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Episode Ten: Exploring Snoozeville

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Scene One: Monday Night.
    I looked around my empty house and wondered what to do. I wanted something different and my options are limited when I travel alone. I decided to head over to Nujel'm to see what PAS was up to and to see if I could weasel my way along for the party. I arrived to find a small crowd gathered as they prepared to go on some T-hunts. I offered my shield and I was accepted. We gated to an enchanting jungle full of crawling beasties and someone pulled a chest from the ground which brought more beasties.
    After the first hunt we moved on to another. This one was right next to a favorite spot of large ants. Maybe this was a picnic area? Red Solen continually spawned here. The hunter pulled up the chest and an ancient wyrm popped up. Before I could try to find the bottle of ancient tequila (get it?) BAM I was eating dirt. I have no clue what happened to DragonSnack. Considering his drinking style, he found the tequila and ran off. One of my fellow adventurers rezzed me and I went to seek my remains. Seeing as how I am a most astute planner, my body was next to the Red Solen spawn area and just as I picked up all my things I was accosted by those creatures. One of them must have been ill as it spit all of this acidy goo on me and lo and behold I was speaking the ooOOoo language, again. Wash and repeat.
    After my third spill, some of my fellows took pity on my wandering, running, crying like a baby, self and assisted me in finding my body. Even after they found it I could not for a solid five minutes. After my third little nap things went a little smoother for me. At one point a balron leapted up and raced after one of the hunters with me in hot pursuit. I finally caught the balron and distracted him by poking him with my katana. Just so you know for future reference, balrons do not enjoy getting poked by a katana. Very quickly it was I running full steam away from an angry balron. Someone managed to kill the balron. I am not certain who it was as I was still running. A few more fairly uneventful hunts and I begged my leave.

    Scene Two: I took a nap and awoke to find the ghost of DragonSnack going through the liqour cabinet. I led the beast to Haven where a member of ZOG rezzed him. We then we went to visit the Cyclopian Temeple as I had heard some members of POWR were having some difficulty there. Upon my arrival I rezzed one POWR and help them slay an ill Tempered Titan Paragon before moving in and bashing several cyclopian warriors. A few minutes later a titan came running up to me as I was engaging two cyclopian warriors. I ran. He ran. I made it outside and healed just as he came out. As I was enegaging him I received another call for help from inside. I finished him off and ran in to rez a friend while holding off a cyclopian para. Things seemed to calm down.
    I was down toward the entrance to the dungeon and someone streaked past with another Titan Para in pursuit. I moved back up the screen trying to find the victim and the pursuer, to no avail. A few minutes later I received a message that Sepiroth (POWR)(my son), had been invited to take a dirt nap by the Titan Para. I found Sep and rezzed him with my bandages. We ran up the road to find Drizzt (POWR) dancing with the para. As we approached the para decided that I looked like a better dancing partner and came after me. The three of us were no match for that angry dancer! Dirt napping para.
    Back inside the temple area, more POWR arrived and we were felling the denizens quickly. I moved down the area and spotted another titan para engaging an adventurer and her pet dragon. This titan also decided to come after me instead, is it my cologne? I tried to just run in circles so that he would go back to his original dancing partner but he didn't. (I don't like to steal other people's kills). I ran around and around. He ran around and around and cast nasty things at me. If I had noticed that his original partner was busy pushing up daisies things may have gone differently. He nailed my just outside of the dungeon. DragonSnack too. My ghost and the other ghost ran back to the shrine for a rez. Both of us were attacked and sent back to Snoozeville by wandering gazers. Somehow, we got rezzed and made it back. I found my body and rounded up DragonSnack's ghost. I decided to hang for one more good kill before I tried to get hom rezzed again. Ha! I spotted a titan and smacked him with a cleaver that left blood spurting from the wound. He was not ready to die and fought back with a vengeance! We exhanged blow after blow, but I was healing myslef with bandages and just knew I was going to pwn this guy. Just as my final blow struck the vile creature a friend of his did apply poison to my battered body. I tried to evade any more of his attacks but he proved the quicker and I was napping, yet again. This rude being then took all of the money from my body. I ran back to the shrine and back to my body as quickly as I could. I searched the remains of the downed beasts but never recovered that loot filled bag of dough. I killed several more cyclopian warriors and titans in an attempt to make up for the lost funds before returning to Haven. Once there, a kind memeber of LUUO restored DragonSnack to his normal ornery self.
    And another fun filled day ends. Whee.

    Last night was very busy. I died and died and died, ad infinitum. So, stay tuned for Episode Eleven.