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[EM NEWS] The DOT Insists on Seatbelts in All Easter Baskets in the Future

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Crystal Canyon, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. The DOT Insists on Seatbelts
    in All Easter Baskets in the Future

    When the EMs notified the citizens of Origin that there was a “vewy confused wabbit” on the lose, they all knew instantly that they were going to be called upon to help with the situation. Unaware of the complexity of this mission, many arrived at the EM hall very early on Easter morning, fighting off waves of sleepiness and fatigue, yet ready to take instruction from their fearless leaders, EM Faine and EM Molly.

    EM Faine took the floor and began to explain that the Easter Bunny had gotten very confused and was dropping items out of his basket as he roamed aimlessly about the lands of Sosaria. Of course, the first thought of many, was that maybe the poor fella had somehow gotten into EM Faine’s stash of the Ole Irish spirits. As it turns out though, this was not the case.

    Before EM Faine went into great detail of what had actually happened, she took the opportunity to assure us this was not going to be a treacherous ordeal, but would positively require at least two items to complete…a brain and very fast shoes! Many were quite certain that there were those that were having doubts as to whether they possessed these items at 7 in the morning, although EM Faine quickly added the suggestion of an additional resource that might be of great help in this situation - Coffee!


    Now feeling a bit more confident in their abilities to help retrieve all of the goodies that the Easter Bunny had lost from his basket, the citizens, still gathered around the EMs, were anxious to find out exactly why this had happened. EM Faine promptly directed their attention to two books which were placed on the floor near the entrance of the Hall.

    “The greenish colored book, she said, should explain what had prompted the Easter Bunny to become so confused that he had lost all of his basket’s belonging.”​

    Reading the book as quickly as possible, they soon learned that the problem had all started when the poor Easter Bunny had eaten some carrots that were tainted with failed fertilizer that Donal had whipped up during his captivity to appease Selago. The fertilizer was intended to be incorrect and was supposed to have been destroyed. However, apparently the guards had tossed at least one mixture of it into a field of carrots… Carrots, that the Easter Bunny had evidently partaken of, thus causing his confusion and making him lose all of the items in his basket.​

    Lying next to the green book, there was also a pink book that would serve to aid the citizens in their search for the belongs, by giving them clues to the whereabouts of the bunny’s trail. Hopefully, if the searchers were to find the path that the Bunny was taking, they would also find his belonging along the way.​


    Armed now with knowledge of the possibilities of the bunny‘s whereabouts, the group soon began to leave, some on their own, some in groups, yet all determined to figure out the clues and to retrieve the lost Easter items.​

    Surprisingly, their first stop was to none other than Elmer Fudd himself. When prompted with questions, Elmer more that willingly gave out the information he had gotten about the whereabouts of the Easter Bunny. But, he quickly, corrected anyone that used the word “bunny”in their inquiries by asking if they meant “the wabbit”. He also assured them that it wouldn’t be very hard to find the “wabbit” because he had dropped things all over the place. Things like a pretty Easter Dolly!​


    “Yep,” he said, “dropped that dolly right on the ground, That’s how I knew we needed to track him.”

    He then said that the dolly had told him the strangest thing when he had picked her up. She had told him that the Easter Bunny had said something to her about finding a lake. A lake with strange turtle creatures by it.

    Elmer looked a bit confused himself at this point, but continued with his clues, “I actually think though, he took a wrong turn and ended up just opposite of where he should be. Who has ever seen a lake with a roof over it? More like a well actually. At least there is a bucket beside it. Or maybe he was just thirsty! But anyway, that is where you will find the dolly.”

    On the trail once again, the search party had decided that Elmer must be speaking of a well along the roadside in Tokuno, so off they went in search of the Easter Doll.

    Sure enough, at the well they found the Easter Doll, all in one piece, but obviously upset at being abandoned. Her main concern though, was that other friends had also been dropped by the Easter Bunny. Her good friend “the Bonnet” for example.


    “The Bunny was mumbling something about carrots and elves,” she told them. “I just hope she is not in the field with any of the “special carrots," Isn’t that what started this madness in the first place?” she said with a frown on her face.

    “I’m sure looking in the fields near elves you will find the bonnet, unless someone is wearing it. But, it doesn’t make sense to me. Where will you find Carrots AND elves?”

    That was a very good question indeed, but once again the group thought that they had a logical idea where they may find the bonnet and they continued on their way, more determined as ever to collect the Easter goodies.

    Arriving at the carrot field in Yew, it didn’t take long for the group to spot the lovely blue bonnet. And just as the Easter Doll had predicted, it was being worn…by a scarecrow!


    When asked about the bonnet, the scarecrow admitted that she had picked it up after a very strange bunny had dropped it out of his basket. “The bunny, she said, never noticed that he had dropped it. In fact, he seemed very distracted and more interested in the carrots that were growing in the fields.”

    Thinking about it for a moment, the scarecrow also recalled that the bunny was muttering something about catching a ship.

    “If I only had a brain,” she confessed, I could figure this out. You know, a brain, something like that weird stuffed creature he had in his basket. But anyway, I think he must have been talking about going to a dock somewhere.”

    A weird stuffed creature? The citizens pondered on this a moment. What was the Easter Bunny doing with something like this? It didn’t matter really, they just knew they should find him before he lost it also, so off they traveled to the docks in Cove.

    Cove docks were buzzing with the usual activities. Fisherman, gear, and fish, covered most of the deck, yet it wasn’t difficult to spot the strange, pink pile of stuffing that lay in a heap on the floor of the pier.


    The peculiar little creature began to speak at once when they approached. She told them of how the Bunny had brought her there, intending for them to go on a boat ride, but at the last minute he had changed his mind and was talking about playing ball.

    “I tried to tell him that we didn’t have a ball, she said, but he refused to listen and kept saying something about the glory days and the cheering crowds in the stands. You see, it seems that he was quite an athlete before the all the chocolate and eggs. Captain of the Team he said, but that could have just been bragging. The Bunny IS pretty confused, so allowances must be made I suppose. But, the last thing he said was that he wanted to play ball.”

    Now the searchers were quite certain that they were on the right track and headed out to the Bag Ball Arena in Luna, hoping that their intuitions were correct.

    It had been a long day already and so many very confusing clues as to where the Easter Bunny was headed, that some of the weary searchers were becoming quite agitated. Upon arriving at the arena, though, they recognized the large chocolate squirrel standing alone on the field. Lil Boy Blue approached him and instantly demanded that he tell the group just where the Bunny was now headed. The poor squirrel, a bit stunned by Blue’s apparent frustration, stood quietly for a moment, deep in thought. And, before he could give him an answer, Lil Boy Blue threatened to bite his ear off if he didn’t tell us where the Easter Bunny was.


    Trying his best to ignore Lil Boy Blue now, the Chocolate Squirrel welcomed the rest of the group and said that he was very glad to see them. He was more worried with the fact that he was melting there in the sun than to the whereabouts of the Easter Bunny, and he politely asked if anyone had an umbrella he could borrow. Unfortunately, no one had one and this seemed to add more anxiety to the already stressed out squirrel and he began to ramble.

    “I should have held on tighter to the basket handle, he said frowning. If I had of, I would be safe and sound right now in a nice warm bed. Alright, so someone forgot to make the bed up and put the books away….” But, I bet the rugs would be really comfortable for reading.”

    Now looking closely at Lil Boy Blue, the squirrel squinted his tiny eyes and quipped, “You DO know how to read don’t you?”

    Realizing now that the squirrel had had as much stress as he could take, the group decided it was time to move on and try to figure out where the last clue to the Bunny’s trail would lead them.

    Unmade beds, books, and rugs. Several places came to mind, but it was the unmade beds that caught their attention the most. There was a 9th Anniversary house in Brit that was known for showing off it’s great decorating ideas, but yet, the beds there always remained unmade.

    As the group approached the Deco House, a cry was heard coming from near the front steps.

    “Do not even THINK about eating me!” yelled the Easter Dinner, as he glared at them with fear in his eyes. And then he nervously began to speak:


    “There I was,” he said, Just sitting in the Easter basket, minding my own business, while the Easter Bunny hopped all over creation. You know, bounce , bounce, bounce = hopping. But, he promised me that we were going to bounce through the park. Instead, I’m stuck here on the grass in the middle of nowhere, and the grass is even worse than it was in the basket! Well at least the basket grass didn’t have bugs, though. Not at all like this grass, that is full of bugs, ants, grasshoppers, and flies.”

    As if deep in thought, the Easter Dinner then gave the search party another clue as to where the Easter Bunny may have gone from here.

    “Yes, he hopped right over to town, to the lights, the theater, to the culture, right to where royalty lives! I wonder if the Queen ever walks in the park? I’d really like to see the Queen myself someday. Maybe if I could get to the park, I might see the Queen walking by…..”

    Growing very tired now of their searching, the group then headed to Brit Park, hoping this would be their final destiny and that the Easter Bunny would be there playing. But, alas, he was no where to be found, and only a very lonely looking Easter cake sat on the walkway of the park near the fountain.


    The poor little cake looked up sadly, as the searchers came near and asked, “ I do look yummy, don’t I ? But, I don’t suppose I will get to be dessert now. The Easter Bunny said that he had a very special spot picked out for me and that I would look so pretty with the other colors around me on the roofs. Easter colors he told me. Pastels colors, sand, and dead stuff." Thinking hard then, she continued, “On second thought, maybe I’m better off here in the park anyway, the bunny was a bit confused. Why, Ill bet by now he’s lost his basket even!”

    Taking a deep breath and seeming to perk up a bit, the little cake began to speak once more. “It would be wonderful if you could find his basket! He was suppose to give a basket to every good boy and girl in Sosaria. I’m sure that everyone will have a sad Easter if they don’t get a basket.”

    Thinking now that many would have a sad Easter without a Easter Basket, the group gained new vision, and promptly headed out towards the Dessert Outpost, south of the Ancient Citadel.

    Once there, they bravely fought their way through the masses of undead, efreets, and paragons, intent on finding the Easter Bunny and his basket. When they reached the compound and entered the double doors, much to their delight, there, lying on the ground, was the Easter Bunny’s basket, safe and sound. Beside the basket lay a book written by their leaders, EM Faine and EM Molly, congratulating them on finding the basket and instructing them on how to receive their rewards for doing so.



    A cheer arose from the brave group as they all quickly began gathering their just rewards from the Easter basket that lay on the ground. But, they soon became concerned again, as one of the searchers reminded them that even though they did indeed find the bunny’s trail and his basket, The Easter Bunny himself, was still missing!

    There were no clues this time as to the whereabouts of the confused bunny, but talking among themselves, they came to the conclusion, that sooner or later that bunny would surely appear in Luna Bank.

    Off to Luna the searchers went, rewards in hand, and determination still navigating their course. Their intuition paid off nicely though, as when they entered the bank they saw the Easter Bunny in the middle of the crowd, demanding to be petted by the onlookers.


    Everyone was happy now knowing that they had found the Easter Bunny before Elmer Fudd did and all the good little boys and girls did get their Easter Baskets on Easter morning. The adverse effects of the tainted carrots that the Easter Bunny had eaten finally wore off and he was back to normal. Well... as normal as Origin’s Easter Bunny could be. All was well once again in the lands of Sosaria.

    * Notice *

    The events depicted in this story are true and accurate but names have been changed to protect the innocent. (Yeah right! Like EA Mythic, Mesanna, and EM Faine and EM Molly are INNOCENT!)