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Emporium Rune Library - Ter Mur - Spoilers

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by MissEcho, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. MissEcho

    MissEcho Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 14, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Hi folks

    I will be updating the Library as I can. I will list the books in this thread as they are available for use and locked down at the front of the Library. They will also be more 'organised' and most likely changed for better marks or additional entries as time goes on, but for now I am just making them 'available' for use.

    Please note if you want to 'explore' for yourself don't use the books. I have place a rune on the blaze fishing net that will take you to the entrance on Fire Island if you wish to do the 'first' char without help.

    Have Placed all TER MER / SA books in a new bay to the left on the front row for now. Note: You cannot mark inside the Underworld, nor inside the Great Stygian Abyss. The books are as follows:


    -Soulforge - Queens
    -Soulforge - Royal

    -Ground Floor - Barracks - Prison
    -1st Floor - Queens Soulforge - Stage - Garden
    -2nd Floor - general rooms
    -3rd Floor - Main Entrance
    -4th Floor - Throne Room

    Agralem - Abyss Reaver
    Axem - Museum Bag - Loyalty
    Ansikart - 120 Imbuing PS
    Aurvidlem - 115 Imbuing PS
    Beninort - 110 Imbuing PS
    Laifem - Pt1 Carpets
    Shear Sheep - Pt2 Carpets
    Dermott - Pt3 Carpets
    Egwexem - Pt1 SA Underworld
    Naxatilor - Pt2 SA Underworld
    Books - Pt3 SA Underworld
    Shrine - Pt4 SA Underworld
    Farmer Nash - Bag of Treasure
    Ortlem - Crystal Ball of Knowledge (skill tutor)
    Thepem - Elixir Gold Conversion
    Thepem - Tasty Treats

    *Note Naxatilor has a quest for all races called the Arisen as well.

    Chicken Lizard
    Fire Demon
    High Plains Boura
    Kepetch Ambusher
    Lava Elemental
    Lowland Boura
    Ruddy Boura
    Silver Serpents
    Stone Slith
    Toxic Slith
    Trapdoor Spiders
    Void Demons (dif types)

    TER MUR LOCATIONS (West to Sth West)
    - Clockwise
    Underworld Entrance
    West City Exit
    North Ter Mur
    Northeast Ter Mur
    Northern Docks
    Northwest Ter Mur
    East City Exit
    East Tur Mur
    East Tur Mur Village
    South City Exit
    Sour Ter Mur
    Southeast Village
    Far South Waterfall Bridge
    Far South Ter Mur
    Sth West Ter Mur
    Tomb of Kings Entrance

    Feel Free to Mark your own books from these as you please. I will be incorporating the Critters/Monsters into the A-Z of Monsters already there as I have runes ready to update that whole collection to eliminate existing blocked runes (most from old haven etc) but I also incorporating all animals as well as monsters which were not included last time.

    If you can't mark or don't have time I will be preparing ONE book for basic TER MUR/SA Marks that should be ready tomorrow for purchasing off my scribe vendor.

    Book is now on Vendor (limited quantity atm). This will be the 'generic' book I sell for Ter Mur and contains the following Marks:


    Bank- Ter Mur
    Inn - Ter Mur
    Stable - Ter Mur
    Ter Mur City Square - Shops
    Museum / Curator
    Palace - Soulforge (Queens)
    Palace - Entrance 3rd Floor
    Underworld Entrance (Isle Fire)
    Tomb of Kings Entrance
    Northern Docks
    Eastern Village
    Southeast Village
    Northwest Ter Mur
    Northeast Ter Mur
    Far Southern Bridge Ter Mur
    Southwest Ampitheatre

    Have fun.
  2. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    Thats fantastic! Thank you for doing this!
  3. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    Did my post get deleted somehow? Did I forget to hit the "post" button? I know I typed it out!

    Oh well, I'll add it again! Thanks Echo! Will make things a whole lot easier =)
  4. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    ive done one part, with the puzzle boxes, it refreshed my hate for master mind *grumbles* now i need to figure out where the 2nd puzzle is. hehe funfun those blood worms are horrid things btw