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Episode Three:Revenge of DragonSnack

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Guest, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Scene One: Fade in to Ocatvius' home. We see Maddwg and his faithful steed, DragonSnack. Maddwg checks to see if Octavius is about and checks to see if his son needs a ride to Nujel'm; both negative. Our hero gears up and recalls to the Nujel'm square where a large crowd has gathered. Apparently, these peope have not figured out how poor our oblivious hero is at combat or they are just too nice to tell him to buzz off, because they add him to their party.
    Gates open and the party is off to a Daemon temple. While many people surround the temple and attack the creatures in the vicinty, Maddwg asscends to the temple roof with another half-dozen or so others. They immediately wade into the daemons and fell them one after the other. Maddwg gets many solid hits against the vile creatures and even heals a wounded soul here and there. There seem to be no losses to the invaders on the rooftop. After a few minutes the roof is littered with the bodies of dead daemons and DragonSnack stumbles flinging Maddwg to the ground (I could not see my char due to the extreme number of daemon bodies and I accidently clicked on myself and dismounted).
    Maddwg scrambles to find DragonSnack but can not and continues to attack spawning daemons while he futilely seeks the poor beast of burdern. After several minutes he comes to the conclusion that his pal has fallen victim to the evil daemons. Maddwg begins to attack the daemons with a renewed vigor to seek revenge for the death of DragonSnack. Later he sees a daemon spawn at one back corner of the temple and charges the creature. While he is assailing his latest victim he notices a horse standing in the corner. The animal was sullenly peering over the edge of the roof as if contemplating suicide. YES, our hero was reunited with his steed! Shortly there after, a very happy Maddwg gated back to town with the other party members.

    Scene Two: Opens at the Nujel'm square with mostly the same crowd of people that were in scene one. The party had decided to raid the Terrathon Keep. Again, gates opened and our hero (after noting the similarity of the rush to the gate as to his commute through the Bay Area) and the other party members proudly assail the keep of the spiderlike terrathon. The attack swiftly moves through the temple overwhelming the occupants. More terrathon arrive to defend their keep and the fight moves from one part of the temple to another. Maddwg, along with some others, realizes that terrathon seem to spawn at two particular spots just outside of the temple. They exterminate many of these vermin but at one point our hero miscalculates and takes a nap with the dead terrathon. He notices DragonSnack wander off. After getting awoke by a kindly soul, Maddwg tries to find DragonSnack but fails. He concludes that his friends body lies among the stacks of dead spider-like creatures. During a lull in the fight outside, Maddwg wanders back in the temple. He assists in felling a few creatures and moves deeper in to find DragonSnack ina back room (apparently trying to find an exit). Once again our hero was reunited with his faithful steed.
    Shortly thereafter the group recalls back to town and Maddwg begs his leave (rl stuff to deal with).
    Scene Three: Fade in to Destard Dungeon and our bounty laden hero taking his reward from a fallen dragon when he spies another just to the north. He charges the creature and the fight begins. Despite his vigirous attack he suffers severe damage and decides to retreat to heal but the dragon decides that was not to be and fells Maddwg with his awful magic. Noting the spot of his body and the fact that DragonSnack was heading toward their foe, Maddwg went to seek the never available healer.
    Ages later, a rezed but still weak Maddwg apprehensively approaches the location of his premature demise. To his dismay the dragon is gone and so is DragonSnack. He recovers his gear and goes in search of a hopefully still living horse. He finds the still wounded dragon and dispatches it, to the south-east of where he had initially fough it. He makes ever widening circles around the area and enages a pair of drakes and a wyvyrn, but no horse or horse body. He spies a dragon at the edge of the lake in Destard and thinks that fighting it on foot is a really bad idea, but notices that two others are near. He decides to just run past to see what else is there. As he approaches he spies another dragon just beyond and DragonSnack. As he ran up he found DragonSnack was entertaining the group by dancing with the dragon. Everyone was in awe. (Really, two dragons and three players watch a horse attacking a dragon. The dragon just stood there!) Deciding that it was not too bright to test a dragons humor for very long, Maddwg mounted his horse a fell back to regroup. After slaying a few more beasts, he decided to stop testing fate.
    Later we (Maddwg and DragonSnack) stopped at the Cyclopian Temple and encountered two people that reminded him of the way he and the missing Octavius fought creatures, sinced they used similar tactics. He strolled down and fought a few of the one-eyed giants and their titan friends before deciding to leave. On the way out we encountered the ghosts of those two and used his bandages to revive them. Ahh, the good ole days, that would have been my friend and I.
    Fade out.
  2. *grins*

    I love your tales.

    Keep 'em coming!
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Dor.

    I wish I could have got screen shots. Something was surely watching over DragonSnack last night! LOL I have UOSU but it crashes now for some reason only known to Microsoft programmers. I'll try to redownload. Man, that would have been great with the screenshots! LOL The dragon dance still has me baffled and laughing.
  4. Del_Xavier

    Del_Xavier Guest

    I know he has a different writing style, but his character name and personality kinda remind me of DeathRage and NuB. Hehe.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Excellent Stories.... Thanx for sharing I enjoyed reading them.