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[EM News] The Prophecies Foretold - Part IV

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    The Prophecies Foretold - Part IV
    By EMCrysania

    It was well into the night, a time when most were residing in their slumber, taking rest for the work of another day ahead. Darkness filled the streets of Britian, the only sounds were of the sounds of the Town Guards as they made their rounds, sending the ruffians of the town on their way, or running a wild creature or two that had made their way into the city, scurrying back out the way they had came.
    Yet, a single faint glow illuminated from a room in the Castle on this dark night. Shadows could be seen as the person in the room walked back and forth between the candle and the window. His massive wings casting shadows upon the window panes as he walked……
    The Queen had insisted that he stay in the Castle, so that his few needs would be taken care of. In light of this, he had more time to devote to deciphering and working on the map fragments. Beh-lem rubbed his eyes, weary from looking at the two fragments of map laid out upon the marble table. He had studied the half map for hours and days on end. Yet no further was he in determining where the Scared Scroll was hidden. The other fragments must be found and soon, as the pendant he wore glowed brighter and colder each day, a sure sign that the enemy was growing more powerful.
    As he bent once more over the table, there came a intent knocking at his chamber door. Walking to door and opening it, Beh-lem looked upon a messenger standing, flushed and out of breath.
    ” Sir! I have been sent with something of great importance!” he said breathlessly, rummaging in his pack. ” I did run all the way here sir!”
    ” What is it man, what do you have?” Beh-lem asked the messenger.
    “This Sir!” replied the messenger, thrusting out his hand.
    Taking the linen wrapped parcel from the messenger, Beh-lem unwrapped it hurriedly.
    “By the gods!” he exclaimed.

    For in his hand he held the third Fragment of map.
    “Aye sir!” the messenger exclaimed. ” It was found last eve! Jacko was found dead, Mercenaries it was that done him in. Folks that don’t want your kind about, but a note was written in his blood sayin’ to take care of his dog, Scamp. That dog of his was holding the clue to the location all along. It was tucked down in that old worn collar of ‘is..and the people that found ‘em….”,the messenger rambled on, giving Beh-lem details of how the map piece was found.
    Beh-lem hurried over to the table and gingerly placed the piece down,fitting it to its rendered partners. His eyes widening as he looked at the map.
    “Almost..almost..but I can’t be sure…” he muttered to himself deep in thought, ” yes..it has to be..I’m sure of it…but I cannot send the people there until I am certain. The last piece must be found.”
    Beh-lem hurried to his desk, took up a quill and parchment and hurriedly wrote something upon the paper. Rolling it up, he applied a drop of wax sealing it.
    ” Take this to Queen Dawn” he said handing it to the messenger. Turning back towards the table and once more studying the map fragments he said, ” It is of the upmost importance that she receives this as soon as possible.”
    ” Yes sir!” said the messenger,as he turned and hurried out the door.
    Running down the hall way, the messenger slide around corners almost knocking down guards in his haste.
    “Make way! May way!”, he said loudly sprinting down the long hallway towards the Queens royal chambers.

    Sherry poked her head out from the nearest mouse hole, sleepily looking to see what the commotion was about, tucking her head back just in time as a booted foot came slamming down near her nose, from the running messenger. “Eek!” she squeaked as she ran back inside the hole.
    Turning the last corner, the messenger slide to a stop in front of the Queen’s doors.
    Wiping his hand on his tunic, He rapped intently on the Queen’s Door. He heard soft foot steps coming hurriedly towards the door from the inner chambers. The door swung open as the Queen stood with a dagger in hand.
    ” Who are you and why are you beating on my door at this time of the morning?” she asked as she held the dagger on point at the top button of his tunic.
    “M-m-my Lady!” he stammered, ” The gargoyle, Beh-lem, said I must deliver this message to you as soon as p-p-possible!”
    The messenger held out a shaky hand holding the sealed parchment towards the Dawn.
    Sheathing her dagger, Dawn took the parchment from his hand.
    “Forgive me messenger, but one must take care, you never know who is at the door.” she said. ” Go get some rest, you look as thought you are in need of some.”
    Turning, Dawn started to closed the great doors and unrolled the parchment. Her eyes grew wide as she read what Beh-lem had written.
    “The third piece found…has it..almost sure where the scroll is located…send word to ThiefMaster.must find the last piece” she said to herself as she scanned over the parchment.

    “Messenger! Wait!”, Dawn called out at the retreating back of the weary young man.
    ” I have one last job for you this early morn! Come back!”, she said as she picked up her royal quill and wrote words upon a parchment bearing the royal seal.
    Dawn handed the parchment to the young man explaining what she needed him to do.
    “ Take this down into Brit Sewers, tell the Thiefmaster there, that I have sent you, ” she said.
    “Give him this note, tell him this last search must be started, now, this morning!”
    ” Yes M’Lady!” the messenger replied,running out the door headed towards the ThiefMasters location.
    Watching the messenger leave, Dawn noticed a small bundle of furr at her feet. Sherry scooted closer to watch the retreating messenger.
    “Sherry, if what Beh-lem says is true, we are near to finding the scroll! I must alert Queen Zhah!” she said as she went to her desk.
    Sherry wiped her dainty nose with one paw…yawned, and clambered up on the Queen’s desk, watching as she wrote the note to Zhah…….

    We will inform you when the ThiefMaster has news that the Fourth Thief has been found.
  2. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    It is telling that the Queen of Britannia would feel the need to greet someone with a dagger in her own Castle.

    What is the woman so afraid of...?

    (And I'm surprised no one in opposition to the Queen - Anti-Gargish Faction or Otherwise - has thought to point out that the Queen is openly associating with a man who robs her own Citizens.)
  3. SuperKen

    SuperKen Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 22, 2008
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    Hardly fitting for anyone in the Cartel to condemn others for robbing and stealing.