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Episode Fourteen: Equestrian Strides and Dead Fish.

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Episode Fourteen: Equestrian Strides
    Apparently the horse lovers of Sonoma are questioning my treatment of DragonSnack.I was tracked down and given a small statue of a horse and told that I should ride that. I put the statue in my pack. When I went to fecth it from my pack it turned into a full grown horse! DragonSnack just sniffed and seemed amused. After a heated discussion DragonSnack and I welcomed our new pet and decided to call him 'Cough'. I was also made to eat some scrolls, however they were not bad with a little salsa.

    We went to the Skyview Tavern because those silly people allow us to drink free beer. I keep telling 'em that DS is into vodka. The crowd at the Skyview was stunned to hear that twenty-two fish had been locked up and starved to death. I expressed my extreme displeasure in such actions between sips of a nearby ale. Everyone was questioning the witness but I refrained from asking how much fame is derived from fish slaying, I'll have to remember to ask. The crowd became unruly and turned into a lynch mob! I was aghast and would have intervened but the crowd lacked rope or a victim so I just drank another ale. Eventually cooler heads prevailed and it was decided to have a trial. So the crowd and I gated to the Court of Truth. Court positions were quickly assigned and I was made judge since I was wearing a black robe (a clear sign that things were well thought out). After some debate I took witness statements and made out a warrant for the vile fish slayer... er accused vile fish slayer Max. I demanded his presence before I would find him guilty. Seems fair, no?

    After such a tiring event, DragonSnack and I decided to go do something fun. Kill things. Just not fish. Apparently killing most things are okay, but heaven help the person that kills poor fishies. (dabs tear from eye)
    DragonSnack wanted to go kill dragons (he derives such pleasure in that) but I wanted to go knee-chop some titans. We flipped a coin and I won (ha, by now you would think he would realize that I cheat)! We headed to the Honesty gate and dilly-dallied down to the Cyclopian Temple area. We made our way through the tunnel leading in.

    DragonSnack peeked in and then I peeked. Seeing only cyclopian warriors and ettins we entered and bravely killed several. As we made our way south we crossed paths with Magisbane, Jr (PAE) so we chatted a bit. He inquired if it was okay for him to hunt too or was this a private party. DragonSnack didn't say anything, he's shy. I welcomed Magisbane to kill things (but not fish) with us but I am uncertain whether he understood my reply. (Anytime Magibane, always welcome.)
    I decided to try the dungeon and entered with Lord Crimson (PAS). We chatted for a while as he kept me healed while I fought Titans. Eventually, despite the best efforts of Crimson, I was knee-chopped by a titan. DragonSnack, always the attention hound, attacked the titan and was promptly killed. Crimson rezzed me and I mounted Cough. After killing several more titans Crimson left. I killed a couple more and felt pity on the DragonSnack (I needed to bank anyway). I proceeded to Haven and Queen Danu (BOT) rezzed good ole DragonSnack.
    We went back to see those titans and were welcomed by one of their chiefs, some paragon fellow. It seems he frowns on our killing his lesser brethren. He eplained this throughly. Back in Haven, Timmy rezzed DragonSnack. I didn't inquire to the whereabouts of Lassie which upset DS. We again went to see those titans. That rasckly paragon was still wanting to greet us. However, this time he slipped and fell on my axe, repeatedly. Clumsy thing. Several members of POWR arrived and a killing fest was had (but no fish were harmed). I moved south and began fighting two titans at a time in the dungeon entrance. I dash in and hit them and dash out to heal. We slew several titans this way. Big giant goof balls. "Har" to ye I say!. Oops, the titans 'har' me back. Back in Haven, a laughing Timmy gives DragonSnack another rez. He thinks it is quite funny that I am back with 5 minutes. I think it was at least 5 and a half minutes.
    We return to the titans and resume our dashing in and out plan. This time I park
    DragonSnack outside and I ride Cough. Cough doesn't complain near as much as DS. DragonSnack was fascinated by the rock formations and not upset about not getting killed. The titans proclaimed their displeasure in getting killed, but I ignored their entreaties. Everyone knows what liars they are! We just killed a crap load of titans, now it's Miller time!
    After a short break, DragonSnack and I went to Wrong with several POWR members. We killed a bunch of Juka's there. Those Juka's are quite the testy bunch! I kept my eyes open for Juka fish, but saw none. Alas, DragonSnack was tired so we recalled home. I gave DS an apple but Cough refused to accept.


    PS Thanks to my benefactor for the scrolls and the Charger of the Fallen. Cough sure comes in handy (Charger of the Fallen=COtF=COF=sounds like cough). Maybe I'll have a 'name my charger' contest. I am deeply indebted.
    Thanks to those that rezzed DS. He is shy but he appreciated it.
    Thanks to the YMCA and Skyview for being there and doing what you do.

    PPS No fish were harmed in the writing of this tale.
  2. No no...thank you.


    The pleasure is all ours, I am sure.
  3. Miri

    Miri Guest

    Hail Maddwg..I always enjoy reading of your adventures. Thank you for sharing them. I am glad to hear that DragonSnack will finally be able to have some time off [​IMG]

    However, I feel I should point out that with regards to the scrolls, I think your benefactor was having a bit of fun with you..you actually dont have to eat them. You only have to READ them to gain their benefits! [​IMG]

    Strength and Honour
  4. Lady Vixen

    Lady Vixen Guest


    ..you actually dont have to eat them.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Always make sure to ask for salt and pepper. [​IMG]
  5. Maddwg...you are the best thing to hit these forums since the departure of our dear Pluffina...love those tales!
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    If I was the blushing kind I would be deep red now.

    So many great people contribute to Sonoma, I just want to help. To give something back. If people enjoy it great! If not, I will find another way. I think most of us try to make Sonoma better in our on way. This is my way. I just get in Maddwg's head and tell it from his perspective. He's crazy. Then again, so am I, am not, are too, not, are, not....

    Of course, flattery will get you everywhere.

    Oh, umm, have you been waylaying people at the fan dancer area?
  7. Lord Ron Fellows

    Lord Ron Fellows Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 30, 2004
    Likes Received:

    Maddwg...you are the best thing to hit these forums since the departure of our dear Pluffina...love those tales!

    [/ QUOTE ]

  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Ah Ron, you know we all think you is uber-kewl. Okay most of us. Umm some of us? All right then, a few of us think that. As long as you don't go killing off any fish!

    Or ducks. Best not be killing any ducks.

    You are cool as long as you don't kill any fish or ducks!

    or dogs.

    So, you are cool as long as you don't kill any fish, ducks or dogs.

    or any....