limited, I borrowed Jhelom Governors Arena.

    I wish many people register to this tournament as it will be really fun!

    As the “Tamer Pet Fight” registration will be made on “Challonge” site at the following address: http://uopacific.challonge.com/ .

    (As usual, registration to the site is free, and by going to Pacific section you will see the available tournament with Date and time. By clicking the name you will be prompt to detail of tournament and how to register for this particular tournament.. Once registered, you can click “Go to my setting” to change your name appearing for this particular tournament.)

    Now that we have talked about registration, let’s talk about rules!

    Gladiator Game Rule:

    1. It is an individual based “Swiss” point system. (Explained later)
    2. No Mount of flying tolerated in this tournament.
    3. As it is a gladiator tournament no pets or magery allowed. (Sorry for mage and tamer I will make up to you next tournament)
    4. Only Standard not modified armor will be tolerated! What I mean is NOT imbued, NOT reforged, CAN be enhanced and Can be any leather, metal or cloth kind of armor.
    5. Only Standard not modified Weapon! What I mean is NOT imbued, NOT reforged, NOT enhanced.
    6. All kind of book is to leave in bank or at home (Chiv, Magery, Bard, Necro, etc… ALL of them)
    7. NO talisman tolerated, only one ring and one bracelet can be brought with special property of your choice, BUT no interchanging during the round.
    8. NO potion drinking and NO healing with bandage! It is Gladiator Game, so you fight for your life to entertain people.
    9. Make sure you have fun!

    Gladiator Game Point System:

    1. Only one person alive when all monsters are dead worth 2 point
    2. Both alive when all monster are dead is a tie so 1 point each
    3. None alive and all monster alive is 0 point for both
    4. If I found you cheating or not following rule it is 0 point automatic for this fight for the person who commit the offence.

    Gladiator Game Critter Choice:

    To Be Announce At the beginning of the Gladiator Game.

    If you have any questions about registration, please leave me a message at [email protected] and I will get back to you either in-game or reply to your e-mail.

    Rule subject to change so I would like everybody to check this announcement periodically until the tournament day!

    I hope many of you will register and do not forget that it is for fun and everybody are welcome to give it a try!

    Signed: Alfred The Referee

    ============================================================ Pacific Gladiator Game on September 24th (Wed.) @ 6:30pm pst at the Luna Fairground BagBall field. Registration from 6:30pm pst to 6:50pm pst and the tournament will start at 7:00pm pst at Jhelom Arena (Gate will be provided). Waiting you all for A LOT of fun!

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