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Episode Seven: Swarm O' Dragons

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Maddwg had a few slow days with little happening, but he had a few minutes of shear terror last night. Thought you guys might enjoy that.

    Scene Opens with Maddwg arriving at Nujel'm for a PAS promotion ceremony. When people allow Maddwg to tag along on hunts and even rez him without snickering (much) it means something to him. So, off to the palace and clap until his hands are raw. Huzzah. Maddwg contemplates the fact that XX never has promotions, ceremonies or anything cool. Oh wait, we get drunk. A lot. HUZZAH. Maddwg is invited to tag along and protect PAC while they try to root out ore eles. Before the fun even begins, Maddwg recieves a message across alliance chat that Drizzt (POWR) is in dire need of some items that Maddwg happens to have in one of 2,654 chests in Octavius' house. Maddwg run that errand and gets booted from the universe because Karyn wants some time to do errands of her own.
    Now the fun starts.
    Scene reopens with Maddwg deciding to go visit his pals, the dragons. Maddwg recalls to just outside Destard and arms with a dragon slayer long sword before entering the large cavern. Just inside the door he encounters a timid red dragon and duels with the beast. Despite the dragons best efforts, Maddwg wins the fight and starts to see what lucky prize he wins when all of a sudden a huge swarm of dragons runs right up to him. Like someone else mentioned, when pack of dragons run up and start attacking you, counting is the last thing on your mind. There were somewhere between 3-300 dragons and a few drakes for good measure. Instinct on the part of Maddwg, or more likely DragonSnack, kicked in and they exited the cave, with much haste. Calmy, Maddwg said "EEEeeeeeeeek".
    Outside, Maddwg gathered his few remaining wits and realized that there must be a herder inside. (This being too much for me to resist, I HAD to have a screen shot.) Maddwg charged back into the cavern and ran around amongst the throng, stopping to say "What Dragons?" (while I repeatedly hit the wrong #$&^* key)! Maddwg realized that while Dave struggled for a picture Maddwg's life was rapidly heading toward negative numbers and once again did the sane thing and ran like a bully was after him for lunch money.
    As he healed himself outside (and I was laughing so hard) a distraught Noah exited the cave and began profusely apologizing. Maddwg stumbled for words of reassurance while Noah promised to break up the crowd. (Noah, really it is cool. I thought it was great!) Noah entered the cavern and Maddwg followed. True to his word, Noah had broken up the crowd and only one dragon remained.
    Maddwg slew that dragon and just as he did, another appeared. (This happened repeatedly last night. Everytime I would start fighting a dragon another would spawn. The spawn was crazy.) Maddwg had a difficult time removing the many trinkets from the slain dragons as other dragons would chase him away. Angry relatives? Somehow, Maddwg managed to slay eleven dragons and not die. DragonSnack was a happy horse.

    Thanks to Noah for making my day!
    I apologize for missing the screenshot. One of these days I'll get a nice one.

    Maddwg, Raconteur of XX

    PS I am interested in getting out and tagging along with other guilds. There is nothing wrong with the guilds I have been hanging out with. On the contrary, I have really enjoyed their company and will hunt with them again in the future. I'm just curious and want to get to know as many people as possible. If you would be interested in having a story about your guild from the Maddwg's perspective, let me know. I am especially interested in some of the Fel guilds. You have to have a sense of humor! I won't hold your guild responsible for keeping me alive. Let's just assume Maddwg will take the old dirt nap highway and be cool with that. I will be contacting guild leaders as I assume I will have to convince some.

    PPS FYI the guild I have been doing most of my hunting with for the last few weeks was PAS. My thanks for them tolerating my company. They are a great group that have a lot of fun together.
  2. Karyn XX

    Karyn XX Guest

    You best watch it buster. It's not like I play that much anymore.

    Just kidding. Haha.
  3. That shepherd needed a swift kick in the butt. Thankfully my peace making skills and handy little spells kept me from any death robes, but I would have liked to have got a little more loot while I was there.

    Just my luck to pop in to Destard during a PAS event.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    That wasn't PAS. I had departed from their company when that happened. We just got lucky and had a free-lance herder doing some training. He did apologize to me and broke up the crowd riight away.
    Still, the spawn was ruthless for a while there.
  5. Ah, so then the event was over when I got there? As to that herder just training... I have to call BS on that since I had three different animals herded after me in different spots. He was obviously trying to kill me with the animals.

    Can't a man loot chests in peace? Bah I say!

    Some day soon Ranthor will have enough skill to laugh at animals, but for the moment I have to be scured of them.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    The PAS event was not at Destard. It was at a location I won't reveal simply due to that fact that there are those that would use that info to harass them when they do that event again. I would maintain such confidences for anyone that allowed me to tag along with them.

    I was only over run by dragons that one time. Once, was definetly enough. If it had happened several times I would been less tickled by it. Two dragons at the same time is easily one too many for me. A pack the size that swarmed me cause the heart to skip a beat or two. I don't know how many there was as I skipped the counting and opted to go straight to running. I was lucky that I was just off screen from the door so the run was short to reach safety. You know how those dragons like to practice magic on targets running away.