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EM Tailspin and Friends Bring the House Down

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Tancred RedStar, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Chesapeake was in for a special treat this evening when EM Tailspin arrived at the newly remodeled Counselor's Hall in Britain to make acquaintances with the shard's citizenry. Even for those who'd had the chance to meet him previously, tonight stood out as not only was the handiwork admired by all but he also had some fellow EM's join him.

    Things kicked off at 8 PM EST as had been noted on the inscribed helmet sitting on a pedestal against the back wall. People began arriving to share pleasantries and get to know Tailspin, many for the first time. Questions flew about about the nature of this and future visits, what kind of happenings to expect, Tailspin's previous adventures in Sosaria and of course the seemingly endless and rather persistent, almost obligatory offers to try on his robe. Taking a seat by the campfire, everyone was at ease and soon even moreso as drinks appeared courtesy of CharGar and Greyylene. Tailspin patiently went over again for first time visitors the nature of EM events and his role. He also indicated there may be indeed dark and troubling times ahead, challenges that only the determined and gallant citizens of Chesapeake would stand a chance to endure and hopefully overcome.

    The atmosphere soon went from enjoyable cocktail reception to a wild after-party when EM Dudley, who had also visited Chesapeake previously, suddenly appeared and began dancing on tables. This was soon followed by him dancing on the bar with stacks of gold coins being piled high by patrons. He hopped on the food counter, danced on the newly installed bbq grill and even one of the braziers.

    Shortly thereafter, yet another green-robed figure appeared, this time the robe fitting a bit lighter as it was EM Faine Morgan. Since I'd not yet made her acquaintance, I soon sashayed over to introduce myself. She let it be known that she, too, was a "floater" and that she was happy to be visiting Chesapeake.

    While EM Tailspin sports a green bear mask as a hat and EM Dudley an aptly chosen jester's hat, EM Faine Morgan's sole accoutrement was a book under her arm regarding EM Instructions. Although we'd just met, her stately if studious demeanor implied by the book was somewhat reinforced as she frowned slightly on EM Dudley's table- and bar-dancing antics.

    By this part of the evening, the hall was thronged with people, pets and mounts parked haphazardly outside and in, food and drink abounded and a veritable flood of questions, concerns, requests and even snowballs being hurled at the gathered EM's. There was joke and storytelling, for better or worse(ok, some of the jokes were really bad!) and I even saw a few faces in the crowd I'd not seen in ages including Samarian of the Heartkin, last of his order, of which I'd not seen any members in easily 4 or 5 winters.

    As the hour grew late and the candles low, I humbly requested of both the EM's and the partygoers an image by which to remember this evening as I'd not seen such a warm atmosphere from across the shard and in so great a number in ages. Without even a word, EM Dudley eagerly hopped up on the bar and was soon joined by EM Tailspin. The somewhat demure EM Faine Morgan paused at the thought for a moment but, with some cheers and encouragement from everyone, she cinched her robe in one hand and gingerly took step up onto the bar.

    From left to right on the bar, EM Tailspin, EM Faine Morgan and EM Dudley

    I soon took my leave of everyone for the late hour but not before thanking each of the EM's for their visit and an enjoyable evening of community. I pointed out that all we'd essentially "done" was just chatter away the evening and that certainly greater things lay ahead.

    If you've not had a chance to meet our EM Tailspin, be sure to stop by the Counselor's Hall in Britain and look for an inscribed helmet on a pedestal("pedistal" lol) against the back wall which will detail the time of his next visit. While the helmet has been retired for this evening, it should reappear Tuesday morning. The Counselor's Hall is located in northern Britain, just west of the river descending from the abandoned stronghold of Blackthorn.

    Also, special thanks to Lydia of the USN for offering to cook us all food this evening. By her request, the fireplace behind the bar was rebuilt as a stone oven, the better with which to prepare a wider variety of foods in the future. Additionally, she gracefully endured some of my sharper ribbings about her elven heritage ;)