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[EM Event] Red Brat!

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:

    Red Brat!

    Another Sunday evening and professor Grimm needed our help again with another escaped stranger that came from the limbus.
    If we could solve this problem we would be ones again a step closer to the identity of our mysterious stranger.​


    It seems a little girl wearing a red cloak needed our help this time.
    Many people are here to help the professor again.
    He can always count on the heroes of Sosaria.
    It looks that the crowd who wants to help Grimm grows every time a little bigger.
    It starting to look like a small army!​

    No time to loose to help the little girl.
    The professor opened a gate somewhere near the town of Yew.​

    Only seconds after we arrived a pack of large angry wolfs attacked us.​


    Good thing we came with so many people.
    The wolfs where very strong and aggressive.
    I hope no one going to catch rabies from them.​


    We had to watch out from all sides.
    I know to well that wolfs attack in packs.
    I tried to watch out where i was stepping but at one point i was standing face to face with one of the big bad wolfs.​


    I better not deal with one of these overgrown puppies on my own.
    So i ran back to our small army who even grow bigger during the evening!
    Can anyone find Waldo? *wink*​


    We only made slow progress killing all these wolfs.
    But we moved closer to a little farm house south of Yew.
    More wolfs charged towards us but while most warriors where fighting them on a few of us ran into the farm.
    There we found a room with more wolfs and the girl in the red cloak.​


    I think we reached our final destination.
    Its time to save the girl from the wolfs!​


    Eventually we killed all the wolfs.
    But things seemed not what they appeared to be!
    The girl was furious we killed all the wolfs.
    She called us murderers!​


    This was very disturbing.
    The big bad wolfs where her pets!
    We did not had to safe her from the wolfs...she was the owner of them!
    Then her anger showed the girls real face.
    This was no little innocent girl.
    She a full grown evil woman with tremendous powers.
    She started to turn on us with devastating spells.​


    Good thing we came with so many.
    She was more then a handful.
    Several heroes where defeated by her powers.​


    After a long battle the red hooded girl fell in battle.
    No one had expected this outcome.
    Even the professor was surprised by this happening.​


    We could no send this girl back into the limbus like we did with the other strangers.
    But we had to stop her and her bad wolfs.​

    The professor examined the corpse of the girl and found another scroll.
    Its one more letter to reveal the identity of our true enemy.​

    Some of the heroes also found some strange looking statues.
    A nice collectors item.​


    Back at the counselors hall professor Grimm have almost the complete name of our enemy.​


    Only one piece of the puzzle is missing.​

    We could try to find our enemy now or go after one more strange creature to be sure to have the full and correct name.​


    Everyone agreed on that the final letter of the name had to be found first before we where going to face our enemy.​

    The professor agreed with it and left to search for the last strange creature from the limbus.​

    After that? Who knows what and who we are going to fight!​

    We will be ready when the professor needs our help again!​

    New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.​