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Episode Fifteen: Maddwg Becomes A Nudist

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I awoke to a happy DragonSnack. Apparently, he has taken to having a charger to relieve him of hauling me around all the time. Cough seems above it all. I am nonplussed. There is little debate on what to do, PAS is doing a T-hunt and we want to go. While I nap, they often watch over DragonSnack so he likes them. Cough seems above it all and adds no input.
    We journeyed to Nujel'm (I'm testing Chiv as advised by someone I trust) where we were added to the party. It is obvious that they enjoy having such a valiant warrior as I to assist them or they are just humoring me. Either works. We gate to a house and I truly enjoy the maze like behavior of the doors, then again I'm easily amused. After several minutes running around the house like school-children, we gate to the first dig! It is quite uneventful despite the efforts of several ancient wyrms to kill those disturbing this place, including me. As we gated back to the house for another map I began receiving messages of several allies trapped in Blood Dungeon in dire straits. I begged my leave as I really hated to go. Alas, a true knight does not ignore the pleas of comrades.
    DragonSnack and I recalled to Haven and raced to the Spirituality gate. From there DragonSnack maintained a steady gallop in our endeavor to assist our friends. Despite the upcoming danger, we were insync and in a good mood. As we arrived at the entrance to Blood dungeon I spotted Lady Jilly Gleamstone (POWR). She too had raced to the aid of our fallen. So had Lady Jocelyn (HELP). All for naught. Those in need had departed this area. DOH!
    Jilly and I debated the situation and what we were going to do. As we chatted, random skeltons and imps would rudely try to interupt our conversation and I would swat them away. All of a sudden one hit me and did quite a bit of damage. What is this! A bone knight paragon had decided to ask us to leave. I failed to comprehend his message quickly enough. I tried to leave but an imp did what they do and things went gray. Jilly led the paragon and imp away and I watched in awe as the brave DragonSnack went on a rampage. He charged a skeleton and shattered that undead vermin. Then another and another! Alas an imp did slay poor DragonSnack while he fought his fourth skeleton.
    He is truly a regal horse. I ran to the shrine for a rez and back to the area. I coaxed DragonSnack's ghost out of the area and crossed paths with Lady Jocelyn who was arriving for the aborted rescue mission. She rezzed DragonSnack and I gave him an apple.
    I went to Haven to meet up with my allies and decide my next course of action. Separoth tempted me with returning to Blood Dungeon. He had returned to that place and was having a ball. Before I could leave I received a most curious message from Lady Joc (that's what I call Jocelyn). She was in Despise and all of the ogre lords were gone. She does not seem to be one addicted to hallucinogenic drugs so I went to join her there. We recalled into Despise and I rode up to the island and joined Joc. It was empty. We chatted a bit and roamed the dungeon. There were a few ogres about but no lords. Either a conference or a they were hiding, she thought. I think she killed them all and pointed out that it was quite rude to not share. No more ogre lords in Sonoma. Stingy.
    Eventually we did find a lord and happily killed him. Joc's dog, Maggie, was quite the ogre lord slayer. Much better than my weapons. Slowly more lords appeared (there was a solid hour where we could find no lords) and we killed a few more. After all, thats what they are here for. As we had a leisurely ogre lord slaughter I recieved another call for help from Separoth. I decided to take this one as it turned out that Joc had been the first rescue mission and had died there.
    I dashed back to Blood Dungeon and raced in. Smart people might have regeared before racing in, but not I, Maddwg the Brave...nah Maddwg the Valiant....nah Maddwg. Inside the dungeon I met up with Separoth's ghost and bandaged him back up. It seems that some irritated Blood Elemental Paragon was hovering over Sep's body. Grieving, I'm sure. This is easy, I'll just get him on me and race out. Sep gets his things and recalls out. Easy. Once again Mr. Murphy intervened. The blood elemental had been enjoying his grieving and wanted to do more, over my body. DragonSanck fell just a few feet away Now it occurred to me that leaving him behind and riding Cough may have been the way to go. I ran back to Sep and he rezzed me. We then played tag with the elemental until he was clear of my body. I dashed over and grabbed my things. We both recalled out, post haste.
    In Haven I quickly realized that something was amiss. No ghost of DragonSnack. No big deal. I can just go take a nap and he will be there when I wake up. I go home and take me a non-death snooze. I wake up ready for more adventure, but no DragonSnack. I try again, this time I take a longer nap. I awaken all alone once again. I bemoan my circumstances and Sep advises that I check the stables. I recall to Brit and race to the stables. Alas, no DragonSnack. Lady Joc asks me to join her in Delucia and we check the stables there. No DragonSnack. On her advice, I plot down for a snooze right there on the ground, to no avail. Logically, I knew that a very long nap would bring DragonSnack's ghost back to me. However, I know that the demon known as Glitch has removed things from Sosaria that should not be removed. I was concerned. Okay, I was paniced and grief stricken. I decided there was only one thing to do, go back to Blood Dungeon. Lady Joc offered to go along with Maggie as Maggie and DS are pals. I was touched that she would offer to go where we would certainly die to assist me but refused her offer. No need for both of us to die.
    I ran home and stripped naked. Cough and I raced back to Blood Dungeon. Inside the dungeon there was no ghost near where we had been slain. I raced down the right corridor and looped back to the entrance, healing wounds inflicted by various denizens. I raced around to the left and back. Again I had suffered some wounds but I had not spotted DragonSnack. There was only one other hope. I had to go deeper into the dungeon. I made a mad dash straight into the depths of the dungeon and was heading back out. I was losing hope. I would gladly have given all my belongings at that moment to have DS back. I was crushed.
    I have owned many fine steeds. None has had the personality of DragonSnack. I recalled the time he had threatened to leap from the roof of the daemon temple, the time he danced with dragons, his exploring the depths of Doom and even his recent attack upon the skeletons. As my mind raced I barely noticed a pair of blood elementals ahead. I did not care. However, Cough was thinking. He stopped. There, between the two eles was DragonSnack! Oh my god. That wonderfully stupid horse. I raced over and asked him to follow us. We raced toward the entrance with several imps impishly tagging along. The blood elementals NEVER MOVED! DragonSnack fell behind and I had to race past the imps and encourage him along. I coaxed his ghost out. Relief flowed through me. In Haven, Joc gleefully rezzed my fine steed. I gave DragonSnack a dozen apples because that was all I had on me. Just to make certain that this was a crazy night and that Hell had indeed frozen over, I watched a Zog rez the pet of a PAS.
    I gave DragonSnack the rest of the night off. Cough and I slew some dragons in Destard for our pal. I bumped into Lady Brienna (H--K) and again she offered to take me through the Prism of Light but that damned devil Real Life was calling me away. Another day, my friend.


    As usual, thanks to those that rezzed DS.
    Thanks to the person that gave me Cough. Without him I may have lost DragonSnack. Probably not, but I was not wanting to take chances. I never could have ran through that place without Cough.
    My thanks to what ever glitch bestowed DS upon me and did not take him away.

    Lady Joc and Maggie (right), DragonSnack and I (left) looking for lords.

    Where have all the Ogre Lords gone?
    Long time passing
    Where have all the Ogre Lords gone?
    Long time ago
    Where have all the Ogre Lords gone?
    Joc has killed them every one
    When will she ever learn?
    When will she ever learn?

    edited 8 times so far lol
  2. It was quite the adventure! Later, I presume after the convention, the ogre lords came back with a vengence. Poor Maggie "the Stoic" would be swamped by three at a time! She's good but still in training. I had to evacuate her quickly. She is indeed a brave and willing companion. We both think DS is indeed a fine and brave steed (also patient).

    By the way, I heard mention of a "dentistry" meeting. I can only assume the ogre lords are searching for help with their unfortunate teeth. Perhaps that's the reason they are usually in a less than congenial mood. Methinks they did not find much to aid their plight - so beware when traveling to their lair.
  3. Aia

    Aia Guest

    Awesome stories! Keep them coming!
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Another well told Day in the life of Maddawg. Just wanted to let you know that I have read every one of them and enjoyed them all. Thanx for taking the time to share.

  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Dentistry convention huh? Could be. That would explain the ill temper of those lords. I snapped this last night when we were back there. I thought with this Lorgash thing we should attempt to mobilize all available forces in case of an outside attack. Here I am drilling some raw recruits. (You were just out of shot below me, sorry.)
    As you can see, they don't follow directions very well. [​IMG]

    Thank you I will try my best. There may not be any for a day or so. I need one for the "Why I Play UO" contest and one for this weekend. I best get busy.
    Re: your sig. My alt and Karyn are in Fel pretty much all the time. Maddwg is a trammie, newb, lamer. BUT, anyone playing UO and having it be Ho Hum is just looking from the wrong perspective. It does help to be mentally unbalanced.

    You read them all! Good. I'm not the only unstable person here. Seriously, thank you very much. I will continue to share until someone screams ENOUGH!