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[EM News] Closing Arguments Heard

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, May 3, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
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    From www.goldenbrewtavern.com

    Prosecutor William McCarthy Begins Court with his closing argument after Defense’s witness, Fain the Dark Stranger could not be located and did not answer the summons to appear in court.
    Closing Arguments by Prosecution and Defense
    Judge Erlington: *nods to jury*
    Handalf: hail judge!
    Kat: Good eve, Your Honor.
    Halo In Reverse: hi
    Judge Erlington: Hail
    Judge Erlington: Thank you for being here
    Judge Erlington: *smiles*
    Handalf: quite welcome!
    Halo In Reverse: *smiles*
    William McCarthy: Hail!
    Judge Erlington: Hail McCarthy
    William McCarthy: mm
    Judge Erlington: *checks notes*
    Judge Erlington: Closing arguments tonight correct?
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    William McCarthy: Aye, Sire!
    Handalf: oh thank god!
    Handalf: oops… i said that out loud.. sorry judge
    Judge Erlington: *looks towards defense table*
    William McCarthy: mmm
    William McCarthy: I saw one of the defense counsel running around in Britain..
    William McCarthy: *sits down*
    William McCarthy: *eyes the chicken*
    Handalf: *squints at billy boy*
    Handalf: *waves hello*
    Krystal Olivaw: Hail
    William McCarthy: hmm
    Zack: wooo jury is full tonight
    William McCarthy: ahh
    William McCarthy: Decided to show up after all..
    Halo In Reverse: ty hand *smiles*
    Handalf: bok bok
    Taliesin: *pat stomach*
    Handalf: In Mani Ylem
    Taliesin: Had myself a juicy burger first.
    William McCarthy: Sounds unhealthy, whatever that might be
    Zack: mmm
    Taliesin: Your honor, my co counsel will be here shortly.
    Handalf: bok bok
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Krystal Olivaw: Thank you
    Judge Erlington: I was about to ask
    Judge Erlington: if they were going to be in attendance
    Taliesin: “They”?
    Taliesin: *looks to the left and right*
    Taliesin: I’ll check.
    Judge Erlington: Mr Morr and Mistress Fier?
    Taliesin: *readies hyper dimensional messaging apparatus.*
    William McCarthy: Likely making their way to Bucanners Den
    Handalf: michael morr?
    Handalf: *looks up*
    Amber Witch: Evening Sir
    Zack: bok!
    Handalf: bok!
    Handalf: *smiles*
    Handalf: *taps foot on bench…*
    Count of Berg: Evening MiLord
    William McCarthy: *stiffles a yawn*
    Handalf: ooooh
    Handalf: thnks!
    Zack: !!
    Handalf: seeds!
    Judge Erlington: Are we ready to proceed?
    Handalf: er what is that for?
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    Handalf: oh! nm
    Judge Erlington: Defense?
    Count of Berg: IS our witness here MiLord?
    Taliesin: *snickers*
    William McCarthy: *rolls his eyes*
    Judge Erlington: Tonight is closing arguments
    Count of Berg: and the summons for Fain the Dark Stranger?
    William McCarthy: I do not believe the judge was able to find one Hooded Stranger
    Handalf: *picks up eyes.. dusts them off… returns to william*
    William McCarthy: oh.. Dark Stranger
    Judge Erlington: The Order was given
    William McCarthy: mmm
    Judge Erlington: But one Fain could not be located
    Count of Berg: Then we should call in open Court MiLord and see if the witness appears
    Taliesin: How convenient.
    William McCarthy: Delay tactics!
    William McCarthy: No such witness exists!
    Taliesin: But that person ~does~ exist.
    Count of Berg: ah but there are pictures my friend
    Judge Erlington: I call Fain the dark Stranger to the stand..if you are here
    William McCarthy: pictures?
    Handalf: !
    Judge Erlington: *looks around*
    Judge Erlington: *taps toes*
    William McCarthy: *stretches his legs*
    Judge Erlington: It seems Count..Fain is not here
    Count of Berg: As the witness has not appearred, perhaps the Prosecution should begin his closing?
    should begin his closing?
    Judge Erlington: nor *checks notes* could they be located
    Judge Erlington: very well
    Judge Erlington: Mr McCarthy
    Judge Erlington: You may begin your closing arguments
    William McCarthy: Prosecution is ready!
    Prosecutor’s closing argument
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    William McCarthy: Thank you!
    William McCarthy: *sniffs his nose at the defense*
    William McCarthy: *walks towards the jury*
    William McCarthy: Hail, Lords and Ladies of the jury!
    Zack: and chicken!
    Handalf: *waves imperiously*
    William McCarthy: *dons a concerned look*
    William McCarthy: Aha.. and yes, the chicken!
    Handalf: bok bok
    William McCarthy: Members of the jury soon you will have a great responsibility at hand
    Handalf: me?
    Handalf: at me? *looks confused*
    William McCarthy: Over the past few weeks you have heard first hand account
    William McCarthy: of how the Britannian Purity League works
    William McCarthy: They have intimidated good citizens
    William McCarthy: Even gone as far as meddle with the workings of this trial!
    You see: stone wall
    William McCarthy: You saw our kind judge kidnapped in front of your eyes
    Judge Erlington: *shudders remembering the horror*
    William McCarthy: The defense will have you believe that they are a harmless groupharmless group
    William McCarthy: trying to express their opinion
    William McCarthy: Nay!
    William McCarthy: If left unchecked, they will stiffle our freedom
    William McCarthy: *moves closer*
    Handalf: *backs off defensively*
    William McCarthy: You also heard eye witnesses
    William McCarthy: who have placed the defendents Aldagar Morr and Cymidei Fier
    William McCarthy: as acting for the purpose of BPL
    William McCarthy: You heard how they met at the Morr manor
    William McCarthy: and discussed plans to spread chaos and fear
    William McCarthy: You also heard eye witness testimony
    William McCarthy: of both of them caught red handed looting the treasure that rightfully belongs to the crown!
    that rightfully belongs to the crown!
    Handalf: !
    William McCarthy: Finally, even the defense admitted
    William McCarthy: to be fighting for the BPL at the castle of Orobas
    Lillu: sry
    William McCarthy: It could not be any clearer!
    Judge Erlington: *shuffles court notes*
    You see: Maverick
    William McCarthy: And what did the defense present?
    William McCarthy: *laughs*
    William McCarthy: *paces*
    William McCarthy: *looks at the jury again*
    Handalf: 0-0
    William McCarthy: The witnesses brought by the defense
    William McCarthy: were as incoherent as their strateg
    William McCarthy: All of them conflicted each other’s story
    You see: WERDNA [WD]
    William McCarthy: One said their was never a secret meeting
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    William McCarthy: while the other admitted to it, only to insist it was a fund raiser
    William McCarthy: One said they were never at the Castle
    William McCarthy: only for Mistress Fier and Mr. Morr admit to being present themselveses
    William McCarthy: I don’t know about you, members of the jury
    William McCarthy: but to me this sounds like GUILTY!
    Handalf: *takes notes*
    William McCarthy: When they cannot even get their stories straight
    William McCarthy: So, I hope that when you go back and deliberate
    William McCarthy: you will keep in mind
    William McCarthy: that the very future of our kingdom may depend on your decision
    William McCarthy: Britannian Purity League must be stopped at all cost!
    Handalf: *shivers in terror*
    : Handalf says: *shivers in terror*
    : Handalf says: *shivers in terror*
    William McCarthy: Do not let lies and cheap parlor tricks distract you
    William McCarthy: from what needs to be done!
    William McCarthy: *bows his head*
    William McCarthy: Thank you!
    William McCarthy: *walks back to his seat*
    Handalf: !
    Judge Erlington: *nods at Mr McCarthy*
    Judge Erlington: If you are finished.
    William McCarthy: Indeed!
    Defense presents closing argument
    Judge Erlington: Defense you may present your closing argument
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    Count of Berg: Members of the Jury
    Count of Berg: I could ask the Court to direct you to disregard the commentary
    Count of Berg: from the Prosecution
    Count of Berg: but I will not
    Count of Berg: I want it fresh in your mind’s eye
    Count of Berg: The witness’s we heard from at this trial
    Count of Berg: did NOT
    Count of Berg: place Mr. Morr fighting for the PurityLeague
    Count of Berg: at the battle
    You see: Snow Drake the Healer
    Count of Berg: they could not even plce him there
    Count of Berg: he placed himself there
    Count of Berg: why?
    Count of Berg: because he had no foul intent
    Count of Berg: why should he lie about it?
    You see: Lord Thanatos the Shade
    Count of Berg: Did he speak against gargoyles having freedoms in this realm?
    Count of Berg: Of course he did!
    Count of Berg: He was attacked by them
    Count of Berg: many of us have ben attacked over the years
    Count of Berg: Even when we saw gargoyles who were no longer violent
    Count of Berg: they kept themselves
    Count of Berg: to the lands
    Count of Berg: if Illeshner
    Thanatos: Sanctum Viatas
    Count of Berg: not here
    Count of Berg: So when this old retired merchant
    Judge Erlington: *writes notes*
    Count of Berg: saw gargoyles in his own lands
    Count of Berg: of course he was affraid
    Count of Berg: but without foul intent
    Count of Berg: Now
    Count of Berg: the defense has called some witness’
    Handalf: *points* giant bat in courtroom, your honor!
    Count of Berg: It did not have to
    Maverick: the chicken is guilty – fry him!
    Handalf: !
    Count of Berg: the defense need not say anything
    Count of Berg: merely rely on the prosecution to first prove its case
    Count of Berg: they have not
    Count of Berg: yet Morr took the stand
    Count of Berg: for he had nothing to hide
    Count of Berg: indeed
    Count of Berg: he still has his opinions
    Count of Berg: but not violent ones
    Count of Berg: now onto the treasury
    Count of Berg: We have heard of the Dark Stranger
    Count of Berg: who, when seen has the same haura
    Count of Berg: as the esteemed invinsables
    Count of Berg: such as the prosecutor
    Count of Berg: yet the witness
    Count of Berg: does not appear
    Count of Berg: it is this same witness that threatens our realm
    Count of Berg: that misled several citizens
    Count of Berg: with the promise of great wealth
    Count of Berg: to enter enter
    Count of Berg: what they thought
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Count of Berg: was Casca’s ill gotten loot
    Count of Berg: NOT the Crown’s vaults
    Count of Berg: My firneds
    Cymidei Fier: Flam Sanct
    Count of Berg: I have been the Royal Vault
    Count of Berg: There are no signs
    Count of Berg: nothing is marked as such
    Count of Berg: Had I not known where I was from my noble status
    Count of Berg: I would not have been
    Count of Berg: able to deduce it was the Royal Vault
    Count of Berg: to steal from the Crown
    Count of Berg: one must know it is the Crown’s property
    Count of Berg: as for trying to warp the law of the land
    Count of Berg: I remind you
    Count of Berg: that Her Majesty had not yet ruled on the Gargoyl situation
    Count of Berg: until after the events that we litigate had occurred
    Count of Berg: Now the She has
    Count of Berg: Mr. Morr has not spoke out in protest
    Count of Berg: as he is a law abbiding citizen
    Count of Berg: But Morr is guilty of these sins!
    Count of Berg: He is an old man.
    Count of Berg: He is grumpy!
    Count of Berg: He has a closed mind in his opinions!
    Count of Berg: But that is all!
    Count of Berg: Is the man who shows such kindness to girl scouts
    Count of Berg: one who would attempt to overthrow
    Count of Berg: a kingdom?
    Count of Berg: Pleas eremember the words of the Prosecutor
    Count of Berg: remember how he phrased what the witness’ said
    Handalf: *checks notes*
    Count of Berg: versus what they really said
    Count of Berg: and then make your choice
    Count of Berg: I thank you on behalf of an old man
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    Judge Erlington: *nods towards the Count.*
    William McCarthy: mmm
    Judge Erlington: Mr Taliesin?
    Taliesin: Ok…
    Taliesin: *smiles*
    Taliesin: Ladies, gentlemen, and fowl of the Court.
    Handalf: *flaps*
    Taliesin: Let me remind you that this is a Criminal case, with criminal charges.
    Taliesin: Thus far, we’ve heard a lot of hearsay, witnesses, and the like.
    Taliesin: But we haven’t heard anything resembling hard evidence.
    Taliesin: One witness claims that my clients were there that night.
    Taliesin: But that same witness never saw them actually carrying away anything.
    William McCarthy: *grinds his staff*
    Handalf: *covers eyes*
    Taliesin: I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty hard to steal anything without first carrying it away
    Taliesin: somewhere.
    Taliesin: So when you decide whether to find my clients guilty or not.
    Taliesin: Just keep in mind that as to the charges, thus far, the prosecution has not
    Taliesin: directly connected either of them to any real crimes.
    Taliesin: I think the reason you guys are here would be abundantly clear if we kept this in mind.
    Taliesin: Thank you, and may Justice watch over you all.
    Taliesin: *smiles*
    Taliesin: That’s it for me, your Honor.
    Judge Erlington: *Nods towards Mr Talisin*
    Blister: oh
    Taliesin: Now hold on, Blister
    Taliesin: The judge being kidnapped had nothing to do with us.
    Taliesin: We were all sitting here.
    Handalf: *waves to gnome*
    Taliesin: Nowhere in this trial have we connected the kidnapping to the Purity League
    Taliesin: nor my clients.
    Taliesin: Hardly fair to include them in this.
    Underpants Gnome: *my apologies to the court for my tardiness*
    Judge Erlington: Mistress Fier?
    Cymidei Fier: Yes your honor?
    Judge Erlington: Do you wish to add anything?
    Cymidei Fier: Not at this time…
    Judge Erlington: Very well
    Judge Erlington: Ladies Gentlemen and errr fowl..of the jury
    Handalf: *nods*
    Underpants Gnome:*smiles*
    Taliesin: Might as well take a seat, Berg…this might take a while.
    Judge Erlington: You have been here for the trial…and have heard witness accounts..statements
    Judge Erlington: And saw me abducted
    Taliesin: !
    Judge Erlington: I now ask that you go into deliberation
    Judge Erlington: You will remain as such until Tuesday
    Judge Erlington: When at that time I shall expect a verdict
    Handalf: !
    Judge Erlington: which will be read on the following Thursday
    Judge Erlington: Please while under deliberation
    William McCarthy: *sits down*
    Judge Erlington: converse only to other jury members about the trial
    Judge Erlington: I shall see you here again Prosceution and Defense
    Handalf: your honor, a question if i may….
    Judge Erlington: On Thursday
    Taliesin: ?
    Judge Erlington: for sentencing
    Judge Erlington: Yes?
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Handalf: should we report bribe attempts to you or to town guards?
    Zack: ohh
    Judge Erlington: Hurmp
    Judge Erlington: Bribes?
    Krystal Olivaw: *giggles*
    Zack: I was bribed thursday
    William McCarthy: *raises his eyebrow*
    Handalf: er.. i were to get any such bribes… ihave not as of yet of course
    Zack: she wouldnt give me the dough though
    Taliesin: Crimes are reported to criminal investigations, i.e., the guards.
    Judge Erlington: Please report to town guards
    Taliesin: Cases are handled by a judge.
    Judge Erlington: they shall report further to the courts
    Handalf: *nod* thank you, your honor
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Handalf: *nods*
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Judge Erlington: This court is adjourned until Thursday
    William McCarthy: Sire
    Judge Erlington: Yes?
    William McCarthy: will the court make public all of the proceedings of the trial
    Judge Erlington: They shall
    William McCarthy: for the convenience of the jury
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    Handalf: !
    Judge Erlington: There will be documents provided
    Handalf: !!
    Handalf: !!!
    William McCarthy: Very well!
    William McCarthy: *ducks*
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Brytt: *pens down a note on parchment*
    Blister: goodness
    Judge Erlington: Defense please be present
    Judge Erlington: next Thursday for the reading of the verdict
    Cymidei Fier: What hour will it be read?
    Judge Erlington: You as well Mr McCarthy
    William McCarthy: I will bring the guards along with me, sire
    William McCarthy: *grins*
    Judge Erlington: *checks notes*
    Zack: oh
    Zack: hes gettin down
    You notify them that you do not wish to join the party.
    Zack: kind of like thursday when cym tried to cut his throat
    Zack: it was kind of nice
    Judge Erlington: 8pm pst
    Judge Erlington: as usual Sir
    Handalf: *wonders if health insurance covers kidnapping by BPL*
    Clayton Brega: pdt?
    Judge Erlington: PST
    William McCarthy: I shall be present, sire
    Handalf: judge! you are leaking air!
    Handalf: *looks for leak*
    Handalf: I canna find it!
    Judge Erlington: If that is all…This court is adjourned until said time
    Handalf: ahhh!
    William McCarthy: *bows*
    Judge Erlington: Hurmp!
    Handalf: “pst” sounded like a leak
    William McCarthy: Hrmpf
    Judge Erlington: *nods to jury*
    Handalf: *shrugs*
    Handalf: *nods*
    Judge Erlington: You are excused for deliberation
    William McCarthy: *rolls his eyes*
    Judge Erlington: Thank you members of the court room
    Handalf: *deliberates*
    Judge Erlington: for your attendance
    Kat: Shall we go and deliberate then?
    Brytt: Your Honor….
    You see: Krystal Olivaw the Bard
    Judge Erlington: yes?
    Brytt: Brytt Heathard, Britannian News…..
    Brytt: Also of the Golden Brew.
    Brytt: When the court records are available for public presentation
    Brytt: I should be happy to post them as well.
    Judge Erlington: very nice to meet you sir
    Judge Erlington: Very good
    Blister: Kal Ort Por
    Judge Erlington: I shall see that they are sent
    Brytt: You run a fine court, Your Honor. My best wishes in the resolution of this unpleasantness.
    Count of Berg: T?
    Brytt: Thankye.