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EM Meet and Greet Notes for Sunday June 6th

Discussion in 'UO Lake Austin' started by EM Pallando, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. EM Pallando

    EM Pallando Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    Feb 24, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Though the night started off slow, players began to trickle in (Thanks again Jadzia!), and the Meet and Greet was quite the success!

    Here is a summary of the topics discussed:

    1. As already mentioned, BlissMarie is the winner of the Luna Trash Can Contest! On behalf of LA, EM Dexter and myself, congratulations BlissMarie! Mesanna will be informed of the win ASAP and a plaque (obviously along with the winning Trash Can) dedicated to BlissMarie in the Reward Hall!

    2. A good majority of the meeting was spent at the Fairgrounds on the Crumbling Continent in Malas. Attendees were shown around and there was A LOT of brainstorming as to future events (both EM and player driven) involving the Fairgrounds. Ideas included (but not limited to):

    - Archery contests
    - Chicken lizard fights and other "animal" themed type battles and tournaments.
    - Event types similar to the Amazing Race (possibly player driven or EM hosted)
    - Naked Dungeon crawls

    3. After having conferred with Mesanna on the issue of the Fairgrounds contest, it has been decided instead to redesign the existing Fairgrounds (official contest announcement incoming!), and thankfully two of LA's talented designers were on hand and many questions were fielded. A few further things to note:

    -- As I mentioned, the sandstone arena was something that Mesanna wanted to eliminate BUT I was considering instead using it as a place to hold "animal" tournaments, chicken lizard fights, mongbat fights, etcetera. A few other ideas were tossed around but I am of the mind that the arena is way too small for a traditional PvP style tournament. However additions to the structure are not out of question, and the complete elimination of the arena is not out of the question! Please keep this in mind, Designers.

    -- As per my instruction, the "gauntlet" area of the Fairgrounds (with the fences, and the Golden Monk, etc) I would like to remain as a permanent set piece. However some made excellent suggestions to improve the gauntlet, and handled and improved correctly, I can see this as a possibility of having quite the attractive and fun place unique to LA. Take delicate care with this Designers!

    4. In mentioning the next two events, one will be fairly straightforward and familiar and the one after will be another experiment (defensive in nature).

    5. Other than that a few monsters were spawned for fun and just a bunch of more chatting and brainstorming. I also got to see the "Smuggler's entrance" into Luna that I never knew was there.

    If I forgot something that was brought up, please reply and update!