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[EM NEWS] Red Clouds Gather

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Sara Of Baja, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
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    from goldenbrewtavern.com

    Red Clouds Gather
    Monday, January 4, 2010
    By EM Pallando

    Zagros stretched his red wings in pride as he observed the small crowd of gargoyles that had gathered before him beneath the moonless night. Two dozen more new arrivals swelled the ranks of his young but energetic movement. For now he arranged the meetings in different locations each time in order to avoid the eyes and ears of those that opposed him and his followers. But given enough time, that would soon change.

    Lifting himself up onto the wooden cart set out as his stage, Zagros signaled for silence. It took only a stern glance from his two, oversized and magically enhanced, hired enforcers, Tahl and Chou’Akta, both former adherents of Queen Zhah, to focus the gathering on its leader. By now, Zagros was confident in his words, and with a number of the new arrivals both rich and eager, he would have little trouble firing their spirit, he believed.

    Pausing only a moment after silence had fallen over the forest clearing, Zagros stood to his full height, sweeping a claw before the crowd.
    “My brothers and sisters, it is no coincidence that you are here today. No law or chain or oath has lured you here before me, drawn to hear what I have to say.”

    There was a momentary silence.

    “No, you here are by choice, because you, as well I, have witnessed recent events and seen past the lies to the truth!”

    Zagros paused again and nodded his head in response to the approvals that immediately came from the crowd. He resumed the short speech he had already given several times before, strengthening his voice as he continued to speak.

    “And here now, under the eyes of the Ancient Ones and in their name, it is fallen to us to cast away the dark veil that shrouds the vision of our mighty people and our wise and just Queen, and reveal this very truth!”
    The fervor and eagerness of his followers was, this time, much greater than before, he noticed.

    “This ‘Alliance’ with the humans, weak and corrupted as they are, and the Elves, arrogant yet cowardly, must end!”

    His words meet the cries and raised fists of an approving crowd.

    “What people can we trust that elect their rulers by trial of blood and rebellion!? What warriors can we trust not to abandon us in the heat of battle for the sake of their own hides or a few worthless trinkets!? Surely our ancestors will look and weep, when the civilization they have raised is consumed by the eventual treachery of these human and elven barbarians and their Warlord Queen!”

    “This alliance must not be allowed to continue!”

    His wings now fully spread and his head raised in a show of strength, Zagros held fast, waiting for the clamor to die down before continuing. By the count of fifty, the cries of the gathering reduced to murmurs of anticipation, Zagros released and slackened his stance and spoke with a calm voice, gesturing respect for what he spoke of next.

    “But make no mistake my friends; I do not blame Queen Zhah for this disaster, and nor should any of you. Our people are mired in a war that threatens to consume this land of ours, and she has done what she believes prudent, not only to preserve the legacy and wisdom of the Ancient Ones, but to protect her realm and its people. And it is perhaps her devotion and love for us that has misguided and blinded her judgment in this matter.”

    The crowd now stood by in utter silence. Zagros had gone beyond his original prepared speech, and now walked a dangerously thin line. The anticipation hung so thick in the air; it could be sliced with a knife. Zagros felt a lump in his throat and almost did not continue.

    “And it is because of the love and loyalty we return to her that she must be made to see. We must make her see truth and wisdom where thus far only lies have been present.”

    The crowd still stood by, neutral in its response. This was his chance. Zagros stood tall once again.

    “We must not shame the Ancient Ones by making partnership with the younger races, despite the Queen’s wishes! The humans and elves must be sent back to their lands! Let us campaign to return them and then seal the passageway forever!”

    Approvals and citations started from the mass once again.

    “The alliance must be broken! Let us show the Queen that we gargoyles alone will weather the storm that gathers over our people!”

    The clamor grew again. Some raised themselves into the air, crossing their chests as a sign of approval.

    “This is our kingdom to defend, our war to wage, and by all of the rivers and lakes of the Underworld, come the edge of perdition or the Great Salvation, it is our destiny to win!”

    The cries in that small clearing sounded as if born from not the throats of dozens, but hundreds, and it took Tahl and Chou’Akta a threat of violence to reorganize the gathering.

    Sweeping his eyes across the crowd, inhaling with satisfaction, Zagros began again.

    “Now, my friends, here is what we will do…”