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[EM Quest Event] Where is it???

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Pacific EM Feed, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. April 27, 2013
    7:00 pmto8:00 pm
    The old man looked out the window of the Empath Abbey and saw wolves. Dozens and Dozens of wolves. So Mayor Konayuki and Utada created an army to dispose of him. He sighed. They were corrupted by the power of the wolf. The only thing that stood in their quest for more power was him. He was old, weak and very sick, but he still had a good deal of control over wolves. Mayor Konayuki and Utada were wise to gather so many. They now had a good chance of succeeding at killing him.
    Off in the distance he could hear horns. A great army appeared and began to battle the wolves. The old man smiled. There was hope after all. Quickly while the monks were distracted, the old man snuck into the restricted book section and began his search for a book that might save them all.
    His search started slowly but quickly became rushed. The battle continued outside while the old man yanked books from the shelves and tossed one after another to the floor mumbling the whole time, ‘where is it? It must be here! It must be here!!’
    ‘What book do you seek?’ asked an ancient monk from the doorway.
    The old man turned in shock, ‘whhaat?’ was all he could manage.
    ‘What book do you seek?’ repeated the ancient monk
    ‘The Binding of Wolf and Man, What is Known.’ replied the old man.
    The ancient monk thought about that for a bit, ‘Hmmmm.. I remember that one. Years ago Zento would have an exhibition on wolves and werewolves. We used to loan them a few books and that was one we always sent.’
    ‘Where is it now?’ asked the old man.
    The ancient monk shrugged, ‘Good question. The last time we sent books to Zento, the shipment never made it there. It just disappeared.’
    The old man collapsed into a chair, ‘Then all hope is lost,’ he said.
    ‘Maybe not’, replied the monk. ‘It was said that book was actually a copy. A compilation of two or three other books which were found in one of the ancient libraries in Ilshenar.’
    ‘Where would these libraries be found?’ the old man asked.
    ‘The libraries there put ours to shame,’ began the ancient monk, ‘unfortunately they are in the dungeons.’ And with that the ancient monk shuffled slowly away.
    The old man remained sitting in the chair and watched the battle rage below him. He was too weak and ill to even think about going into a dungeon, he’d never survive. He looked down again and saw the army was now fighting a single werewolf, Mayor Konayuki. The army was winning. Maybe, just maybe the army would help him find the book... There might be hope after all.
    Help is needed! Meet at the EM Hall/Brit Councilor’s Hall. Sat. (4/27) at 7 pst.

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