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[EM Event] Sleuthing: Death by MURDER or ACCIDENT - May 5th Edition

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, May 6, 2011.

  1. I arrived at the Royal Guard Hall in Serpents hold early. I wanted to look at the evidence again. Daniel Ravens was standing up front also looking over the things we had picked up. The pitch fork still had blood on the tines. Daniel said we could not tamper with it until we finalized the case.


    He looked at the sugar and frowned remembering the slaughter we all witnessed the week before. “I sure hope none of you picked up any sugar and fed it to your pets.” He shook his head and said, “Such a waste of good animals.”

    Jocelyn piped up “I fed a peach to Snowy, Peaches are good for pets”

    Daniel Ravens nodded and looked up “One thing we have all learned by this investigation is that it is important to care for our pets.”

    More people joined the group looking at the dented riding helm. Sir Scott stayed off in the shadow. He never did feel comfortable around Daniel. Then he asked about the sugar. “Won’t you get ants with that?”

    Someone explained about how the sugar had made the horses go feral and that the horses had to be executed.” Sir Scott was very concerned about this.

    “I have heard that some of the citizenry think we should push on to make an arrest!”

    Darth Waynebo thought about that. “Let’s not be hasty. We do not know who is guilty.”


    Daniel Ravens agreed “I do not think we have enough to go on, a lot of hearsay.”

    Charly Dont Surf Wanted to know “what should we do then?”

    Get more information? Keep questioning. Then send a message to Bob or Amonos about our findings.

    Everyone agreed. We decided to start with Harold at the race Track. He had to know something as he was always there and it was where the body was found. We made out way there and found Harold Standing at the winner circle.

    He greeted us.


    “Hi. Sure is quiet here now. Since Farley has been buried not too many people come by.

    I am getting lonely.”

    “We need to know more about Farley.” We stated in a form of a demand.

    He was such a Ladies man. Well you know both Xarra and Tara seemed to adore him.

    I told Xarra about Tara. She had a right to know as word was he wanted to move away with her. I felt Xarra deserved to know he was leaving her.

    Was Xarra upset by this?” I inquired?

    Harold was very protective of Xarra. He retorted that she was misunderstood. She bought things to hide her hurt. In fact, she was in Trinsic at this very moment buying new earrings, sapphires to set off her beautiful eyes.

    Queen Mum bid Harold Good bye and we headed out the gate.


    Charly Dont Surf was confused “was he lying about Tara?”

    Sir Scott and Jocelyn pointed out “secrets within secrets lies within lies?”

    Daniel Ravens pondered could Xarra could have been jealous.

    Charly Dont Surf replied “I would have been but was it the truth?”

    Trinsic was warm and welcoming. Plants had started to grow in the gardens. We made our way to the Jewelers to see if we could find Xarra. She was there at the gem display case looking at the pearls.

    “Aren't the pearl drop earrings luminescent? I have got to have them!” we heard her exclaim to the man behind the counter. Then she saw us and in a cordial voice greeted the group.

    “Oh! Hello again. Do you want some advice on fashion? I have been asked to do advice for the tailor shop. They know I have great fashion sense.

    I noticed some of the men in the group roll their eyes. Jinx asked why anyone would want her advice. We came for information about Farley.

    “Sheesh get over him. I did!” She said rather haughtily. “In fact Cayne told me Farley spent a lot of time with Tara. Humph! That Trollop! Who does she think she is! Everyone knew Farley and I were a couple. He boasted of it all the time. Admittedly, things were not too good of late. He wanted to move away. Start over. He wanted to go to the wilds. Imagine leaving Trinsic and all these shops! The worst of it is that Harold was the one to tell me

    He told me about Tara and their plan to run off to Tokuno. Not too many towns there

    Where would I shop?

    I am busy why don't you talk to colt? He should have seen what was going on! You know *raises a brow* about the sugar and Marrianne and Farley!”


    As we were leaving I over heard Daniel say he was glad this Xarra was one in a million. How could she just get over him? He said he found her shallow. He shook his head and said “I do not understand”

    Jocelyn and Charly Don’t surf presented a different point of view.

    “Maybe she never loved him in the first place?”


    Buying nice earrings would help me get over a deep grief or a betrayal.

    Darth Waynebo agreed “money heals all wounds”

    Jocelyn added “If truly loved him I would not get over it. Yet if he was seeing another it would make it easier to get over it”

    Daniel Ravens shrugged “Harold says he thinks she is covering hurt so maybe.

    Jocelyn was surprised at how easily folks told info like that. I will have to say it really isn't the best thing to do but it happened so now it needs to be dealt with I suppose

    Colt was one of the suspects as well. We had planned to visit him. So we took the opportunity to travel to the Stables. The smell of fresh hay and oats greeted us. We entered to find Colt staring at the empty stalls.


    He looked at us and in a sorrowful voice murmured, “Look at all the empty stalls Naw for me ta do .This one was used by Tara to calm the horses. I suppose you have heard the rumor about us?


    It is true. I am in love with Tara. She’s good with the horses and she’s kind. She was even nice to Farley, most of the time.

    YEA! I knew bout Tara and Farley ridin every week. I was naw happy bout their relations but what is a stable hand to do? I get antsy discussing my feelins. Suffice to say, I DID not like it.

    Masta Blasta asked if he was jealous enough to Murder.


    “Heck naw,” stammered Colt earnestly, “I really loved Tara. What was ‘portant to me was her happiness. Killing Farley would never have made Tara happy.”

    Xarra says you know all about Farley and Marrianne’s scheme... a voice came from the far end of the barn.

    “Poor Marrianne” replied Colt “She is broke now! She went to town to sell any assets she could”

    “I would have thought L’il Min would be here.” Observed JINX

    “Oh L’il Min used the third stall. She was here to gather her horses and arrange for burial. She has been at the Gazebo in Brit since. She is broken hearted”


    “Let’s talk to Min.”

    L'il Min Rideout was quietly meditating under the gazebo. She stood up when she saw us approach.


    “oh my *sniff**sigh* hello: How are you all tonight?’

    Charly Dont Surf smiled “Great thank you and you?”

    L'il Min Rideout the jockey looked up. Her eyes were as pink as her riding silks. “ sad”

    Sundina asked “WHY SAD”

    L'il Min Rideout the jockey realized Sundina had not read about the horses on the Inn wall so explained “My dads horse and my horse, both dead *sob*: I just can not seem to get over it.”

    Jocelyn could identify “oh that's sad! *pats L’il Min on the shoulder*”

    L'il Min Rideout the jockey gave a weak smile “well you have a beautiful mount you must know how I feel”

    Everyone agreed that it would be awful to lose your pet - to be sure “I have been coming here for solitude it helps with the great despair I feel”

    Charly Dont Surf hoped it was helping and offered “can we help in any way?”

    L'il Min Rideout the jockey *shrugged* “Are there laws about spiking sugar?

    Not that is matters. The perp is dead. Do you know who did it? Who killed Farley?

    Charly Dont Surf shook her head “not yet”

    *shakes head*”such a cheat he was! You know I am a really good Jockey. I trained all my life I used to ride in my dad's saddle when I was just a year old but everyone said women can't be jockeys.

    Jocelyn comforted “but you are a woman and a jockey?

    “That is why I wear my pink silks. Women are great Jockeys. We are lighter than most men so we can go faster. We don't weigh the horse down.


    Jocelyn: *nods*

    L'il Min Rideout the jockey: Marrianne, she is not a bad person but she should have known better.

    Jocelyn asked “about what?”

    Feeding horses sugar. She did give me a chance but to allow that sugar!

    I hear she is trying to save her stable selling her assets*sniff* you know what she is selling??? *tear* horse hides she is at the tanners here

    Charly Dont Surf was aghast “NO! Oh no!”

    “It is all she has. They were our pets, our family: I buried my horses she'll not sell their hides still I hope she can save the track. I love to race shall we go see her

    We asked “can you take us there where can we find her?”

    JINX was shocked! “Marrianne!!”

    L'il Min Rideout the jockey: *points there she is*


    Marrianne *sniffed* “Hello I am trying to salvage any assets I have left.

    With all my horses dead I am totally broke.

    Yes I knew about the potion enhanced sugar. Farley knew too.

    He was only too happy to let people think he was a brilliant Jockey.

    His wins made him very popular with the bookies and the Ladies.

    Yes he was seeing Xarra but rumour is Tara met him too.


    Farley and I had an arrangement

    It would not have been in Farley’s best interest to blab.

    He was making too much money from this in exchange for keeping quiet.

    That is everything I know. What more do you want?”

    “Tara” I suggested.


    Yes Tara! She is a nice girl, very good with the horses. If Tara had been at the paddock this might not have happened. I think she had a tiff with Colt. You would have to ask her.

    I know this looks bad but it is all I have that I can use to save the track.

    *shrug* maybe Cayne his bookie or Farriot his partner know something.

    Daniel thought for a moment then asked if anyone had heard that Farriot and Farley were partners before? He asked if we should go and ask Farriot about this. He mumbled some magic words and a rift opened to the Farriot Thoroughbred retirement farm.

    Lord Farriot was in the house putting on a bright red hunts coat. His gregarious personality greeted everyone.


    “Back again! Glad you are still working this case. I am eager to find out who would kill Farley. He was a great guy.”

    “Were you his partner? Did you make money with him?” we asked.

    “I think a lot of people made money with Marianne’s scheme. Ask Cayne.

    Cayne is the bookie. A lot more people came out to bet with Farley around.

    I think you should ask Cayne if he would make more money with Farley dead!

    He is banking in East Brit. He does not like to bank in busy places.

    Love to chat more but there are foxes awaiting! Good hunting!”

    With that he darted out of his house. Jumped on his horse and was off.

    Cayne Padopocit was leaving the bank as we approached. He recognized us right away.


    *waves* Hi I am just on my way to the theater .I am very excited, I am playing in the King's men Theater tonight. I hope Xarra comes again. We had a wonderful night after the last show. I get to be Farley. I enjoy portraying him. I think I understood his character.

    Xarra said I was very realistic in my performance.

    It was strange that he seemed obsessed with being Farley. I made a note of that and asked him about his book making. Did he make more money now that Farley was dead?

    Money? Cayne Padopocit seemed surprised by the question. “I am a professional Book maker. Knocking off jockeys would not make me richer. I did not do well on Farley’s winning streak. I had to make the odds on him shorter than a foot stall. Too many people bet on him.

    But don’t be ridiculous. I would never risk losing the cabin by giving losing odds.

    I think Min was very upset that she lost so much. I would not put it past her to take matters into her own hands."

    Cayne quickly left the bank area and left us behind to ponder over what he said. We then went back to the Serps Hall to discuss our new findings.


    Daniel Ravens sighed, “I think we have a second motive tonight. I thought Money was the motive but I can see Jealousy can not be overlooked.

    Daniel Ravens: we need to think about this. Who do you think is guilty?

    “I think min did it” Decided Mum.” I think she has several reasons. She wants to be recognized as the best rider. She wants love life. She wants control over the way things are ran.

    Many Agreed that she had motive, But Darth presented another possibility.

    “I think they are all guilty let’s kill ‘em and let god sort them out. They all have something they are hiding.”

    Daniel Ravens pointed out that we could not just stab them all, although it would be one solution. Then he spoke about Min. Min’s father was the best Jockey until he retired. Racing is hard on the body when one gets older. Min did follow in her father’s foot steps. She really was a better jockey than Farley.

    Queen Mum pieced other thoughts together. “So in order to protect his 'title' wouldn’t she have even more reason to kill.

    We have not had the opportunity to meet Min’s father. We would have to track him down.

    I realized that we had not talked to Tara. Colt had mentioned she was in Skara so I head out on my own. She was seated on a stool in the councilor’s community center drinking a cool apple cider. I grabbed a cider and some cookies and sat down with her.

    I heard about the Paddock. I wish I had been there. Maybe I could have calmed the horses. Although I must admit it had been getting harder and harder. I can’t believe Marrianne did that. Farley told me it was all her idea.

    I asked her if she believed that or if she was just protecting her love?

    “Farley!” She grinned “Oh I had a crush on him at first. He seemed to be a great Jockey. But I was upset to learn he was cheating. I often wondered why he did not ride well when we went for our weekly outings. They were all innocent of course. Farley told me all the gossip. I guess he found it easy to talk to me.”

    I asked her about Colt.

    “I was surprised to hear Colt was in love with me. He is so *shrug* farm boy. There is nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying he is more comfortable working with the animals.

    She took a sip from her glass. I was Jealous of Xarra at first but then I found out that Farley was not nice. He had some Idea about how to care for the retired horses. I think he was working with Farriot. *acts uppity* Oh Lord Farriot! I never cared for old Farriot..

    Tara seemed very calm so I asked her, “Who do you think killed Farley?”

    She Sighed. “I do not know. Do you think it could have been an accident?”

    ~ Shadow Riter