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[EM Event] Tobby

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Exmortis, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Story by Sorelia

    The Counselor's Hall seemed chilly the night of the meeting for Daniel's students. Standing in the empty chambers I wondered what this meeting would hold for the eager minds about to attend?

    Slowly they entered, quietly took their seats and friendly warm chatter began among the students. But tonight had a somber note as Daniel appeared. He was dressed in black. Fitting for the duties of unraveling the mysteries surrounding the unwittingly gross actions of destruction that Virtue Bane has dealt to this land. The Queen is dead and the battle rages.


    But to the details of the night...

    The students have practiced decoding and working at disabling the guards around Virtue Bane. Daniel asked if anyone had taken some guards out. "Yes," cried Queen elf Sandy and Miri. Daniel was pleased and stated, " we will continue to best him."

    It is agreed by the members this night that Virtue Bane plans to take over this land and rid the world of virtues. A despicable act for which the plan is to "stand firm and defeat him." But how is this to commence? He has killed the queen, defeated us in battle and stands shielded by his guards. There was a sharp warning to Queen elf Sandy and Queen Mum for caution as they too might be targets. Surprised, Mum stated she was defenseless except to throw cookies at them all. Then came some speculation from the students wondering about Bane's plans. " Perhaps he is making tiger blood!" The crowd fell silent.

    Daniel's mood suddenly changed as he talked about their dear friend Tobby. He is the gentle Treefellow who fought valiantly in battle and was pushed off a building. Daniel winced, " Tobby is looking pale and he is fading. We have to find a cure for him." The student were very sad to hear the news. Condolences spawned from every member of the group and it was agreed that they must help Tobby.


    They were all invited to see Tobby at the healers lodge in Britan where he was being treated. The gate was opened and not one person hesitated. The crowd poured through to the lodge in Britan in an instant and to their dismay, Tobby lay, near death, on the healers cot. Some brought potions and reagents to help. Some brought bandages but nothing they had with them could help poor Tobby. The stench in the lodge was sickening. Many had to stand near the door for fresh air. All were very distraught but hope abounded when a student yelled, "but his root is still good!" The eager students came up with a plan to move Tobby. They would replant him in Yew under the shade of the vast yew trees in fertile soil. Certainly, the soil, fresh rain and air would revive their friend and comrade.

    The task was clear. They must get Tobby out of the stench and into fresh, dewy air. This would certainly revive him. It was a demanding task. Their small arms were not equal to the task of carrying a Treefellow. Earnest with hope and desire they began to tug. Daniel at the lead, they dragged Tobby, inch by inch, to the door of the lodge and not the fresh air under a tree next to the healers lodge. Tobby was now in a better place to heal. More suited to him.


    As they stood around their gentle giant. Daniel began talking about an artifact. The students were curious and listened carefully. Daniel had met a woman named Elizabeth. She talked to him about an artifact called a shard gem. She disclosed that this artifact stores ancient memory. Perhaps this will give clues about Virtue Bane and his plan. Elizabeth will join us this Saturday to explain.

    Come and join the Daniel and his students this Saturday evening at the Counselor's Hall in Serpent's Hold.