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Discussion in 'Bug Tracking' started by Dethsius, Jan 31, 2015.


How many of you are having these problems? (Choose 2)

  1. I'm having problems with most of these issues

  2. I'm having problems with some of these issues

  3. I'm having problems with none of these issues

    0 vote(s)
  4. This is important to me and my gameplay

  5. This is not important to me and doesn't affect my gameplay

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Dethsius

    Dethsius Adventurer

    Oct 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Team... So much in EC still needs to be addressed. Many of these bugs really has gotten me less interested in the game as of late. I'm sorry to say that I'm honestly ready to just give up all of my stuff to my guild and move on to something else. Many of these bugs have been going on since the last big EC update and some are even claimed fixed and are not. I'm not making any kind of "Do it or else" threats but I am honest when I say that I'm just burnt out on dealing with these issues each and every time I log in only to realise right away as to why I've been neglecting playing much these days.

    Vendor Search Menu
    - Often repeats lists of items that you've already gone through 5 pages back because the price range is still the same. It doesn't go to the next item, it simply goes back to the nearest price in the search that you've already gone past. This make searching really dull and agonizing when you're digging through the list in search for items.
    - Old and New search menus appear, one behind the other, every other time that you cycle to the next page of searching for cheaper items in the list. For example. Search through say 5 pages, go to the next level of cheaper items and suddenly the old search menu appears. Then the next cycle and it disappears, then the next and reappears. Whats worse is when you try to close it, it locks your main search so you can alter any searches. You have to close the whole thing then search again.
    - Often times, searching will stop suddenly and say "You must be in your house... bla bla bla" even when you're IN your house or in the city. It locks up to the point that you can not open a new search for many minutes at a time. So far as long as 10+ minutes before you can search again. I've even recalled out to the city, tried, no luck, back home, tried, no luck. All you can do is wait it out.
    - Sold items stay on the search menu for sometimes days later.
    - Teleporting to the item you wish to buy when you get a ticket from the search menu will not always show the item in the pack. This happened again yesterday so I know it's not fixed! Sometimes you cant even open the bag of the NPC through the ticket.

    Bank Bag
    - This was supposed to be fixed but isn't. When going to the bank and opening your box, it shows up blank... You have to close the box and reopen for it to return to normal, and sometimes even that doesn't work. You have to change from list and back to be able to see anything. This happens mostly when logging on for the first time in the day.

    Bags behind other bags
    - This is SOOOOOO annoying. This is possibly the single most aggravating bug in EC, especially when hunting or having to open multiple containers, searching through vendor NPCs and more.

    Looting or Moving items from one bag to another
    - This has gotten extremely laggy lately. No... it's not my connection. Trust me on that. When moving items, there is a huge lag spike oftentimes. Very often, the item will drop halfway through the move into the main bag or somewhere between the main bag and another bag. It gets lost easy when you're mousing over containers in the range of the mouse cursor. You actually have to go and look for your item and that takes a lot of time.

    Macro Bars Greying Out after Death
    - Often times, after a death, some macro boxes will grey out on your bar and the only way to get them back is to relog or unlock the bar, move the icon then back, then relock. Horrible!!! Most of these as of right now are runebooks that you might place in your bar to quick access. Sometimes all of them will grey out, sometimes only some of them will, but in every case, when you die, at least one of them will grey out.

    Other Bugs After Death
    - When you die and rez, everything is not ok. Lifebars do not update... still. The only way to fix this is to log out and back in. This does not happen every time, but it does happen most of the time. This sucks when you cant see to heal someone in your party because their lifebar and even their pet lifebar will not refresh till they're dead or near dead. This happens to your own pets as well.
    - When you die, you often can't see your surroundings. Some parts of the screen are so dark that it doesn't matter what you do, you can't see where you're going. This REALLY sucks when you're in a dungeon and you have to find your way out to get a rez quick enough to get back to your body. I have lost my body like this on more than one occasion. PLEASE do something about this. What ever happened to everything going grey? Now it's grey and a lot of black. This happens in dungeons as well as above ground.

    Special Moves and skills on the Macro Bar
    - When you drop special moves for your weapon on your macro bar, they do not work. If you do not attack, they will highlight so you can use them. If you're fighting, they will grey out and the only time they show is when you dont hit your target a few times in a row, then they'll appear until you hit your target and quickly go grey again. The ONLY way to bypass this is to open your special moves book and use them from the book instead of the macro bar. This really bites. In EC that book is BIG!!
    - Skills on your macro bar will turn grey and will act as though you just used them, timer included, when someone near you uses a similar skill. Meditation will grey out and cycle through time when someone around you uses it. So does other skills like spirit speak. Sadly, it doesn't just grey out the same skill only. If someone uses spirit speak, my hiding skill, spirit speak and meditation will also grey out together until the timer resets. This is annoying while in parties.

    Antique Item Decay
    - I've noticed that not only do Antiques decay at a super fast rate, but they also decay when you do nothing, not even spell casting. It seems to happen when someone near you are using spells. I've even repaired my armor and logged out and came back the next day with my items showing some decay. Does the decay rate really need to be this fast?!?! Most of my Antique items are pre patch, is this perhaps why?

    Weapon Damage
    - I'm finding that if I have a specific amount of weapon damage, and I remove my weapon and put it back in my hands, the damage will be much higher until I move another item. I've even tested the damage itself and found that it will reflect in the damage I am doing. I have tested this and found that it's not just a visual bug but applied to damage being done. So... If I want to do more damage on something, then I could simply take my weapon out of my hand and put it back, do this a few times till the weapon damage increases by a pretty good amount.

    Item Uses and Names
    - I'm finding that uses on most items do not update very well. The uses are correct but it will take many seconds for the the number of uses to catch up to the real amount left on the item.
    - Often times, the uses doesn't even show up on the item once you place it in a bag until a few moments later. Sometimes you have to move the item again to make it appear. This is also true for the name of the items.

    Lag Skipping
    - I find that sometimes while I am fighting, I will skip to a nearby spot. When I do, the creature has to move to be within range again. Ping rate is still very good so it's not a lag issue on my side. I've tested my connection often to assure that my internet (18 megs) is not the problem.

    - Noticing crashing problems when walking into dungeons. Lighting changes or creature targeting somehow kicks you out of the game while fighting. This is BAD!

    House Decay
    - This is from one of my guild mates... We thought you had at least a little time between the time that your account is put in payment cancel and the time your house falls. The day the account is canceled, the house starts to decay and will do so in a couple of days. Not weeks, not a month, but a couple of days.

    By the way... Stratics links are also broken! They will send you to the root of the forums rather than the forums that's listed in the link.

    There you have it. Wouldn't you think that all of these issues are important? Perhaps maybe you can understand my frustration and why I rather just pick my PS4 back up and start playing that again instead.

    Cmon you guys... A lil help here would be most appreciated! This is my last care, reaching out to you guys to fix this stuff so I and others like me don't move on our merry way. This has been going on way too long now.
  2. Bleak

    Bleak UO Software Engineer
    VIP Stratics Veteran

    Feb 18, 2010
    Likes Received:
    Thanks for taking the time to write these issues up. Our next publish aims to resolve some of these issues. We do think that these issues are important and will continue to improve the EC.

    · I will look into these vendor search issues.

    · All containers including bank box and corpses will see noticeable improvement in publish 89. I will also look into these looting and item moving issues you have reported.

    · I will look into the hotbars greying out after death.

    · Your skills on hotbar issue is fixed in publish 89. I will look at the special move issue.

    · The item uses updates is in the system and will be addressed.

    · We are always working to resolve crash issues. The more steps to reproduce and overall information you provide the better.

    · I have also found the solution for the infamous health bar update bug which I will try to address in publish 89.
  3. Dethsius

    Dethsius Adventurer

    Oct 23, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Thank you for the quick reply and for addressing these issues!
  4. PoundCake

    PoundCake Journeyman

    Feb 16, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Every time I die, my screen goes complete black or a static grey. the screen is blurry lines crossed outside my window box......I cant see, can't run, can't do anything. I have to log onto 2d to rez...please help me fix this!
  5. Dethsius

    Dethsius Adventurer

    Oct 23, 2014
    Likes Received:

    Some of these problems still exist even after publish 89.

    - Lifebars not updating. Have to relog often to fix and this doesn't stay working for very long. You don't even have to die for this to happen. It just randomly happens and quite often. Sometimes relog doesn't even fix it.
    - Runebooks still grey out after death. Have to drop runebook back on macro bar for it to work again or relog.
    - Glitches with toon jumping around while fighting. It's not lag. You can be standing in one spot, jump to another, then another, then back. This happens while you're standing still fighting. Your position refreshes to another, and oftentimes back and forth. This happens very often. Mobs will even move to where you are to attack you again. So I find that the problem isn't with your toon, since the mobs will also relocate to your position to carry on the attack.
    - Picking up gold on the ground after champ spawns gets very buggy fast. If you try to stack gold on the ground, or use the macro button that places gold in your backpack, the gold will glitch and you cant pick it up for many seconds. This makes looting gold very difficult, especially when in competition with others. I find that dragging and dropping each stack one at a time works ok but when you try to stack them on the ground to pile up gold, it will get stuck and you can not pick it up.
    - Getting gold rewards when turning in a pirate will now often give you a "gold coin" instead of the correct amount of gold. This gold coin does not stack with any other gold. It remains as just 1 gold coin. A couple of nights ago, I got 3 in a row. The next morning, when I logged back in, 2 vanished. The one I had given away the night before remained in the bag of the person i gave it to, but the remaining 2 vanished out of my pack.
    - Bandages are still vanishing out of your backpack while trying to heal. You get the message you that you have no bandages to heal with. To fix this, we have to close out the backpack and reopen for them to appear and be usable again.
    - When you die and turn into a ghost, there is still a major issue where you can not see your surroundings. The screen goes extremely dark where you can see almost nothing.

    *edited by admin*
    #5 Dethsius, Mar 22, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 2, 2015
  6. grav1t0n

    grav1t0n Sage

    Jan 11, 2015
    Likes Received:
    please, make something with INSTA CRASHES. My EC do this very often when in fight with many ppl :( I even tried to use other PC and other Windows - problem is the same. When it really hot in pvp I just waiting when will be crashed and owned in afk. I have two accounts. I tried to change graphics, fps, particles. full screen\window mode, v-sync, animation in all the ways - nothing helps :(
    I see no con lost message, no freezing window, window just closes instantly, like if I pressing X or alt-f4...
    ALSO 1 im perma have -30 stam after death (not only shows this when naked or equipped, it works like -30, coz I cant run with my usual pots\bandage numbers) - reconnect helps here.
    ALSO 2 - my LMC is 18 when naked, and when I pur item after item in makes 49 with must be 55 or other numbers - reconnect doesnt helps here.
    This issues are terrible, especially INSTA CRASH. Pleas contact me is you need any pictures or logs. Thanks
    #6 grav1t0n, Jul 14, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2015