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[EM News] The Prophecies Foretold, Part 3

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Mar 16, 2004
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    From the Baja EM Website:

    Looking down at the two fragments of map lying side by side on the small table, Beh-lem walked slowing around it. He bent closer to examine first one side and then the next.

    Sighing, he straightened up and flexed his wings out to release the tension he felt growing in his shoulders. Standing once more at the table he decided it was just no use trying to figure out where the Scroll was hidden by studying just these two pieces. The other two fragments needed to be found... and soon. The pendant he wore was growing brighter each day and colder to the touch. Time was growing short in the race to find the scroll and prevent the extinction of the Gargoyle race.

    Beh-lem had been to speak with the Thief Master just this day and the words he was told were not such as he wanted to hear. The Thief Master had learned the name of the 3rd person who held a fragment, but that was the extent of his news. It seems that the man had disappeared into the dark voids of the realm. No one knew where he was or anything about the map fragment he supposedly held.

    “How are we to find this man if no one knows of him?” he had asked the Thief Master.

    The Thief Master hand answered saying that He needed more time to ask others further out in the realms. Indeed he would do a thorough search of the whole of the realm until he had answers for Beh-lem.... He would find out more, but the task of finding information about this one was proving more difficult than the previous two had.

    ”I must let the citizens of the realm know about this”, Beh-lem decided. They had fought bravely and endured much bloodshed and deaths in the previous battles for the map fragments. They needed to know that as soon as the ThiefMaster had word from the people he seeked in the search for this man, they would be told and to be ready for battle once more.

    Turning, Beh-lem walked out the door, headed towards Castle Britannia to give word to Queen Dawn, Queen Zhah, and the Brave Citizens the latest news in this desperate search.


    Editor's note: Based on this latest report from Beh-lem, we speculate that there will not be an EM event on Friday unless the EM website is updated otherwise. We shall keep thee posted, citizens!

    To Beh-Lem and the Thief Master: Our thanks, and continue your diligent search for clues to the next map fragment!