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[EM News] Trial Log: Day 5

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, May 3, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
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    From www.goldenbrewtavern.com

    Day 5 of the Trial of Britannia vs Ravenshire and the Dark Tower started with the Prosecution cross examing Defendant Aldagar Morr. The defense team later followed up with examing Mr. Morr for further testimony. The defense also asked that a Court summons be handed out to a surprise witness, Fain the Dark Stranger, to appear in court at the next trial date.
    Trial Log- Day 5
    Judge Erlington: Hail
    Kat: Good eve, Your Honor.
    Zack: Hello
    William McCarthy: erm!
    Judge Erlington: Hail Mr McCarthy
    William McCarthy: Hail!
    Judge Erlington: Mr Moor
    Judge Erlington: Count
    Judge Erlington: *nods their way*
    Count of Berg: Evening MiLord
    William McCarthy: *takes a seat*
    Judge Erlington: Is the defense team all here?
    William McCarthy: *looks to his side*
    Count of Berg: We expect my Co-council
    Aldagar Morr: *glances at Count and shrugs*
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Aldagar Morr: *yawns*
    Judge Erlington: *takes a seat and waits*
    William McCarthy: Likely a delay tactic by the defence!
    William McCarthy: I heard that!
    William McCarthy: *glares*
    Judge Erlington: *bangs staff!*
    Aldagar Morr: *pretends not to hear*
    William McCarthy: mmm
    Judge Erlington: no arguing gentlmen
    Judge Erlington: not in my court
    William McCarthy: *looks down*
    Aldagar Morr: *mutters “another idiot”*
    Judge Erlington: Sir???
    Judge Erlington: *glares*
    Aldagar Morr: Me? Yes, your honor?
    Aldagar Morr: *stands up*
    Aldagar Morr: Just clearing my throat. Sorry.
    Judge Erlington: Mind you muttering
    Aldagar Morr: Yes, your honor.
    Judge Erlington: It was clearly audioable
    Judge Erlington: *checks sundial*
    Judge Erlington: hurmp
    William McCarthy: *stretches his legs*
    William McCarthy: The prosecution would like to cross-examine the foo.. err Mr. Morr
    Judge Erlington: Very well Mr McCarthy
    Aldagar Morr: I object to that comment!
    Count of Berg: Not wishing to delay any of the proceedings
    Judge Erlington: as we were interuppted
    Judge Erlington: last court date
    Aldagar Morr: I am a well-respected business man.
    Judge Erlington: and
    Judge Erlington: I would like to thank you all again
    Count of Berg: we can begin that testimony MiLord
    Judge Erlington: for coming to my rescue
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    Kat: *Looks at Kenshin suspiciously.*
    Amber Witch: It was a trial in itself
    Judge Erlington: Very well this court will proceed
    Judge Erlington: Is defense
    Judge Erlington: thru questioning Mr Morr?
    William McCarthy: hmm
    Count of Berg: We do not wish to hold up the prosecution MiLord
    William McCarthy: *waits for Morr to walk to the witness box*
    Judge Erlington: Mr Morr
    Count of Berg: However, we reserve calling
    Prosecution Cross Exam’s Aldagar Morr
    Judge Erlington: please approach the bench and be seated
    Count of Berg: the witness later when co=council arrives
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Judge Erlington: So noted
    Aldagar Morr: *whispers something in Count’s ear*
    Judge Erlington: Mr Morr I will remind you that you
    Judge Erlington: are still under oath
    Judge Erlington: please be seated
    William McCarthy: Aldagar Morr
    Aldagar Morr: Hello!
    William McCarthy: what type of business are you respected in?
    Aldagar Morr: I was an importer exporter in my day. Long since retired though when I accumulated much wealth.
    Aldagar Morr: Of which, by the way, I often donate and share with the Poor House of Minoc.
    Aldagar Morr: *smiles*
    William McCarthy: What did you import and export?
    Aldagar Morr: Oh, you know, a little of this and a little of that. Mostly provisions
    William McCarthy: No, I don’t know
    Aldagar Morr: Nothing too flamboyant.
    Aldagar Morr: Backpacks, torches, lanterns, oils, a few jewels now and then. That sort of thing.
    Aldagar Morr: *looks irritated*
    William McCarthy: I see
    William McCarthy: It is strange though
    William McCarthy: None of the provisoners I talked with
    William McCarthy: had heard of a Morr
    Aldagar Morr: Pfft. I doubt that.
    William McCarthy: Maybe, they knew you by another name
    William McCarthy: *shrugs*
    William McCarthy: *looks warm and friendly*
    Count of Berg: Shall the Prosecutor be sworn if he is to testify MiLord?
    Aldagar Morr: *fidgets a bit*
    Aldagar Morr: *laughs openly at Berg’s comment*
    William McCarthy: *glares at the counsel*
    Judge Erlington: Mr Borg….please..hold your comments till your turn
    William McCarthy: Tell me Mr. Morr
    William McCarthy: How do you explain the fact that
    Count of Berg: Count MiLord, Count
    William McCarthy: you were placed at two questionable events by two independent witnesses?
    William McCarthy: First…
    William McCarthy: you were seen looting Casca’s stash
    William McCarthy: Second..
    William McCarthy: We heard a testimony that
    William McCarthy: you hosted a secret meeting of the Britannian Purity League at the Morr manor
    Count of Berg: Objection: If there is a question, ask it
    William McCarthy: I asked him to explain
    William McCarthy: those accounts!
    Judge Erlington: Overruled..continue
    Aldagar Morr: How can I explain them?
    William McCarthy: Are you saying that they are not true?
    Aldagar Morr: *chuckles quietly and grins ear to ear*
    Aldagar Morr: First. It is not my responsibility to explain that. It is yours, as the prosecution. But since you
    William McCarthy: *grinds his staff*
    Aldagar Morr: have been unable to explain it, you are now asking me to do your job for you since you have
    Aldagar Morr: proven yourself incompetent in your duties as prosecution
    William McCarthy: *laughs
    William McCarthy: So, you are denying your role
    William McCarthy: ?
    Aldagar Morr: There is a conspiracy at works to place me at the castle with this supposed horde left by Casca.
    Aldagar Morr: I vehemently deny any knowledge of the theft, and I most surely was not there.
    Aldagar Morr: And as for a meeting of the Purity League at Morr Manor? Is it so wrong to get together with
    Aldagar Morr: friends these days for a wine tasting party?
    William McCarthy: So, you are cohorts with the BPL members?
    William McCarthy: Is that your testimony?
    Judge Erlington: *makes note of answers*
    Aldagar Morr: Cohort? Do we not have freedom to meet and discuss what we wish with friends?
    William McCarthy: Very well, they are your friends
    William McCarthy: Let it be known that Mr. Morr testified that he is friends with that gang of criminals
    William McCarthy: *looks towards the jury*
    William McCarthy: Tell me
    Count of Berg: That is not his testimony
    William McCarthy: *uses a twisted tone*
    Count of Berg: don’t place wors in his mouth
    Aldagar Morr: I testified no such thing you idiot!
    William McCarthy: Are you also a member of the Britannian Purity League?
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    Aldagar Morr: Member?
    William McCarthy: Do not answer a question with a question
    : William McCarthy says: Do not answer a question with a question
    Aldagar Morr: *checks his pockets mockingly looking for a membership document*
    Count of Berg: ask a question so he may answer, not comments
    Aldagar Morr: It seems they never sent me the membership documents! So no. I am not an official member.
    William McCarthy: It was a very simple question
    William McCarthy: that can be answered with a yes or no
    William McCarthy: But you agree with their philosophy and their stand?
    William McCarthy: *points behind him*
    William McCarthy: You believe that gargoyle has no business here?
    Aldagar Morr: I certainly agree that we Britannian’s need to excercise caution when it comes to gargoyle
    Aldagar Morr: involvement in our realms, of course. I think it only wise.
    Aldagar Morr: Is it so wrong to be concerned for the well-being of fellow Britannians?
    Aldagar Morr: *smiles*
    William McCarthy: Are you aware that BPL is believed to be responsible for the abduction of Judge Erlington?
    Count of Berg: Objection
    Count of Berg: what has this to do
    Judge Erlington: *shudders remembering the abduction*
    Aldagar Morr: *looks shocked*
    Count of Berg: with the charges before us?
    Judge Erlington: Relevance Mr McCarthy?
    William McCarthy: Really?
    Aldagar Morr: I know nothing of those accusations.
    Count of Berg: Some of the defense team risked all to save the Judge
    Aldagar Morr: *figets a bit*
    Count of Berg: shall we recount those tails?
    William McCarthy: Sire, BPL is ultimately behind all the standing charges
    Count of Berg: Tehn try them
    William McCarthy: It is my belief that Mr. Morr and the mistress have been
    Count of Berg: not my client
    William McCarthy: working for them
    Count of Berg: Then charge them as such
    Judge Erlington: Continue with questioning
    William McCarthy: They will be charged once these two
    William McCarthy: are thrown in the prison!
    Count of Berg: I have great respect for the Queen and our laws
    Count of Berg: please share in that respect
    Aldagar Morr: *taps fingers on table… waiting…*
    William McCarthy: *rolls his eyes*
    Judge Erlington: hurmp…Lets stick to trial at hand
    Judge Erlington: *tries to remember if I fed Frody*
    William McCarthy: So, Mr. Morr
    William McCarthy: who else was present at this little gathering of friends
    William McCarthy: like you said
    Aldagar Morr: At the wine tasting party? Let me think… Cymidei Fier and Hilda.
    Aldagar Morr: Hilda brought some fine wines from Trinsic that were just splendid!
    William McCarthy: Is that it?
    William McCarthy: Just the three of you?
    Aldagar Morr: There was one other person I believe. My memory might be a bit fuzzy.
    Aldagar Morr: *taps his head*
    William McCarthy: Are you aware that Cymidei Fier denied being present during her testimony?
    Judge Erlington: *looks at defendant*
    Aldagar Morr: Right. Because you asked her about being at a Purity League meeting.
    Aldagar Morr: It was a wine tasting party.
    William McCarthy: I asked her about the meeting at Morr manor
    William McCarthy: *rolls his eyes*
    Aldagar Morr: You should be more clear with your questioning then.
    William McCarthy: I thought it was your testimony
    William McCarthy: and also Mistress Fiers
    William McCarthy: that you two hated each other
    William McCarthy: now, you are meeting for wine tasting?
    William McCarthy: testing*
    Aldagar Morr: I have a strong dislike for her yes. However, finding someone with a good source of fine winesource of fine wine
    William McCarthy: I guess you two must not hate each other.. or else
    Aldagar Morr: is difficult these days. I take what I can get.
    William McCarthy: *laughs*
    William McCarthy: Very well..
    William McCarthy: *walks back to his desk and writes something down*
    William McCarthy: One more question
    William McCarthy: Were you present at Orobas’ castle?
    Aldagar Morr: Of course! I received a grand invitation in my mailbox outside of Morr Manor a week prior
    Aldagar Morr: to the official grand opening of the first ever castle built in the Lost Lands. I was so
    William McCarthy: Wait..
    Aldagar Morr: excited to see it in person and marvel and the architecture.
    William McCarthy: you received an official invitation a week prior?
    William McCarthy: Who was this invitation from?
    Aldagar Morr: From an anonymous source. Yes.
    Aldagar Morr: How should I know? You do know the definition of the word, anonymous, right?
    William McCarthy: Do you often go on a stroll in Felucca Lost Lands based on an anonymous invitation?
    Aldagar Morr: I was dismayed to find out that this grand opening of the castle was besieged by hoodlums!
    Aldagar Morr: For something as grand as this, of course! I am man of many means and admire fine buildings.
    William McCarthy: hoodlums?
    Aldagar Morr: Who in their right mind would pass up such an opportunity?
    Aldagar Morr: Yes. Hoodlums. Shortly after I arrived and just before the tour was starting, the castle was
    Aldagar Morr: under attack by hoodlums!
    William McCarthy: What made you think that they were hoodlums?
    Aldagar Morr: It was frightening. For my days of tussling with hand and fist are long since gone.
    Aldagar Morr: Well, who in their right mind storms a castle for no good reason?
    William McCarthy: *rolls his eyes*
    Judge Erlington: *knows that feeling well*
    Aldagar Morr: *throws his arms up in the arms to exaggerate his point*
    William McCarthy: Did you stop to think that maybe there was a good reason?
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    William McCarthy: Perhaps, they were acting under royal directive?
    Aldagar Morr: I figured it was because the castle was so rare. It must have had a substantial gold value
    Aldagar Morr: attached to it, should a group of hoodlums claim it as their own.
    William McCarthy: Very well, so stupidity is your defense
    William McCarthy: I am done with this witness!
    William McCarthy: *walks back to his chair annoyed*
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Aldagar Morr: I demand an apology!
    Defense presents Follow up Examination Of Aldagar Morr
    Count of Berg: I have some followup MiLord
    William McCarthy: hrmpf
    Aldagar Morr: *slams fist on table*
    Judge Erlington: Count of Borg..you may proceed
    William McCarthy: Objection
    William McCarthy: the witness has already been presented by the defense!
    Aldagar Morr: *glares at the prosecution*
    Dar: recross
    Count of Berg: Mr. Morr
    Aldagar Morr: Yes?
    William McCarthy: *grumbles*
    Judge Erlington: Mr..err The Count asked to continue with thier testimony
    Count of Berg: in your younger days, your travels, did you have
    Judge Erlington: due to fact of last court date
    Count of Berg: an interaction with gargoyles?
    William McCarthy: Objection, what is the relevance of Mr. Morrs experiences with gargoyles several decades ago?
    Aldagar Morr: Not often no. Where my travels took me, gargoyles rarely frequented.
    Judge Erlington: COunt?
    Judge Erlington: Relevance to this case?
    Count of Berg: This case has much to do with gargoyles
    William McCarthy: Objection, the queens directive is not under trial
    Count of Berg: and the defendant’s views about them
    William McCarthy: Gargoyles are allowed safe passage through our lands
    Count of Berg: The Queen’s directive came AFTER the events on trial here
    William McCarthy: Going against that is breaking the law
    William McCarthy: The count has no authority to
    Judge Erlington: *ponders*
    William McCarthy: justify that
    William McCarthy: regardless of anyone’s experience with Gargoyles!
    Aldagar Morr: *folds hands behind head watching the arguing*
    Count of Berg: Mr Morr
    Count of Berg: have you ever been attacked by gargoyles
    Count of Berg: ?
    William McCarthy: Hrmpf
    Count of Berg: Mr. Morr?
    Aldagar Morr: I was attacked outside of Morr Manor several months ago by two gargoyle fiends.
    Aldagar Morr: This was after accusations by the Crown about my involvement with that supposed theft.
    Count of Berg: Are you concerned that others may be attacked?
    Aldagar Morr: I was concerned even before that. My concern is rightfully grounded, for even gargoyles that
    William McCarthy: Objection, the defense already testified about his views on gargoyles! Defense is wasting time
    Aldagar Morr: roam the town of Britain freely speak of enslaving us. An Vas Zu, a gargoyle, spoke of
    Aldagar Morr: this openly several weeks ago. The sheer horror such thoughts!
    Count of Berg: But Mr. Morr
    Count of Berg: Hasn’t the Crown given them the right to speak their individual opinions?
    Count of Berg: Even of you?
    Aldagar Morr: I imagine so. Even though that one, An Vas Zu, spills hated from his very mouth..
    Count of Berg: And do you not have the right by the Crown to speak your personal opinions?
    Aldagar Morr: So I had thought! But between you and me, I think Queen Dawn has it out for me because
    William McCarthy: Objection!
    Aldagar Morr: I so openly supported Lord Casca during his reign as King.
    Count of Berg: Enoguh Morr
    Aldagar Morr: *grins widely*
    Count of Berg: I asked a question about you
    William McCarthy: *takes notes*
    Count of Berg: not the Queen
    Count of Berg: Now Morr
    Aldagar Morr: *daydreams of Lord Casca briefly*
    William McCarthy: *mumbles something about filthy Casca supporter*
    Judge Erlington: *writes more notes*
    Count of Berg: do you honestly believe that gargoyles may be a risk to humans?
    William McCarthy: *looks aghast*
    Aldagar Morr: Of course!
    William McCarthy: Objection, how many different ways and times will the Count ask the same question?
    Count of Berg: Do you worry about others out of your compassion?
    Aldagar Morr: Oh, indeed!
    Aldagar Morr: Yes, compassion! I am a compassionate man.
    Aldagar Morr: *tries to look compassionate*
    Count of Berg: Have you spoken your opinions dispite how others may view you?
    William McCarthy: *snorts*
    Aldagar Morr: I have at times.
    Count of Berg: Have your views cost you standing in the Realm?
    Aldagar Morr: Obviously, since these made-up charges were brought against me.
    William McCarthy: *falls asleep*
    Aldagar Morr: Even my home is now surrounded by royal guards as a result of a ridiculous search warrant.
    Count of Berg: Mr Morr do you think yourself a higher being than any other human or have special standing in the
    William McCarthy: Hrmpf
    Judge Erlington: Mr…errr Count of Borg..are all these questions on Mr Morr’s reputation relevant?
    Count of Berg: Yes MiLord
    Count of Berg: Mr Morr has just answered under oath
    Count of Berg: to the very foundations of this land
    Count of Berg: here in this book
    Aldagar Morr: *taps fingers on table*
    Count of Berg: Are the words
    Count of Berg: left to us by Lord Brittish Himself
    Count of Berg: Mr Morr has acted on the basis
    Count of Berg: of the Virtues
    William McCarthy: Uh huh
    Aldagar Morr: Virtues, yes! I am all about those things.
    Count of Berg: I demand the charegs be directed
    William McCarthy: *looks annoyed*
    Count of Berg: as not guilty
    Aldagar Morr: *smiles*
    William McCarthy: *thinks about throwing his pen at the witness*
    Count of Berg: Thank you MiLord
    Judge Erlington: That will be for the jury to decide
    Judge Erlington: Any futher questions for the witness”
    Judge Erlington: ?
    Aldagar Morr: *looks to prosecution*
    William McCarthy: I have no questions
    Judge Erlington: If no further questions..Mr Morr you may step down
    Count of Berg: Not at this time MiLord, he has already accounted for his conduct per the Virtues
    Aldagar Morr: Thank you, your honor.
    Defense calls for surprise Witness
    Judge Erlington: Any further witness’ for the defense?
    Count of Berg: Yes MiLord
    Judge Erlington: Very well
    Count of Berg: the Defense calls Fain the Dark Stranger
    Judge Erlington: Call your witness
    William McCarthy: Fain the dark stranger?
    William McCarthy: *looks at his list*
    Count of Berg: MiLord
    Judge Erlington: Fain the Dark Stranger.. hurmp..I do not see them on witness list
    William McCarthy: Another surprise witness?
    Count of Berg: this witness is crucial
    Cymidei Fier: *whispers to Morr*
    Cymidei Fier: Who is that?
    Aldagar Morr: Who?
    Count of Berg: and not under our control
    William McCarthy: Sounds like an excuse
    Judge Erlington: Any objections Mr McCarthy?
    Count of Berg: This witness is under the prosecution’s control
    William McCarthy: I have no idea what he is talking about!
    William McCarthy: I know of no dark strangers
    William McCarthy: let alone one named Fain
    William McCarthy: what is a dark stranger?
    Count of Berg: The Dark STranger ihas been seen
    Judge Erlington: The Court calls Fain the Dark Stranger to the stand
    Judge Erlington: *looks around*
    William McCarthy: *waits*
    Judge Erlington: Count ..I see no one coming forth
    Count of Berg: MiLord, the defense request an order to bring this witness before this Court as a material witnes
    William McCarthy: Well then!
    Judge Erlington: *ponders*
    William McCarthy: The prosecution has no objection
    William McCarthy: *shrugs*
    Count of Berg: It is this witness who led unsuspecting persons into the treasury
    Judge Erlington: Very well..A order shall be put out for one Fain the dark Stranger
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Judge Erlington: to appear in this court
    William McCarthy: I do have a question though
    Judge Erlington: Yes?
    William McCarthy: the count just said that this Fain the dark stranger
    William McCarthy: led Morr and Fier to the treasury
    Count of Berg: No MiLord
    William McCarthy: but both of them denied having anything to do with it
    Count of Berg: I said led unsuspecting persons
    William McCarthy: Who are these unsuspecting persons?
    William McCarthy: why have they not been called?
    Count of Berg: The Witness may be able to name these persons
    Count of Berg: and their knowledge
    William McCarthy: Sounds like a phantom story
    William McCarthy: to absolve the defendants
    Count of Berg: Then that would be born out by the witness MiLord
    Judge Erlington: This court will be adjourned until Saturday.
    William McCarthy: Question
    Count of Berg: Thank You MiLord
    Judge Erlington: Yes?
    William McCarthy: Are the closing arguments still scheduled for the coming Saturday?
    Judge Erlington: Yes
    William McCarthy: Very well
    William McCarthy: The prosecution will be ready
    Count of Berg: As will the Defense MiLord
    Judge Erlington: Very well
    Judge Erlington: Court adjourned untill Saturday
    Judge Erlington: Closing arguments will be heard
    Judge Erlington: A order will be put out for one Fain the dark stranger
    Judge Erlington: IF they can be located in time
    Judge Erlington: JUry I thank you..and you are free to go
    Kat: Thank you.
    Count of Berg: .that should get sone peeps in the seats
    Judge Erlington: Defense..you are excused and free to go
    Cymidei Fier: *whisper something in Count Berg’s ear*
    William McCarthy: Take care of yourself, sire
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Aldagar Morr: *watches*
    William McCarthy: *nods*
    Judge Erlington: I must go check on Frody
    William McCarthy: *kicks*
    Aldagar Morr: *cries out*
    William McCarthy: Oops, I apologize
    Judge Erlington: Hrump
    Cymidei Fier: *turns around suddgenly*
    Aldagar Morr: Your honor!
    You see: Andy the Keeper of Records
    William McCarthy: I did not see you standing there
    Judge Erlington: Mr McCarthy
    William McCarthy: Are you okay?
    Aldagar Morr: The prosecution just kicked me!
    William McCarthy: *pretends to be concerned*
    Aldagar Morr: Find him in contempt!
    Count of Berg: Out Morr
    Aldagar Morr: *mutters quietly*
    William McCarthy: It was an accident!
    William McCarthy: *walks away*
    Cymidei Fier: We can make accidents happen too.
    Judge Erlington: Just see that it doesnt happen again
    Judge Erlington: watch where you walk
    William McCarthy: *glares*
    Raine Mel’Wasul: hehe
    Judge Erlington: Thank you memmbers of the court
    Judge Erlington: for coming
    Judge Erlington: Safe Journeys