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End of NEWBIE: Newcomers Educational Way to Be Incredibly Exemplary *DELETED*

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Highball, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. Highball

    Highball Guest

    Post deleted by Highball
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Welcome to Hogwarts?

    Seriousley, it would be very cool if you can pull this off.

    What about the Lyceoum(sp) outside (NW) of Moonglow for a location?
  3. This is an excellent idea, especially since EA no longer has "councelors" anymore. Kind of a shame that now the players have to take up the slack. The Lyceum in Moonglow is a good idea, it's set up right.
  4. Officerdg

    Officerdg Guest

    Its becouse of a "player" that there are no longer any councelors, thats not EA or Origins fault. All those that were involved as a councelor knew it was all volunteer and on your time only. One S.O.B. got greedy and filed a class action suit against them and thats why they done away with councelors. He actually won in court. What bull sh#$. Yet another example of players of this game wrecking it themselves with no help from the people who make/produce it.
  5. Have you thought about maybe trying to have the classes in New Haven? People that are truly new to UO may not have figured out their way to Britain yet or may be more comfortable hanging out in Haven with all the new quests and training that are available there.

    Here are a few places in New Haven that might work as classrooms or teaching areas:

    <ul> [*]The Lion's Den building west of the bank. It's two stories, but built on a hill so it has many side entrances. Lots of tables and chairs and even a fighting pit that you can peer into from the first AND second floors.

    [*]A small performance hall outside of Haven to the west called The Proscenium.

    [*]The New Haven Magery School north of town. It still has many empty classrooms that could be used.

    [*]The top level (at the north end) of the building where you buy training in the warrior skills. There is a nice large training area with a raised platform and benches surrounding it. On the main floor below there is also an ankh where you can tithe. [/list]

    You might want to make the class start times a little bit later, even just half an hour. For those of us in the Mountain Time zone who don't have a shard of our own to claim and therefore play who knows where (including GL), 5 pm MT is a little bit early in the evening to start playing UO.

    I think this is a great idea and I applaud you for kicking it off. I'd love to volunteer as an instructor, but my schedule of late has been too wacky to make me very reliable when it comes to playing UO. I'd be happy to volunteer to take small groups of new players on hunts though and am always happy to help new tamers with getting pets. So if those are things that you need, just let me know how I can help.
  6. Bent

    Bent Guest

    I don't want to knock your idea at all .I work way too often to possibly dream of a scheduled event so I can't help sorry.

    But I just wanted to add in addition to this for those who cannot attend scheduled events you should really try to do what I do.

    When I see Young and new players I make sure they are new and not just a new account see what their knowledge of game is like.

    Once I determine that I will either make them a suit max resists or LRC or offer them advise on temps or how to get started and lots of tips IE:don't go in red gates,use CTRL/SHIFT together for all names,etc..

    Some are knowledgeable and I just give them a check 500k or a mil but if everyone did this little thing you'd learn its not only enjoyable but you will put a valiant effort to continue this game rather then let it die!

    My real only complaints with game are Bad people and Hackers which usually are the same group.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Would be nice if you added a class on Role-play.... that I would be more than willing to assist with.
  8. Highball

    Highball Guest

    So far ... Thx many times for the input from ev'body. I have been inspired and yes i can see some ideas can be implemented.

    When 2008 starts i will return with some replies to the answers here and maybe be inspired even more.

    Happy new year ev'body and thx.
  9. I think beings they are sticking people in haven. Haven would be the answer beings most players dont know where the rest are. I could give tours [​IMG]. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to the rest of the stuff. If it seems I am well ha ha I just do what I do to stay alive. [​IMG].

    I need a few of them classes yet LOL.
  10. Highball

    Highball Guest

    <font color="red">Kaybhey, DougAlmighty13, Tina Small:</font>
    Locations ...
    True newcomers start in Haven and The Lyceaum would be suitable.
    I have chosen the academy in Britain for several reasons all with same priority:
    It's unused.
    It's fairly both big and small - we can teach several but can't handle a couple hundred students.
    It's Central if we need to go wilderness practice. It's Central to most locations.
    Brit is probably the first place where newcomers land after Haven.
    Haven is small, but can be reached through a gate if needed.
    Outside Britain it would be suitable for newcomers to fight increasingly stronger monsters, since they are found in all directions.
    So Britain it is.

    <font color="green">Bent:</font>
    Benefits ...
    Well hopefully the teachers will participate in an ante that can be used to the benefits of the newcomers, like buying them a house, supporting them with decent wep's and/or armor etc.

    <font color="blue">Willa:</font>
    Roleplay ...
    A class that teaches roleplay is too specialized. I do admit that roleplay is a minor activity in the Sosaria. Let that be said it's also fair to mention that i roleplay a lot myself, and would like to see players roleplay much more. After all it gives an unusual line of gameplay.
    Though ... the students WILL learn, first of all, how to bow to their teachers, since it hopefully can teach them some good manners for a start [​IMG].
    BUT you inspired me ... do you have any knowledge of playing by the virtues ?
    I myself am knight in three: Comp/Sacr and Val and struggles with honor.
    A class COULD be set up to teach the path of the virtues !


    I already have one teacher (teaching barding skills and as a temp mage). We need more.
    Write me a private message with your skills listed unenhanced and what items you use to enhance, experience in a specific field, mastery and lore etc.
    It's not a demand nor a requierement that we need 14 separate teachers or to fill out the mentioned fields - but it would be optimal.

    Left is only to wish a happy new year to all.
  11. Highball

    Highball Guest

    <font color="green">
    The school will take place in the music conservatory in the northern part of Britain. The school is located: Left of the magery shop
    (sorcerers delight), right of the smithy shop and below the northern inn.</font>
    <font color="red">
    &gt;&gt;&gt; Sunday january 6 ...

    &gt;&gt;&gt; Class 1 ... Time: Central time 6 pm to 7 pm. Teacher: Highball. How to: Character development, survival and goals.

    &gt;&gt;&gt; Class 2 ... Time: Central time 7 pm to 8 pm. Teacher: Ren'ai. Skills: Barding.

    If you are a newcomer, you can sign up for a class by writing me a private message here on board.stratics.

    If you want to teach, sign up by writing me a private message here.

    If you have any questions, ask them here.
  12. BeerManVI

    BeerManVI Guest

    You should tell every newcomer to old down ctrl and press F4 as soon as possible. Because there are only two reasons to play UO (Long time friends; which they will not have yet and the lack of having anything better to do).

    I used to take the newbies in BC under my wing and build their templates and suits, it will all go unappreciated and most items given will most likely end up being sold. You may get some people that could actually use and appreciate the help, but 90% of the people will be there for hand outs.
  13. Guest

    Guest Guest


    You should tell every newcomer to old down ctrl and press F4 as soon as possible. Because there are only two reasons to play UO (Long time friends; which they will not have yet and the lack of having anything better to do).

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Thanks for the positive comments. You may now return to your WoW raid.
  14. Highball

    Highball Guest

    I can deal with your saddening experiences, but i refuse to deal with negativity *S*. I am too much a positivists and an optimists [​IMG].
    I know, but that won't stop me or others from trying to win some hearts, hand over a chance to feel welcom'd and to give a basic skill in dissolvement of confusion about what the h.e.c.k to do in UO.

    If people think it's a hand out marketplace - they will be in for some disappointments.

    Before we "hand out" anything they will show enthusiasm, show up at least and join classes an amount of reasonable times.

    We won't "hand out" millions or rares. We WILL though aid them in survival, in shopping, guidance and will donate them armor and wep/s that fits their needs or future chance of having fun themselves and gaining what most of us have.

    In other words - we will supply them with items that to some extend guarantee survival, protects them and give them a chance to do mediocre damage - AND we certainly won't spoil the chance of hard earned lootings, that's part of the fun.

    Have i answered your post ?
  15. -I didnt find stratics till almost after a year of playing UO.
    -I agree Haven should be the place.
    -You going to send scouts to haven? If you just sit around and wait for newplayers to come to brit. It wont work
  16. Might I suggest a class on setting macros? Also, you can touch on some of the more important menu options.
  17. new haven as all those quests to help new players build there skills up, might want to first help them there with building skills up. the get a boost in rasing skills doing the quests to
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That's an excellent suggestion Doug......

    *** Edit******** You know.... come to think of it Doug if someone smart was willing to teach a class on Macro setting in KR!!!!! now that would be something even old timers might like!
  19. Highball

    Highball Guest

    Answers in general:
    We need a place where we can teach all at the same time. We WILL go wilderness practicing once in a while.

    Our intentions are ... we teach, we advice, we guide, we gate, we listen, we answer questions aso

    If we went out in the open in all our classes, some that wanted to join couldn't find us - where will they find us? So to be sure that interested students can find us, we need to have a fixed location where we will be at certain and scheduled times.

    Second, this is a new experiment and as such a new kind of gameplay for the teachers and the students. If just went outside touring with some students in our heels, it would be like everything else. This is a School ! Not a mentoring technique.

    Period. We listen and implement the ideas that can make it functioning, but one problem is that there are just as many ideas and grasps about how to do this as there are people suggesting changes - we can't meet each and every requirement.

    <font color="red">sammy acatour:</font>
    &gt; If you just sit around and wait for newplayers to come to brit. It wont work. &lt;
    I and another teacher goes to New Haven and look for youngs. I have written a whole book mentioning ou.com - ou.stratics.com and boards.stratics.com
    I also describe the school and several other things.
    This book have i copied to several books and give them to youngs in Haven.
    So even within the first meeting with some of the schools teachers we have cancelled the fact that it takes time to dig up stratics.

    <font color="red">DougAlmighty13</font>
    Yes it could easily be a subject to be implemented in the school. It will be taught, but in overall perspective - macros are an important part oif the game, since we all use them, they guarantee some survival and make gameplay easier.
    <font color="green">How about i sign you up as a teacher !</font>

    <font color="red">lady michelle</font>
    We ARE aware of New Haven, but you can read about our intentions in the above.
    But consider this: The school is intended to be a support and a platform in order for newcomers to have a shortcut to some game techniques instead of struggling with them for years. WE can't and won't parent them - they need to go practice skills and hunting, questing themselves.
    Very often after having half an hours teaching we gate all to i.e. Haven, supervise them, protect them and aid them - but we certainly don't make their homework for them. That would also spoil the fun for them in the long run.

    <font color="red">Willa</font>
    I certainly do agree with you. even if i have laid out the schedule for what i consider is the most important things to have the shortcuts and fast experience - as i wrote, we will once in a while help setting up macros - but macros is a segment on its own. I back up Willa - out of the chair DougAlmighty13 and sign up.
  20. Guest

    Guest Guest


    Have you concidered at all that another fantistic idea to helping newbies and increasing the GL population might also be to put copies of your book in New Haven on ALL shards..... Detailing this new school on GL's. Many vet's wouldn't ever move to GL's but New players are just getting started and therefore really don't have a loyalty to any shard in particular.... so canvasing all the shards may not only help FAR more newbies....... but it may also inspire other shards to participate?
  21. Highball

    Highball Guest

    *Bows* and hail ...

    Thank you for signing up as a teacher. Your instruction will be welcomed - as well as NEEDED [​IMG] - considering the manners in Britannia [​IMG]

    Actually no - i haven't thought about dumping books on other shards. Reason is that i don't have a character transfer token.

    We have other shards attention though, since a player took up our idea on legends (i think it was).

    But the overall idea is taken up. Though i don't want to "invest" in a transfer token, since the school will occopy me pretty much on the GL alone.

    If you know somebody that will support our school by logging into the shards and dumping books i will make as many copies as possible.

    But one reason i have been holding back the idea is: If this works - it creates a whole new story/game line. I have some ideas that uo might want to support - since keeping newcomers as steady account holders is in their best interest (as well as ours so they don't close the game one day).
    And therefore - if a school works and it can be implemented on all shards - both the school and the gameengine for it - then UO's dev's need a complete standard which is the same on all shards.

    So in the first place i want to see it works and how it works on GL.
  22. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Who needs a transfer token........ All you need is books........ which are cheap..... and a character on every shard..... (like I have).... and then you just drop drop drop.... NO token needed if you have a book writting on Word you can copy and paste to a book in game... I wouldn't transfer to another shard.... just make another character.
  23. Highball

    Highball Guest

    I know ...

    As i wrote i don't have a transfer. I have all my characters on GL, and the mechanism about copying ... i scribe/copied all the books. I made 40 books - each 17 pages, so of course i dont write each and every book.

    But so far i want to see this working on GL before i involve other shards.

    And if i later involve UO, we can't have different standards.
  24. Highball

    Highball Guest

    &gt; Classes scheduled saturday 12, sunday 13 and monday 14:

    <font color="green">Saturday 12:</font>

    <font color="red">Class 1</font> ... Time: Central time<font color="green"> 6 pm to 7 pm</font>. Teacher: <font color="blue">Mancar Camron</font>.
    <font color="#666666">Magery and Necromancy.</font>

    <font color="red">Class 2</font> ... not scheduled

    <font color="green">Sunday 13:</font>

    <font color="red">Class 1</font> ... Time: Central time<font color="green"> 6 pm to 7 pm</font>. Teacher: <font color="blue">Ren'ai</font>.
    <font color="#666666">Career template: Barding skills and template to create a profession.</font>

    <font color="red">Class 2</font> ... Time: Central time <font color="green">7 pm to 8 pm.</font>. Teacher: <font color="blue">Malag aste</font>.
    <font color="#666666">Role play: The technique, Britannian player interactive behaviour,
    social behaviour among characters.</font>

    <font color="green">Monday 14:</font>

    <font color="red">Class 1</font> ... Time: Central time<font color="green"> 6 pm to 7 pm</font>. Teacher: <font color="blue">Highball</font>.
    <font color="#666666">Magery and Spellweaving: We go practice if needed after 6:30 pm.</font>

    <font color="red">Class 2</font> ... not scheduled


    Copied with permit from a student - hope it will inspire people:

    I want to jump in here and say what a wonderful thing this school is for new players.
    I attended the first classes, and I learned more in those two hours than I did from
    a month of reading.

    The best thing was listening to someone and being able to ask whatever question
    you had in real time. Instant answers and clairification. And questions I never even
    knew I had were answered.

    Everyone was super kind and helpful. And beyond that- knowledgeable.

    What was great was that the information was explained in "newbie" terms
    simple enough for anyone to understand.

    I will definitely be coming back for more!
  25. Highball

    Highball Guest

    The added rules and conduct is to insure the school, the services and involved companies against any players attempts to claim fees or payment wether that be Britannian GP's or RL money.
  26. Highball

    Highball Guest

    Thx for your concern.

    Actually it goes fine. the school has overcome some obstacles, we now have two students (an increase of 100 % who can ask for more *LOL*).

    The students have been extremely satisfied with both the way we teach, educate and how we share our knowledge.

    The students show an interest in attending the school that i didn't quite anticipated.

    It has become regular schedules.

    People trust us and our presence.

    AND ... they have TONS of curious questions that we are deeply satisfied being able to answer or clarify.

    Since i also share my knowledge and ingame experience i also tell them where and how to find the fun stuff - and THAT catches attention - even when listening already. They are wampirering our woids.

    So some said it would be cool if i could pull this off. It not only seems that it has, but we have managed a platform for the schools future existence.

    For me ? It's fun. Fun to witness the Wee's, Whoopies and yikes [​IMG] (telling about deadly places).

    It is extremely satisfactory that we are able to bring on something useful to our students - and it's ditto when i read from their questions and remarks that confusion and frustration about the game has quite diminished - we were able to give them goals and options.
  27. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thats cool...now spread it all over to other shards and all they have to do is create a noobie char just to get the knowledge of the classes...regardless which shard they mainly play on.
  28. Highball

    Highball Guest

    I know ... and one student is doing that. The reason i stick to Great Lakes with information (i HAVE though posted messages, threads and links in New player corner and in UO Hall) is that if this works in the long run mayhaps UO can aid us.

    I don't want to "force" people to spend character slots and they do so it should be voluntarily.

    First of all i actually just want to see it works in the long run, then we might expand our activities, also on other shard boards - but so far it takes time.
    We are working hard to make it going and it takes time for all of us. If you want to spread the woids (an orc term for words) - fine and you will be doing us a favor. But people have been reading about this on the mentioned forum's.

    (ealier reply:) But one reason i have been holding back the idea is: If this works - it creates a whole new story/game line. I have some ideas that uo might want to support - since keeping newcomers as steady account holders is in their best interest (as well as ours so they don't close the game one day).
    And therefore - if a school works and it can be implemented on all shards - both the school and the gameengine for it - then UO's dev's need a complete standard which is the same on all shards.
  29. Highball

    Highball Guest

    &gt; Class scheduled (normal scheduled time is changed in the future):

    <font color="green">Sunday jan. 27:</font>

    <font color="red">Class 1</font> ...

    Time Zones:
    PST Pacific time<font color="green"> 1 pm to 3 pm</font>.
    MST Mountain time<font color="green"> 2 pm to 4 pm</font>.
    CST Central time<font color="green"> 3 pm to 5 pm</font>.
    EST Eastern time<font color="green"> 4 pm to 6 pm</font>.
    AST Atlantic time<font color="green"> 5 pm to 7 pm</font>.

    Teachers: <font color="blue">Highball</font> and <font color="blue">ren'ai.</font>
    Highball's in New Haven to gate students from 3:45 pm (central time) to 3 pm. At 3 pm sharp he'll be in the conservatory.
    <font color="#666666">Prime topic: Magery, Spellweaving, Barding: We go practice if needed after 3:30 pm.</font>
    Secondary - and looks like it is needed: Sharing experience, answering curious questions and enlightment where the fun is located.

    <font color="red">Class 2</font> ... not scheduled. Class 1 can be expanded if needed.
  30. Highball

    Highball Guest

    Found out that the schools thread here has been removed from sticky to normal thread.

    Based on this fact I decided the schools fate: It will run until the end of april if somebody want to sign up as student or as teacher.

    If no one sign up - then the school will close when the last student has gone through the "education".

    It's not a matter of feelings - merely a matter of how much i want to fight to gain new students and spend time on this matter.

    I found out that the thread was found on page 14 - and people don't page forward this many pages to find the school.

    Since they can't find it by simply entering the great lakes forum i decided that the school had it's time.

    We have had sufficient students to make the efforts worthwhile - and the school will continue with these students as long as they find it necessary and enlightening, but after april and if we have no new students - we don't accept new sign ups.

    I tried to create the school as a tools for asking questions and trying out answers in real time - but the removal will make it too timeconsuming to gain new students.

    The school is on the great lakes event calendar though ?
    Yes, but newbies asking game related question probably or rarely go to the event calendar !

    So they don't have a chance to find out it exists. Maybe boards.stratics decided that it had sufficient time on the front pages ?

    Anyway the students was happy the way the school functioned and have gained experience, so it worked they way it was intended to work, but without support it will be too time consuming to make it continue.

    To all that supported the idea, the former teachers (no matter the successes or failures) - and especially to all the students: Thx for the time we had together, we DID make it work !!!