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EM Fiction - A Story Of The War Between Good And Evil - By Alexander

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Alexander of ATL., Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Alexander of ATL.

    Alexander of ATL. Rares Fest Host | Atl June 2013
    Stratics Veteran

    Jun 20, 2010
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    Greetings, I write my story not out of pitty, but out of pain, pain I have inflicted on others, pain I have inflicted on myself. In this story, you will learn everything that has taken place, a time that the weak and strong could be corrupt.

    It all started when we all became sleepless, tired of the usual day to day basis. People became weary, and relentless, tired of having no leader, no balance, no order. A friend of mine built a Nexus device and became enraged with greed and power. I began to listen to his teachings, I to became persuaded and became corrupt. We rebailed, we cursed out the innocent, and we killed those who oppose us. I know now, it was a trick to turn the Knight's upon each other. That was day one of the preperation for the Great War, day one of our corruption.

    Plans were being made to overthrow Danica, Leader of the Knight's of the Crux Ansata. Exodus promised us glory, wealth, power, and a special special place in the Exodus army. It was bait to keep us doing his service. We slipped false information to a news reporter, Exodus had given us the information so Danica could be locked up, to get her out of the way, and it worked. Our mission was to kill those who found out, luckily now looking back, im glad no one found out.

    I found a parchment that was ment to be sent to Exodus, here is what i had written: "That fool Jimmy Nardello is ruining everything! With his escape, he is causing strong forces to come after him... we might be found! I hear Dupre, old man from Trinsic, is lurking around, he might be onto something. Ready our minions to go kill him in his sleep!"

    And now... with our mind cleared... im glad that letter was never sent. Without Dupre... Exodus would be alive, if Exodus is alive... my family... would be dead.

    As i expected, Dupre caught on.. and he was more prepared than we thought he would be. Exodus, Promathia, and I underestimated the Crux.

    On the evening of June 22, 2012. Exodus awoke from his deep sleep, and war was about to commence. Promathia and I lurked in the Crux Army, waiting for the right time to attack. We never got the chance. Lord Dupre made a speech that was so powerful, even i trembled when I heard what was planned for Exodus and his army. We went to Ver Lor Reg, the base of Exodus. The Crux started slaughtering our Minions, I got scared and fled to Exodus. I never knew that the force of Lord Dupre was so strong. I tried to persuade Exodus that this was the wrong time to attack, he wasn't strong enough. He insisted that he could kill them with one glance and that nothing could kill him. At that moment, the doors started to creak, we heard shouts and screams, ready to rip Exodus apart. I fled, i couldn't die... not that way... i watched.. while Lord Exodus was tormented... blades lashing at him.. arrows peircing his skin.. and i watched them slaughter him, I watched as he looked me in the eyes when he drew is last breath. I felt like a betrayer, i felt evil, i felt... un-human.

    When Exodus fell... I collapsed... He tried to drag me with him.. back to that evil place he was imprisoned at. I felt pain... torture, sorrow.. and depression. I remember fighting back, fighting for my life. I couldn't be Exodus' slave forever... not after what I did. I fought till i couldn't fight no longer... when i thought all hope was lost... i saw a little boy. In this deep dark pit of destruction... i started to see a little light. It got brighter... and a little boy emerged from it. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was Lord Addie... i was happy and sad at the same time. I couldn't look at him in the face, i betrayed him and the Crux.

    He spoke with the most firm and strong voice that when he spoke, i trembled with every word he made. He looked at me and said: "Alexander... you have betrayed those who you loved. You betrayed the Crux Ansata... and you betrayed Me! Why should i spare your life.. after all you have done?"

    I couldn't say anything but the truth. "I am sorry Lord Addie, I have wronged you and i deserve no mercy from you or the Crux. I deserve to die and be the slave of Exodus"

    And a firm voice from Addie spoke and said "Look upon me, Alexander, young Knight of the Crux Ansata, I will spare your life, but you are forever in debt to the Crux Ansata. I can grant thee life and i can taketh away at any moment. Dont betray me again."

    I looked at him in his eyes, I saw love, peace, and a life without war. I couldn't think of anything els to say but: "Thank you my Lord, I am forever in debt to you my Lord." With that I heard a loud roar that came from Exodus and before i went into a deep sleep, he bellowed out "I will have have my revenge one day, and your first on my list Alexander!"

    I awoke in my bed, dazzled about what had happened. This day forward. I pledge to be the most loyal Knight I can be, I pledge to protect and serve the Knight's of the Crux Ansata to my fullest. With that... I started writing a book to teach people about the War between Good and Evil and those who were in it.

    I write this story to teach those to listen to your heart. Don't betray the one's who love you and those who care for you. Let this story be known to all of mankind, the story of Lady Faeryl and Lady Queen Arya, Knight's of the Crux Ansata. Let them know of Lord Dupre and Lady Amandine Danica, Leaders of Peace. Let them know of Lord Promathia and Lord Alexander, the one' who were corrupted because of greed. And let them know... of Exodus... the one.. who can corrupt even the most kind and the most loyal....
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