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[EM Event] Tamer Pet Fight Tournament

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Pacific EM Feed, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. August 10, 2014
    6:00 pmto8:00 pm

    Hi to all Pacific citizens,

    I am writing here to announce a new tournament that will bring some life to the Luna fairground. I will do this tournament as a unofficial one to test how much participation and how much player love it! If I get a lot of lover, I may register it as a bi-monthly tournament.

    I got few e-mail recently that were requesting some kind of “Olympic” kind of game that could take place at Luna fairground and I really loved the idea so I am going forward to it.

    If you have any other idea of fun game that could be tested and perhaps added to potential “Pacific Luna Fairground Olympic” please let me know via e-mail at [email protected]

    For August the Tournament will be as title says: “Tamer Pet Fight Tournament”

    What is that? It is a tournament meant for Tamer where you will need to go tame a specific type of animal/creature in the first phase and then in a single elimination bracket kind Tournament participant will make their animal fight to death. There will be a top 3 and winner will get their name engrave to a statue.

    **Sorry for non-tamer player, but I will make different skill tournament so stay tune and your turn to participate will come!

    How to register: To be able to keep a record of all player name and result, I chose to use a third party website. You can see and register to any upcoming Pacific tournament by visiting http://uopacific.challonge.com/. To register to a tournament please register to this site (it is completely free) and go to uopacific page to see all current planned tournament and register freely (You can find a link of this page in the Tournaments section of EM Pacific Website). NOTE**Make sure the name you use to register at a specific tournament is the one of your in-game character that will participate to it or you won’t be able to participate. (To change your name for specific tournament once registered you can go to the tournament page and use “change setting” tab to change your name for this specific tournament.

    Flow of the Tournament:

    1. Welcoming words
    2. Will announce the tournament animal to be tame.
    3. Participant got 30 mins to get in the wild to tame the best animal they can of this type.
    4. Participant back at the arena the Single Elimination tournament start.
    5. Winner ceremony and engravement of the statue.

    **Please let me know by e-mail if any of these rule doesn’t make sense or should be changed and I will do what I can do if I feel change are needed.

    On that I will wish everyone good luck and a lot of fun in this very first tournament and feel free to register to it right away as the registration are already open!

    Your lovely, EM Orix


    Meet at Luna Fairground August 10th @ 6pm pst for A LOT of fun! Don’t forget to register before!

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