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Emporium Vendors & Events [EVE]: Skittering Skirmish

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Eleanora [EVE], Dec 22, 2007.

  1. <center> [​IMG]

    Date: Sunday 27th January 2008
    Time: Registration of entries from 12 noon, Start 1pm.
    Location: Brackenwood Village Arena (see map below)

    Hail and Well Met! Ever wanted to have a pet and see if it is the strongest, the best, and a peer among it's kind?

    If so then this is the EVENT for you!

    As with any good event however, it will require some pre-planning and effort on your part.


    The challenge is on to find the Oceania's BEST Skittering Hopper. Now anyone can tame one of these varmints, so there is no excuse for anyone not being able to participate! The aim is to go out into the wilds of Malas, tame yourself one of these critters, and either just bring it along on the day, or train it up to be THE strongest and most fierce-some of the hopper variety to try and grab the title of 'Oceania's Champion Skitter' along with the winner trophy and prize!

    Now nearly everyone knows a tamer, so you can find one to Lore your beast to make sure you get a good'un, and you can either train it yourself by fighting it against whatever critters you think it can handle (ie chickens, frogs, other hoppers etc) until it is a ready or use your own tamer to train it up and transfer to the character who will be entering the event with it! With 0 taming skill you can still tame one of these, although sometimes it will take a 'few' attempts!

    On the day, you will fight your pet against it's peers, until we are left with our overall Champion Skitter. Each fight will be to the DEATH and there will be no vetting! Your Skitter must perform without aid, other than the initial command of 'ALL KILL' !

    <center>[​IMG] [​IMG] </center>

    <center>THE PRIZES

    1st - Oceania's Champion Skitter: Gold Champions Trophy, 2 mil gold, a Soulstone Fragment, a Heritage Token and another item to be decided.
    2nd - Runner Up: Silver Trophy, 1 mil gold and a Heritage Token.
    3rd - Third: Bronze Trophy, 500k gold and a Heritage Token.

    There will also be a prize for:

    Best NAMED Hopper: 500k gold and a Heritage Token</center>

    <center>THINGS TO NOTE</center>

    Because the event is in Malas, the character entering the EVE-vent will need to be Guilded! This should NOT be a problem as you do NOT need your main characters to enter, just give your Hopper to any spare character, even a newbie char just created for the event or your crafter, who can enter and join the guild on the day. The only character requirements are to say 'all kill' and to be able to join the guild for the duration of the event.

    Since being informed of the inability to 'bond' a hopper it will definitely be a fight to the death each round! So that at least makes it a challenge!

    For those of you who are community minded, please pass the details of this event to those on our shard who do not read Stratics. There are a LOT of them. Although I will be dropping books etc between now and the event, everyone will need at least 2 weeks to prepare for training. Any help in this regard is appreciated!

    So you have a month to obtain and train your hopper to the character you wish to enter!

    For your convenience I have extracted the following information from the Stratics Hunter's Guide so you may view the abilities of the average Hopper.</center>

  2. LOL having been informed that you cannot 'bond' a hopper each round WILL definitely be a 'death match' ! (should of figured that out seeing you can't 'feed' them to make them bond, lol) This was the original idea so it has no impact on the overall event. The winner will still be around if stabled for the next 'Challenge'

    If the event is successful it is hoped that future 'skittering skirmishes' will be held so the overall winner of this one will have the opportunity later to consolidate their 'title' of champion.

    Anyways good hopper gathering. Have fun!
  3. Don't forget folks, if you are needing information on [EVE] then stand in front of the noticeboard and say 1, 2 or 3 to get up to date info on whats happening. Any proposed event will always have a book and rune to use next to the [EVE] Vendor, who will also have runes and info books available to purchase if needed for a nominal cost.

  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    This sounds ike great fun - really hope I can make it (Sunday's are bad for me to be able to commit time to [​IMG])

    I tamed a hopper already, was a really nice one - note the *was* :p I tried to train it a little - and it died :p

    PS - I hate sticky threads, it takes me forever to notice them, my eyes auomatically slide right over them :p
  5. I know that old man EOB has been training his skkitter for the last 2 weeks... go old man...
  6. Ha ha seen a lot of dead skitters about town recently, seems they like to die a bit when training. I know one person who has gone through about 5 of em so far but gets distracted while doing it, then you hear 'oh nooooooooooooo' as another bug splatters on the ground.

    I suspect a lot wont be fully trained lol and it doesn't really matter as long as the one they get to fight first is similarly not trained lmao. It is all in fun and the arena and prizes are now set ready to go. The change to the 'guilding requirement' has made it a lot easier to run on that basis so it should work fairly well, as it has done on testing.

    The betting procedure on the hopper fights is now in place and people will be able to bet 5, 10, or 25k on each match, with a return of 10, 20 or 50k if their hopper wins.

    So even if you aren't entering a hopper then there is still some fun to be had as just a spectator.
  7. Don't forget registration starts from 12 noon sydney time (11am bris) and fights start at 1pm sydney time (12 noon bris)

    Hope to see you all there!