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[EM Event Report] Elections - The Candidates Are Attacked! (Sunday 27th) (with Video)

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Kayne, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Kayne

    Kayne Guest

    Once the announcement of the Election results had been made, Nathan Hawke stepped up to talk to us as promised.

    Nathan Hawke: Now everyone listen up please
    So far these elections have passed off relatively peacefully with all candidates giving each other respect.
    We are down to the last two now and I want to see that continue. Also there has been no outside interference. But my spies are out there all the time and I tell you there is somethign brewing
    Aron Swordmaster: Ahem. I seem to recall rather a lot of dragons trying to eat the candidates and chew their way through the electoral rolls
    Nathan Hawke: Dragons are one thing

    At this point the whole crowd was rocked when explosions happened around the room and a number of assassins appeared around the balcony of the throne room. The whole room then descending into chaos of healing those injured and rushing to find and deal with the attackers.


    Unfortunately it is at this point your intrepid reporter lost lots of notes in the confusion but some snippets that remained consisted mainly of Nathan trying to organise things

    Maleachi: TAKE HIM ALIVE!

    Maleachi: Everyone alright?

    Aron Swordmaster: Outside is now clear Nathan

    Nathan Hawke: Alright everyone. Keep your guard up. Where did the first assasin appear

    Maleachi: south side
    Kayne: to the south side
    Curunir: Balcony ...
    Aron Swordmaster: On the wall to the South
    Sari-Liane: in the bottom far corner
    Alaster The Mad: wall of south
    Duey: south above us

    Nathan Hawke: FOLLOW ME
    Nathan Hawke: CHECK THE WINDOWS

    Kayne: ladder here
    Alaster The Mad: i see a rope ladder but the wall hides it !

    From the south east corner of the castle we then moved onto the north corner where we found a number of kegs and a mortar and pestle on the roof

    Escaflowne: A clue
    Maleachi: *points at rope outside walls*
    Nathan Hawke: WHATS THE CLUE ESCA?
    Escaflowne: Mortar and pestle Crafted by sorcerers delight
    Escaflowne: That must be a mage shop somewhere, If we head there we could track the mortar and pestle to the mage shop
    Escaflowne: And find out where the assassins got their poison


    The party then headed out to the Britain mage shop "The Sorcerers Delight" and found a curious alchemist named Peter


    Sari-Liane: What about those in Tokuno clothing?
    Alaster The Mad: mortar and pestle too

    Peter The Alchemist: That's used to make poison

    Aron Swordmaster: These people would have been carrying Jingasa
    Sari-Liane: Yes indeed
    Alaster The Mad: yep!

    Peter The Alchemist: I haven't sold any large amounts of the recently

    Sari-Liane: What about poisons?

    Peter The Alchemist: Poisons, any specific type?

    Kayne: deadly poisons
    Kou: Would it help to show him what they looked like?

    Peter The Alchemist: You are looking for ninja's? Well...

    Alaster The Mad: yes ninjas !

    Peter The Alchemist: It just so happens I did fill a large order for a group of Ninja's

    Alaster The Mad: oh, where did they come from ? did they told you ?

    Peter The Alchemist: But it was an order for Sulfurous Ash, not NIghtshade

    Curunir: Well they did throw explosives..
    Alaster The Mad: sufurous ash... fire...
    Sari-Liane: Hmm well they did alot of burning
    Curunir: so that seems reasonable...
    Alaster The Mad: explosives indeed
    Sari-Liane: so that was probably them

    Peter The Alchemist: I see...

    Escaflowne: Maybe they are trying to....melt someone?
    Alaster The Mad: did they had something special ? did they told you where they come from ?

    Peter The Alchemist: They asked me to deliver an order of Sulfurous Ash, Which I did

    Alaster The Mad: where ?
    Escaflowne: Where to?
    Kayne: any thing else and strange behaviour?

    Peter The Alchemist: Oh it wasn't far from here

    Heimlich: where?!?!?!

    Peter The Alchemist: One of the farms just west of BRitain. Or South/West rather

    Alaster The Mad: thank you !
    Kairi: must be near the mountains
    Kayne: the brit farms

    Irvyn: What was the name? Of the person who ordered it?
    Alaster The Mad: any name ?

    Peter The Alchemist: Hmm, I'd have to check my papers. Can you wait?

    Alaster The Mad: sure !

    Peter The Alchemist: *Starts flipping through a thick book*
    It must be in here somewhere....I need my glasses!
    Did anybody see my glasses?

    Heimlich: you're wearing glasses
    Irvyn: They are on your nose, sir.

    Peter The Alchemist: Oh! So I do! Ah yes! there it is
    It was a guy called Harvey

    Escaflowne: Harvey
    Alaster The Mad: harvey ! thanks a lot
    Kayne: Thank you peter most helpful

    Irvyn: Any other details?

    Peter The Alchemist: Oh I have a rune marked at the farm here as well

    Kayne: how helpful
    Alaster The Mad: could you... hand us it ?
    Irvyn: Most convenient. May we borrow it?

    At this point the Alchemist kindly opened a gate to the farms for us. Where we were ambushed by a large group of Assassins who had a group of golem like creatures with them, however not the sort made by any quality craftsman, these were crudely made and looked rushed.

    During the fighting your intrepid reporter took a dirt nap and was kindly resurrected and healed by Nathan Hawke and Escaflowne.


    Irvyn: This was remarkably like a trap ... I believe we should go and question the alchemist some more.

    Alaster The Mad: i second irvyn

    The group then headed back to the counsellors hall in britain

    Nathan Hawke: Firstly see if that alchemist is still there - someone go check?

    Aron Swordmaster: And that Nathan is why ye got so little votes! "Dive into this gate to an Assassins orgy" indeed...

    Nathan Hawke: Aron. We survived didnt we?

    Irvyn: It was somewhat suspicious that the alchemist just happened to have a rune directly there.
    Alaster The Mad: no more peter...

    Nathan Hawke: Agreed Irvyn
    Reann: pretty sure half of the people here jumped into the gate before nathan said to jump in.
    Kou: No one ever asks questions until after the fact...

    Nathan Hawke: So he has gone
    Alaster The Mad: yes

    Escaflowne: And just for the record! I had no hand in any of it

    Nathan Hawke: and the only clue I could find was a book

    Escaflowne: Someone pointed out there was blackthorns minions there

    Nathan Hawke: Hush Esca

    Irvyn: Well, Escaflowne, you would say that, would you not?

    Nathan Hawke: Shh a moment

    Kayne: Nathan you told me you found a book when we were in the house, what was it?

    Nathan Hawke: catcher in the Rye

    Escaflowne: J.D Salinger. Wonder who that is

    Nathan Hawke: Aye Esca, never heard of him or her

    Escaflowne: Me neither

    Aron Swordmaster: It's from the world of the Avatar and our liege British

    Nathan Hawke: So we have assassins. An alchemist who led us into an ambush
    And a strange book
    Nathan Hawke: Oh, and one thing I saw was very odd

    Escaflowne: Clockwork machines?
    Nathan Hawke: Aye
    Alaster The Mad: yeah

    Nathan Hawke: badly made by th elook of them?

    Kayne: Yes they were almost rushed not very well made
    Nathan Hawke: Not tinkered like golems

    Escaflowne: The Gargoyal city in Ilshenar has a golem workshop. They know a bit about clockwork machinery. Maybe they can tell us more
    Nathan Hawke: Those werent golems

    Irvyn: They did not look much like gargoyle machinery.
    Kayne: Those were not gargoyle made, the gargoyles are too careful in their work
    Irvyn: *nods over to Kayne*
    Escaflowne: Indeed
    Kou: I reckon a gargoyle could be sloppy if they wanted to

    Nathan Hawke: Alright alright settle down a moment. At the risk of derailing the elections. We clearly have a problem and the first clues so to speak
    I will have a word with Skaros and we will reconvene this coming Wednesday
    In the meantime, Keep an eye on things and any research is welcome

    Kayne: Are we delaying the elections Nathan?
    Nathan Hawke: No no elections continue as normal

    Caelia Alberic: I'm thinking Exodus...
    Alaster The Mad: exodus, i thought of it too
    Caelia Alberic: that Monica was taken there
    Kayne: No exodus herself was disposed of

    Nathan Hawke: Just keep an eye on things

    Aron Swordmaster: Perhaps the remaining candidates can investigate; I would be sure to change my vote if one were to discover the cause of this disturbance...

    Nathan Hawke: Aye, Monica was there. She told me that

    Kayne: Perhaps we need some monitoring of the castle in case they attempt to infiltrate again

    Nathan Hawke: I will move a guard there now Kayne
    Alright for tonight this is over. But keep your wits about you
    One last thing whoever wins will have my full support.

    Nathan Hawke: Now go rest and be ready!

    Once again for those who are interested we also have a special treat in the form of a video taken of the event. Many thanks to Watchertoo for coming along and putting this together.