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EM Site Feed [EM Fiction] The Night Before Dominion

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley' started by UO News, May 28, 2015.

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    Jan 30, 2009
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    A turbulent day soon turned into a peaceful night as Astor strolled around the castle. As he walked towards the courtyard, he saw a familiar figure coming towards the castle. Even at night the magically imbued armor was easily distinguishable.

    “You are late Commander. He has already left.” Astor calls out to Commander Vesuvius, referencing the days events with the Time Lord.

    The Commander’s face contorts with pain as memories are drudged up in his head. When he had last met the Time Lord, the events with his brother Marcus were coming to their climax. Commander Vesuvius had blindly trusted his brother which had proved to been a disastrous mistake. Vesuvius had his family taken from him far too soon, and the Royal Guard began to crumble. He felt powerless having been fooled by his own brother and all the deaths that followed he carried on his shoulders. Yet it was only with The Time Lord lending him power that Commander Vesuvius was able to eventually push his brother to defeat. He will be forever thankful to The Time Lord, yet Vesuvius anguishes over the fact he was not powerful enough himself to avenge his fallen family.

    “I trusted in the men and women of the Kingsguard. My presence wasn’t needed” Vesuvius mutters tiredly.

    Astor’s eye’s narrow “Oh? Is that why?” He smirks almost playfully as the words leave his lips. “Have you made any progress on finding our dear Knight?”

    Word had already begun to spread through the land that the legendary sword Caliburn had been claimed by the Black Knight himself. Vesuvius looks down to the shield hanging from his arm, the fabled Shield of Valor.
    The Shield of Valor had once been wielded by King Blackthorn himself almost what seems ages ago. The King upon hearing of the whispers of Caliburn’s resurfacing had entrusted the shield to the Commander. With the shield and the rumors of Caliburn, all eight talisman’s of Cabirus had been found.

    “No. There has been no sign of him. Regardless, we will move on the Orb of Dominion tomorrow” Vesuvius retorts to Astor almost angrily.

    The Orb Of Dominion had already proven to be a thorn in the side of the Kingsguard. A magical artifact created by the Lunar Clan Ogres, it has the power to dominate ones spirit, essentially turning them into a puppet. The Orb had already been used on Governor Rocko and it was only thanks to Astor’s own magic that the connection over the Governor was halted. Unbeknownst to the Lunar Clan Ogres, the mages of the Kingsguard had worked tirelessly to restore the rift to Felucca left behind after their last encounter. Soon the Kingsguard would move out into the rift to follow the clan, and put an end to the Orb.

    “The Black Knight doesn’t seem too concerned that we have some of the talismans, does he?” Astor’s eyes narrow again “Do you suppose he was only looking for the sword?”
    The Commander never fully trusted Astor, and his unusually inquisitive nature tonight wasn’t helping. Perhaps recent events had forced a change in plans. The Black Knight called himself a general of Minax’s army, yet
    was he aware that his mistress now works outside of time and space to change our world? Yet it never did truly seem that the Black Knight cared about the rest of the Talisman’s.

    “Get some rest Astor. We will need all our strength for what is to come” Vesuvius sighs and walks off.

    “The time indeed draws near” Astor whispers to himself. Feeling satisfied, Astor grins as he watches the Commander enter the castle. “How exciting.”

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