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[EM NEWS] A New Guest Arrives At Lycaeum

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Sara Of Baja, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    from goldenbrewtavern.com

    A new guest arrives at Lycaeum
    Thursday, December 10, 2009
    By EM Seppo

    (Sorry for missing the event this past weekend. We will not be rescheduling that event as things need to keep moving. This fiction covers what was to be covered during the event. The books mentioned at end of the fiction will be locked down at Lycaeum in coming days.

    A note: For future, when talking with NPC’s they will not recognize the name An-Buci, so you have to state it without the dash, “An Buci”)


    Merrick sighed in satisfaction as he looked up at the bright moon crowning the dark night while taking a stroll outside the walls of Lycaeum. Things had certainly quieted down since earlier this evening when a crowd had gathered expecting to catch a glance of the gargish scholar, An-Buci. There had even been a chap, Duke something – the full name escaped Merrick now, who insisted upon setting up his own furniture!

    “Gah, common folks! They get excited over the strangest things, ” he guffawed to himself.

    Just then, the monotony of the night was broken by an intense blue light from a newly formed magical gate. Merrick shielded his eyes with his hands, but not before catching a glance of three figures stepping out from within it. The blinding brightness of the gate soon subsided, revealing a gargish female flanked by two Royal Guards of Britannia.

    “Ahh, you must be the scholar An-Buci from Ter Mur!,” Merrick exclaimed, shocked by the sudden appearance.

    An-Buci smiled and attempted a curtsy, in a manner likely to have frightened most humans.

    “Des-Ailem, scholar of Lycaeum. It is a great honor to be amongst the wisest of Britannia.”

    “Ahh, hmm, thank you!,” Merrick fumbled for words. Then, regaining his senses, “Where are my manners? I am Merrick, a naturalist by expertise.”
    At that, he half-extended his arm for a handshake, as it is often the strange norm amongst scholars of Lycaeum, but then changed his mind and bowed resulting in a very odd scene.

    “It is a pleasure to be in your company, Merrick the Naturalist. I must apologize for the delay in my arrival but we had to change our plans at the behest of the one in charge of my safe arrival,” An-Buci frowned.

    “Ahh, hmm, that is a pity for many had gathered to welcome your arrival. Why, I even spotted some lords and ladies in the crowd, ” said Merrick, while glancing at the sack of books carried by An-Buci.

    “But, best to not tarry now. Let me carry the books, you must be tired from your journey. Please, if you would follow me? ”

    At that moment, one of the guards stepped in front and motioned the gargish scholar and the other guard towards the gates of Lycaeum. Looking at Merrick, he spoke with an air of authority, “If I may have a word with you. In private.”

    Merrick raised his eyebrows, but nodded after some hesitation as he had many questions for An-Buci. Once they were out of an ear shot, the officer spoke with a grave tone, “An-Buci is an official representative of the Gargoyles and the queen has taken special interest in her safety.”

    “Fear not, officer. The Lycaeum might seem defenseless but it has guarded many powerful treasures for many ages. She will not come to any harm while here.”

    Looking skeptical, the officer mumbled, “That might be. But the anti-gargoyle elements are prepared to take extreme measures to express their point of view. Already, we have reports of intimidation against many pro-gargoyle fractions such as The Ancient Order, Misfits of the Society, The Defenders of Shire, Dawn, Spawners Inc, and Convenant of the Dark Moon.”

    Then, leaning forward, he whispered, “If rumors are to be believed, then they have recruited powerful friends such as Cartel, the Dark Tower, and even those who are still true to Casca. Why, we have even received word that they might have hired a band of assassins known as Order of the Black Mantle. If true, then we must assume that they are prepared to even kill.”

    “Hmm, mmm! So much trouble over a mere scholar. I will pass your message to the others. Fear not, we will take extra precautions. Now, I must take my leave. There is much to be done.”

    With that, Merrick left the guard behind him. There was a commotion ahead of him, no doubt the news of the new guest had spread amongst the scholars of Lycaeum.An-buci would be surrounded by now but Merrick did not mind as he had her sack of books with him.

    Once inside his room, he quickly opened the sack, revealing various books with titles unknown to him, such as,Wingless Like Me, by James‘, ‘The Gargoyle Connection, by Kiljaedon Kul Raja‘, ‘How Len-Lem Got His Wings, by Lud-ku’, ‘The Endless Halloween‘, and ‘The Legend of The Slasher Of The Veils, by Cebo.‘ He sighed happily as he took one of them out and inhaled the crisp smell of a new book.


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