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[EM NEWS] Let Freedom Ring (part 2)

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by falseprophet, Jul 12, 2010.

  1. falseprophet

    falseprophet Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 29, 2004
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    At the end of the opening ceremony, Sherry the mouse entered the Councilor’s hall and exclaimed to Queen Dawn “They’ve done it, they’ve broken through, it’s right where I said it was.” Dawn seemed excited as she replied “It’s still there then? They’ve found it in time?” Sherry told Dawn that yes it was and that the guards were watching, and awaiting Dawn’s instructions. Queen Dawn asked sherry to go ahead to the castle and summon Joshua to meet her there, to retrieve whatever “it” was. Turning to us, Queen Dawn asked if we would mind postponing the celebration and accompany her to the castle, which we agreed to do.


    Arriving at the Castle, we were met by Joshua the royal Engineer, who had; it seemed, been doing a little digging. Dawn and Joshua then began discussing what to do next:


    Dawn: Thank you for coming so quickly Joshua, I understand the chamber has been breached and the item located?
    Joshua the Royal Engineer: Yes Your Majesty `twer right where Sherry said it would be It took a bit longer than we planned as we had to be careful to reinforce the walls so the whole castle didn't collapse on our heads.
    Dawn: Thank you for your caution Joshua, as well as your speed. Are you now prepared to retrieve the item?
    Joshua the Royal Engineer: Yes, Your Majesty I await only your word to do so.
    Dawn: Very well, Joshua, please take this communication crystal so that we may know you are safe while you perform this task. *hands Joshua a crystal and a lantern*
    Joshua the Royal Engineer: *accepts the crystal and lantern* I will retrieve it as quickly as possible Milady *bows*
    Dawn: Joshua? Can you hear me? Are you alright?
    Joshua the Royal Engineer: says: Yes Your Majesty, I can hear you. It's a bit tighter here than we anticipated but... *squirms through the tunnel* I think I can reach it... OUCH!
    Dawn: Joshua! Are you ok? *holds her breath*
    Joshua the Royal Engineer: Just banged me head Milady I see the glow.... *wiggles further forward* I can almost... *extends hand* I've almost got it....just a little.. There! I have it Your Majesty!
    Dawn: *exhales* Excellent! Bring it out Joshua - carefully!
    Joshua the Royal Engineer: *brushes the dust off* Your Majesty *bows and hands over the tattered bag*
    Dawn: *accepts the bag and carefully looks inside* Thank you Joshua, you've done a great service this day, please ask the Royal Masons to prepare to seal the wall and repair the damages
    Joshua the Royal Engineer: As you command Your Majesty *bows and leaves*


    Queen Dawn then addressed us, apologizing for not being able to join us for the rest of the celebration, as she needed to make sure the Mysterious Crystal was made safe and secure. She then requested that we return to the Councilor’s hall, where we would find a gate to take us to the celebration activities at the Luna fairgrounds.

    Upon arriving at the fairgrounds, we were greeted by Faine and Infinity, and special guest EM Emile Layne. Faine said she had an announcement to make before we began, and then told us that sadly, EM Molly has left us *sheds a tear* (you will be missed Molly). Following the sad news of Molly, EM Faine got things started by welcoming us to the festivities, and jumping right into the first event of the evening, a footrace around the outskirts of Luna. Faine led us to the start of the race and explained the only rule was that we had to run the race on foot only, no mounts or animal forms. Faine then began explaining the course for the race, but there was a little confusion and some of the racers headed off in the wrong direction, but were soon rounded up and brought back. The race started with a jog south down the road and across the bridge, then began twisting and turning through the wilds of Luna. With the end in sight we made a mad dash for the finish line (a moongate), with Tasloff, coming out on top and winning the race. Congratulations Tasloff!





    After the Tree avoidance training through the wilds of Luna, we were escorted to the next event, UO Trivial Jeopardy. The first few minutes were devoted to explaining the rules of the game, and picking Contestants from the crowd by lottery. The contestants were: IcE BoX, Sunshine, Ed Zaclary, Nori, Crystal Canyon, Sookie, Rebel, and a last minute replacement due to Mr Monkey having to leave, Gunner. After everyone chose their color, Faine began asking contestants to choose from 4 different categories, which were Sosarian Geography, Random randomness, It’s all about me, and The Virtues. The Contestants began choosing categories, and Faine would ask them a random question in that category. A Few of the questions and answers were:

    EM Infinity: What single word can you say at the docks in Skara Brae to cross the water?

    REBEL: pass

    EM Faine Morgan: Rebel, I’m sorry, we have to take the first answer given. The correct answer is "cross

    EM Infinity: On rare occasions, casting the spell energy vortex will summon a?

    Gunner: llama

    EM Faine Morgan: correct! And just in the nick of time

    EM Infinity: The Shadowlords represent what three anti-principles?

    IcE BoX: what is death love and hate?

    EM Faine Morgan: the correct answer is Hatred, Falsehood, and Cowardice

    EM Infinity: The center of the Britannian universe is where?

    SooKie: thron

    EM Faine Morgan: that is correct

    EM Infinity: Which city in Britannia is known as the city of Honesty?

    Ed Zaclary: moonglow

    EM Faine Morgan: :) nice typing! Fast, fast. That is correct.

    It was a close game the entire way, and in the end it was a four way tie between Sunshine, Sookie, Gunner, and Crystal Canyon. Congratulations everyone!



    Please stay tuned for Part 3. (As well as part 1 :))​