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Empire of Delucia Needs YOU! Roleplaying-PVM-ROMAN BASED

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by StaticOnAtlantic, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Empire of Delucia Needs YOU! Roleplaying-PVM-ROMAN BASED guild. Home Government is Delucia with a fantastic guild house. Please if you would like more info

    Yahoo:[email protected]

    ~ M I S S I O N ~
    To build a guild were the actual leadership of the guild.The top ranking members would control the guild structure and rank progression, middle ranking members control in-game guild direction, and the lowest ranking members would be the military and social core of the guild. To Create a Government inside Delucia for all Players to see and hear!

    ~ I N S P I R A T I O N ~
    This guild will find its inspiration from the Roman Republic. In the Roman Republic leadership was divided between the Senate and the Assembles. The Senate was an advisory body and the Assembles was where laws were passed. Roman Republic had a civilian military that was lead initially by the Consuls. But as the Republic conquered more lands it was necessary to have the office of Dictator. In times of desperate need the Dictator would take absolute control over the Republic. The Senate was the ones that declared the Dictator and gave him Imperium.

    ~ G U I L D ~ S T R U C T U R E ~
    Basically the players with the rank of Senator will control the structure of the guild. Senator rank would determine rank progression. The Senators would declare an eligible player and move him to the rank of Imperator (Dictator). The player with the rank of Imperator would have absolute control over the military structure and can appoint players to the Assembly. Assembly is where the guild is actually run from. There will be various Titles that will be sub-levels to guild rank. Rank gives a players position in the guild the Titles gives you responsibilities. The Senate would nominate special high position Titles and the Assemble could if so desire veto it. Example the Senate nominated a player the Title of Quaestor. If a player in the Assembly disagree with the nomination he could call for a vote to veto it. Only the Senate can appoint an Imperator and the Imperator controls the Assembly so both bodies have to work together.

    This may seem top heavy or too complicated but it is really simply the Senate controls guild structure, the Assembly controls guild direction, and the majority of the players (called Plebeian) provide the guilds strength. The Senate is the Spirit, the Assembly the Mind, and the Plebeian the Body. All players are eligible for the position of Imperator (Dictator) and would be the supreme military commander of the guild. No active Senator or Consular can be Imperator they must be first demoted.

    The Guild Leader (me Static) is only the guild administrator and the actual leadership roles would be determine by players abilities to gain and maintain popularity and his/her personal and military fighting skill.

    ~ G U I L D ~ E X P E C T A T I O N S ~
    ~ The Empire Of Delucia, is obviousley Delucia and surrouding grounds. E$D Claims all area surrounding Delucia Aswell.
    ~ All members must show maturity and respect to E$D members and to other AoC players.
    ~ Members are asked to participate as much as possible in guild activities and events (as life would allow). Participation would directly effect your rank.
    ~ To Respect the Regency and the Republic of Sosoria and Delucia and laws of the land with other Governments.
  2. Draken-Korin

    Draken-Korin Guest

    While I am not personally interested in joining your guild I just wanted to say fantastic idea. Good luck to you Static in building your Roman Empire guild here in Sosaria.