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[EM Event] Trade or Not? What is the answer…

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Pacific EM Feed, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. June 7, 2014
    6:00 pmto7:00 pm

    In the jungle like area, both Bob and Archibal angry argue…

    “Why in earth did you have to spread your stupid paint on the chest with our buyer’s log!!” said Archibal.

    “Why did you put the buyer’s log in that chest? If you wouldn’t had put it there it wouldn’t have been destroyed!!” reply Bob.

    “You are so stupid Bob you can’t think at all! Stop wasting our time and let’s get to work to find where the buyer is!”

    “But you were happy when I showed you the paint Archibal! You were motivated to make money with it!”

    “Yes! before we got in so much trouble because of your stupid fertilizer with BLACKROCK DUST in it! Who on earth would put such thing in fertilizer!” Archibal left Bob and went somewhere in the jungle like to get some time alone…

    In the meantime, Bob decided to go back to the mainland and look in the sewer to see if he couldn’t find any remain of the book where the only buyer could be.

    After some times looking around, he found only one thing, it was a page with some very light writing. Having an evil smile in the face he ran back to the jungle area and look for Archibal.

    He took not so long before he found Archibal with a very scary “Angry” face.

    “ I think I found something…” said Bob.

    “ What did you find again… it is all gone! ashes… We are going to be jailed…” Angrily replied Archibald.

    Then Bob gave the wet and dirty page to Archibal.

    “Where did you find that…? It is very hard to read, but it could be the print of the last page of our Buyer’s log with our buyer’s location!”

    “I went to the sewer and look into the debris…”

    “Well don’t be too excited… I still need to find out what is written on it…”

    Archibal getting to work, Bob on his side just hanged around and trying to find some way to tweak the recipe to make sure the buyer’s would not be too angry from the delay.


    “Yes Archibal?”

    “If we found the location this time you go for the trade. I count on you!”

    “I went last time to try finding him and was interfered by some people, your turn!”

    “Why is that so… You know that…”

    “NO why...You go! AND I told them that the transaction was already done. So there shouldn’t be anybody to interfere this time!” Shout Archibal to Bob.

    “If you already did the transaction why didn’t you told me! Why are we still looking for a buyer? You already sold it…”

    “I lied to them! It was a trick! Leave me alone, I need to work on the page now!” Start ignoring Bob and continue working…
    Is that paper the one that has the buyer information? Will their be able to get to the buyer so we can get a chance to interfere again and finally get that recipe? This is your chance!


    Meet with Bernard head of the town guard at Brit EM/Counselor Hall on June 7th (Sat.) at 6pm PST to go investigate the last city where are transaction could have been made.

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