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[EM-Event]Talking with Dorian (2) : Friday, 18th April

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Seasseragh, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Seasseragh

    Seasseragh Guest

    Hannah: *Her eyes roll back*
    Hannah: Dorian.....
    Hannah: Dorian are you there my love?
    Hannah: *Hannah my dear*
    Hannah: *Is that really you?*
    Hannah: It is me my love!
    Hannah: *Cough Cough*
    Hannah: *It's been so long since I spoke to you*
    Hannah: Are you ok Dorian?
    Hannah: *I... I am just fine my dear*

    Hannah: Dorian, time is short
    Hannah: We need your help!
    Hannah: *How can I help from here?*

    Hannah: We are very close Dorian, we are coming for you in two days!
    Hannah: *You are? That is great!*
    Hannah: But we need some information from you my dear

    Hannah: How can we find you inside the Void?
    Hannah: *Cough Cough*
    Hannah: *I never strayed far from the place I landed when Mericles sent me here*
    Hannah: Can you be more specific?
    Hannah: *I am afraid not*
    Hannah: Ok, we have my father captive
    Hannah: We will try to extract the information from him

    Hannah: Dorian, can you tell us anything about the void changeling?
    Hannah: *Yes, I have seen it!*
    Hannah: *It is a most terrifying beast*
    Hannah: Dorian, what does it look like?
    Hannah: *It is impossible to describe this creature*
    Hannah: *One day it has horns*
    Hannah: *The next it breathes fire*

    Hannah: D... Dorian
    Hannah: What else is there? What other creatures?
    Hannah: *I have seen many hideous creatures*
    Hannah: *Daemons roam around and many poisonous creatures*

    Hannah: Are there any red dragons there?
    Hannah: *Cough*
    Hannah: *No, No I have not seen any red Dragons*

    Hannah: Dorian....
    Hannah: Dorian, what about the time?
    Hannah: *Time.... time has no meaning here my dear....*
  2. Seasseragh

    Seasseragh Guest

    So what we have is:

    - We will find Dorian "not far" from the place where Mericles sent him first. Mericles should
    open the gate close to that location, if at all possible.
    - The Void Changeling is not too far away either, it is Mericles "Ally".
    Probably a changeling of Paragon or even Peerless difficulty.
    - Daemons roam around and many poisonous creatures
    - No Crimson Dragons in the immediate area, so pet dragon are (probably) safe to bring
    - Time is (probably) not an issue. (Dorian said in the first "talk" he already spent aeons