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EM-hosted Open Realm Discussion - Tonight(Sunday) 7 pm EST

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. This evening, Sunday March 1st, at 7pm EST, Chesapeake is to have it's second shard-wide community meeting at the House of Commons.

    Organized and hosted by the Chesapeake Event Moderator Team of EM Tailspin and EM Dudley(although EM Faine Morgan is known to pop in to say hello!), this weekly meeting is an opportunity for all players of Chesapeake to meet together to hear news, make community decisions, get to know one another, tell bad orc jokes and otherwise come together under one, neutral roof.


    To reiterate, this is a weekly meeting, at a time chosen and established by popular vote at the first meeting last Sunday. It is hosted by the EM Team, but they encourage player interaction and participation, from all backgrounds and playstyles, in a mutually respectful and shared setting.

    Come hear the latest news, find out about upcoming events, suggest ideas, meet your fellow Chesapeake players, vote on EM Event proposals, have your say in the matter heard!

    The location of the meeting will be the grandly designed House of Commons, located in Trammel just south of the the Britain Farms area and just a bit north of the Britain moongate.

    For convenience to some, I've locked down a rune to the location on the steps of the Red Wolf Cafe in Gyldenfeld.

    Hope to see *you* there!

    Please remember that this is a weekly meeting, so if you can't make it tonight there's always next Sunday :)

    As a sidenote - EM Tailspin has additionally left a helmet in the Britain Counselor's Hall indicating he will be in the vicinity 5-6pm EST
  2. John Merchant

    John Merchant Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 10, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I am boycotting EM events, since they only cater to the "select" few. I tried to join a team at the T-Hunt thing, and was simply ignored by EVERYONE.
  3. They "cater" to anyone and everyone that wants to enter the contest or participate in EM events. It was up to the players to find and form their own teams, not the EM's job to put you on a team. Are you in a guild or have some friends that you could have formed a team with? With such a large and challenging event, did you try to find team mates well in advance? I was able to get on a team by asking around in my alliance.

    I understand if you felt left out, but it sounds like you kinda waited til the very last minute while other people had already made plans and even practiced together beforehand. These are great events and always fun. Theyre not always team-based events either, and not even always to be in Trammel. As with anything, I think you should give it another chance and try to better make some plans a little bit in advance.
  4. Gowron

    Gowron Guest

    As one of the participants in the event, I'll apply a model to what probably was going through folks' minds. For starters, our team was formed before we showed up to the event. Also, when folks are asking questions, I tend to not give a response rather than give them a negative answer. Thus, when I saw folks asking to be picked up for a team, I was leaving it for someone else to pick them up as mine was formed and full.

    Now, I will say that I'm not placing all of the blame on you, but I think the EM's could take this as a lesson learned. There wasn't much time from announcement to event to really give a good amount of planning and some folks for allowing team formation in time.

    I will apologize if you felt ignored. I was busy making sure our team was in the right place and that I was prepared to execute the tasks. It wasn't my intention to just blow you off. However, things like last night's meeting is a place to voice those inputs. Things won't be improved if you just don't show up and decide to keep frustrations to yourself.

    Hope this helps.