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Episode Five: Spelunking With A Lady

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ****Note for 14 year olds. Spelunking means cave exploring. Get you're mind out of the gutter! That's my spot! *******

    Scene Opens at Ocatvius house, blah, blah, feed horse (DirtNapVII), gear up and head to Haven to meet up with son. Maddwg locates his son and passes some runebooks to him as the Lady Morgana rides over. The Lady having met Maddwg a few times at the YMCA asks when Maddwg is going back to Destard. Being the quick thinker and scoundrel that he is, Maddwg decides that Destard is his current destination and would the Lady like to come along? The Maddwg will use any excuse to undress with a lady, even the old dirtnap. Morgana explains that she is busy (in rl) and may come down to Destard later. Maddwg is flattered but decides she needs a good laugh and being the gentleman acknowledges that he would love to have her company.
    Meanwhile, Dhanicah (POWR) rides over and tells Maddwg that Zemeckis (aka Sepiroth - see Episode Four) is in dire straits in Chaos. So, our gallant hero runs to the the gate and jumps to Chaos. He knocks off a few creatures on the way in and bumps into the Lady Jilly Gleamstone (POWR) who assures our valiant hero that Zem is okay (a quick check in my sons room confirms this).
    Maddwg recalls to Destard where he bumps into a fellow Dragon hunter, Lady Brienna of House Kinnoth. They both ride in and seek dragons. A few minutes later the ghost of Lady Brienna rushes down as Maddwg struggles with a vile dragon. He breaks off the fight and calls the ghost to him and revives her with his bandages. After all, we lone dragon hunters have to rely on each other.
    Maddwg dashes off to complete his kill and just as he does another dragon gives him the ride to Snoozeville. The good Brienna returns the favor and restores him to health. DirtNapVII is consumed. I swear I heard the dragon belch.
    Now Maddwg is down in Destard on foot, AGAIN! Fates and fortune arrive in the guise of the Lady Morgana. Together they finish off the beast that ate poor old DirtNap and clear the lands of several wyvyrns and drakes. Maddwg decides that even with help being on foot amongst dragons is a really bad idea. I mean come one, he is curious and often ignorant but stupid he is not.
    Maddwg recalls to the stables and acquires DirtNapVIII. DragonSnack was doing something with a rope, tossing it over the rafters? Maddwg dashes back to Destard to see our heroine, the good Lady Morgana, in a death struggle with a dragon. Maddwg deeply angered over this beast man-handling his friend dashes in. A quick check and he realizes that the Lady is barely hanging on. He tries to apply bandages but is too clumsy and she is face planted. (Lady Morgana fights like Maddwg. She just wades in an takes 'em on. It may not be the best tactic but this Lady is fearless! While Maddwg is just not that bright sometimes.) Maddwg hoped to rez the Lady but the dragon rips him down on health and he has to RUN. He heals and moves back only to have another dragon try to assist the one we had been fighting. Maddwg gets in a few hits but has to run, again. On his way back a wyvyrn joins in the fun. Maddwg gets a couple more hits on the now almost dead dragon but has to run, again.
    This time he gets the wyvyrn alone; rolls it up and smokes it. He then rushes up and dispatches the vile Lady-molesting beast (probably jealous more than anything). After a brief struggle, dragon number two falls to the balde of our hero. By now our hero is very concerned about the Lady and dashes about searching for her ghost, to no avail. He is truly crushed that she had died wile with him.
    Thankfully, the Lady Morgana reappears and is less than angry that she died. Unfortunetly. she was no longer a Lady. ACK! Hath our hero sullied a good Lady's name? Apparently so. Maddwg was truly remorseful but Morgana laughed it off, proving she is a REAL Lady, despite what her title may say.
    The pair rode around but all the dragons were busy entertaining other guests. The pair moved up a corridor full of serpents and drakes and slew many of these horrid beasts (barely escaping death a few times). Morgana explained that she was contemplating going to the next level. Maddwg had never been there. "What is there", he inquired? "Shadow Wyrm", she exlained. "EEK", said Maddwg. "EEK EEK", he reconfirmed. They went down anyway. (See, I told you she is fearless.)
    They moved down swatting a few drakes and wyvyrns and Maddwg spots a Shadow Wyrm. Maddwg activates his few remaining brain cells and suggests that they return to the party upstairs. Morgana agrees and they head for the door. Maddwg, being who he is, makes a wrong turn and goes down to level three. A lonely wyvyrn is standing at the door and demands attention. Maddwg being ever so considerate gives it the attention it demands. Lady Morgana yells from upstairs, "NO! Come back!" Just then an Ancient Wyrm targeted Maddwg and DirtNap leapt through the door.
    The two intrepid adventurers returned to level one, dispatched a few more dragons before calling it a night.

    My thanks to the Lady Morgana for adding some spice to my day. My thanks to Lady Brienna for being there as she often is when Maddwg says ooOOoo.

    I am not going to post anymore except when something interesting/funny happens. This is too much work and probably gets boring quickly. If you want more then come to the YMCA on Friday nights. If you don't go there then you are missing out! Not that I make a fool of myself every Friday night but seriously, why should you miss out on the oppurtunity? Hey, come make a fool out of yourself, too!
    I hope to attend the Skyview Tavern on Saturday night, but Karyn demands a chance to particpate too. So, one of us will be there.

    Maddwg. Having fun, one inept day at a time.

    PS Have fun people! Whether it is PvP or PvM. Have fun, don't take it so seriously! Really, how important is it if someone is better in the game than you? It isn't. It means nothing. If you think UO is important then you have not seen enough real death.

    PPS Salute to my wife, the fine Karyn. Last night she dispatched an unattended scripter twice, despite playing while not feeling well. I salute thee, good Lady. (Even if you did take up a lot of MY playing time!)

    Good day and God bless.
  2. Calell

    Calell Guest

    I love reading of your adventures, since I don't get much spelunking time myself these days...Sorry to see that you won't be posting as much [​IMG] Someone might want to cut DragonSnack down...seems the silly beast harnessed himself in the rope...I don't think that was his intent, but *shrugs* Look who he's learned from. *smiles*
  3. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest

    Sounds as you really need to look at getting a 2nd pc. [​IMG] Then you both could play at the same time.

    Love the tale! Glad to see Dirtnap was a bit brighter this time [​IMG]


    DirtNap leapt through the door

    [/ QUOTE ]
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hmm you could be right. I figured DragonSnack was trying to hang himself, but he does have a tenacity for staying alive (hence his barn stay until he bonds).
    I'll still post when I think it's funny. Since that's most days.... [​IMG]

    Lady Vixen,
    DirtNapVIII seems to have the potential to keep us both alive. [​IMG] If he survives until DragonSnack bonds than I'll bond him too. any horse that lives more than a day or two with me is a real special animal. [​IMG]
    Soon you will be seeing me in town trying to find someone to rez my horse. Losing 7 a day can tap the bank account. [​IMG]
  5. Calell

    Calell Guest

    Until that happens, catch me around or icq me and I'd be happy to hop on and tame you steeds for free...No need to purchase...
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Q and his brothers and sisters bank in Skara. If you see him he will be happy to page his tamer brother Maeglin and rez your steed anytime. Also, you might try one of the black horses that are for sale from time to time. I think they can be owner rezzed regardless of taming skill? Is that true or just a wishfull thought?

    Q and Family
  7. Calell

    Calell Guest

    Hrm...if that is the case they may well be worth 2 mil, but I've logged in Cal to rez my share of black ones for friends...I'd like to know if it's accurate...
  8. bgugly

    bgugly Guest

    Sorry ladies! Though they come from factions, it's still only faction war horses that can be heal/rezed by owner with no vet. [​IMG]
  9. Dewey

    Dewey Guest

    Sorry to hear you're not posting stories here anymore. I just wanted to say I've really enjoyed your writing. It makes me laugh out loud.

    Thanks for sharing your stories Maddwg.
  10. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'll be posting more tales. Just not everyday. LOL I could change my mind. We'll just see what happens. I'm glad people are enjoying them. I enjoy writing them.
    Heck, I will probably post one Monday.

    Everyone offering to rez my horses, thank you. Names and icq numbers written down. People in Sonoma are too cool! Okay, most people in Sonoma are cool.